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    I can’t give a full review just yet, because I’m only 4-5 hours in, but I can at least reflect on my experience with Vagrant Story so far. It has been pretty positive overall. The combat has some depth to it and offers enough of a challenge for a successful boss battle to feel satisfying. I’m a little confused by the story at this point, but at least enjoying some of the characters and themes: a cult led by a madman who may be a demon; various warring factions within the established order; memories lost due to trauma, which are gradually recovered and reintegrated as the hero’s journey progresses. In any case, I have enjoyed my first few hours with the game, and I intend to finish it (assuming my PS3 doesn’t come down with a case of the Joe Glitches!)


    I was planning to add my questions earlier in the week but have been mega busy in preparation for holiday (now over in Florida for the next 10 days, away from rainy UK). I’m hoping the review hasn’t been recorded yet, has been pushed back another week, or that you will be kind enough to answer questions on the next episode.

    1. What other (non-FF) games were you reminded of while playing vagrant story? I know you described it as a Diablo/JRPG hybrid, which I think is very apt. I also got a similar feeling to Eternal Darkness, e.g. survival horror in a dark fantasy setting. The cutscenes reminded me a little of Metal Gear Solid at times, although they aren’t quite as drawn out and there is no voice acting in VS. Perhaps the PS1 aesthetic accounts for a lot of that.

    2. If you could guarantee a glitch-free experience, how likely do you think it is that either of you will replay this game after you get to the end of UFF?

    3. What do you guys think of the lone protagonist & playable character VS the party-based combat we are normally presented with in main line FFs? Would you like to see a main line FF where you primarily play as one character battling alone?


    Which one of FFT Advance and A2 would you recommend more highly (if at all), to someone such as me who has played original FFT once (along with the show) and quite enjoyed it, and would be up for a little more tactics action but possibly not both games?


    Sounds like an essential watch for UFF: the ultimate metallica podcast. I look forward to it popping up on the long-running ‘spot the metallica’ segment!


    Decent quiz! I got 70% / Chocobo Crusader.

    Could make a good Joe VS Schweiss stump the host style challenge, even?


    Thanks for the reminder and for listing them all, Shinryu! I have most of these on the wii already but will be sure to go back and pick up the rare ones I’m missing!


    Super Mario 3! It’s tough but it is doable, and feels so rewarding when you do!

    Link to the past, ocarina would also be good. Also resi 4, although it’s not necessarily Nintendo exclusive.


    Yeah that rape suggestion is pretty dark. I also remember a part in one of the sidequests where a group of deserters say something to the effect of ‘give us Agrias so we can use her as a sex slave and we’ll let you escape with your lives’. The game doesn’t shy away from some of the nastier aspects of the human character.

    I played along with you guys, and this was my first experience of final fantasy tactics. Loved it on the whole – the combat especially was fun and addictive, particularly during that sweet spot in the middle of the game where I’d managed to get to grips with the game mechanics, but before the point where my team had become too OP for the battles to still feel challenging and rewarding.

    I saw the story as falling into two main halves (although they do interweave) – 1) the early parts focused on the Thrones-style wars for power between factions, and 2) the parts after it has become clear that the Lucavi are the real enemy behind the scenes, and the quest to take them down. Did you guys think about it in this way too, and if so, which half did you find most interesting? For me it was the 1st half – I like the dynamic of neither side of the conflict being particularly noble or trustworthy, and Ramza’s attempts to stick by what he believes is right. By the late game, it felt like a more familiar/straightforward ‘there is a darkness threatening to engulf the world and we must stop it’, which we’ve seen time and again in FF.


    I agree about adding Xenoblade… I’ve only played the original Xenoblade Chronicles but for me it’s up there with the best of the FFs – beautiful soundtrack, epic story, fun combat and party customisation, plenty of side content and some tough superbosses. I’m sure you guys will have a good time with it if you do decide to add it.

    The Last Story is also decent and I can see the argument for it being on the list!


    Ha, yeah that was part of my thinking too – if I knew it might get featured on the show I’d definitely be looking to see what ridiculous stuff I could find on amazon in service of the joke.


    Does the corrections segment roll both ways? 😉


    Never played a tactics game before so decided to get the android WoTL on my phone and see what all the fuss is about… Man it’s awesome,I’m very much addicted already. The slowdown during magic is indeed there on this version, doesn’t really bother me though. People were reporting a lot of problems with the game draining the battery and often crashing in the reviews on play store, thankfully I’ve not found either of those to be the case, so I’d recommend it if anyone is thinking of playing it on android (for reference, I’m using a Moto g4 plus).

    Will look forward to the review!


    Ha, yeah that banana summon was the best part


    Having heard this game wasn’t great, it came as a pleasant surprise when I found it to actually be quite fun, addictive, and charmingly presented. Part of the appeal for me is the double-dose of nostalgia: remembering those childhood days of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, while also battling the classic FF enemies we know and love. The story definitely takes a backseat to the combat, but that seems appropriate for this type of game. The gradual addition of new abilities and monsters throughout story mode is enough to keep the combat interesting, and the dream battles seem a decent enough challenge. All in all I think it’s a nice addition to the FFXV universe and serves well as fan service (Ultros strikes again).

    – How do you feel about the game including trophies but no platinum?
    – Which of the enemies did you find the biggest pain in the ass? (for me it’s probably those pesky golden cactuars)

    I like Shinryu’s idea of Square Enix returning to the beat-em-up for future FFs – it’d be great to have a longer game like this that supported multiplayer. If they suddenly announced tomorrow that they were changing the FF7 remake to a side scrolling beat-em-up, I’d probably be okay with that.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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