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Your World of Final Fantasy Review HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Make it count! Haha



    Ahhhh, the game that time forgot. I bought this game when it first came out but due to some terrible life circumstances, I didn’t get around to playing it until a few months ago. So what’s World of Final Fantasy all about? Let’s see…

    This game is very good. The best part of it is easily the 4th wall breaking aspects that come in the form of the monster descriptions. I learned some great facts about Tonberries (their lanterns are there so YOU can see them) And there are some hilarious jokes thrown in to the monster descriptions. Easily the best part of the game is the nods to all things Final Fantasy. The gameplay is pretty fun too. I wasn’t over the moon about the whole stack mechanic at first but the more I played it, the more I really enjoyed it. And catching the different Mirages can be a pretty interesting little game, trying to successfully meet their specific criteria in order to make them vulnerable. I’ve always been a big fan of, On the Map/In World, interactions. So having your mirages stroll along with you, or chill something to make a bridge or cool lava, or having one of them flutter fly you over a gap is really endearing. It gives you that extra step of value and makes you appreciate your Mirages that much more. They aren’t just there to fight for you, they help you travel too. The one aspect of that I was luke warm on was the Stacking Pedastels. If you didn’t have the right stack, it was annoying having to go back to a Save Point to swap them out (I was very reluctant to use a Seraphie Phone since they were limited).

    The Chibi style of characters was a bit weird at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. It was a real treat to have a “Who will show up next?” feeling to the story as you progressed through it. And it always made me smile to see the next familiar face from the FF pantheon. I do kind of wish there was more to do in the towns. It was so odd going to Nibelheim/Midgar and being able to traverse the whole city in about 5 seconds. The Summon Medallions are also wonderful. It was a nice touch to not only have the Heroes of FF appear in all their glory but to have their own game themes accompany them as well.

    That said, I’m not a big fan of the “new” characters. Lann and Reynn are very hard on the ears and good god is Tama awful. What the hell were they thinking with that character? It doesn’t even make sense. I’m not a big fan of when the Moogles hit you with a Kupo at the end of every phrase, but at least that’s something you attribute to those creatures specifically. Tama inserting “THE” into nearly everything she says is atrocious. There was one moment where Lann said something hype, and Tama responded saying, “Yeah The-Baby!” I physically cringed. And Lann is so dumb at times. I don’t know when Square Enix forgot how to make these “characters” act normally. Whether it’s his constant, “What the Honk!?” or the terrible animation where Lann awkwardly leans in and flails his arms at people, I am just perplexed at what I am watching half the time.

    Visually the game has a pleasant art style. It’s very colorful which I adore. My one critique would be the very out of place Anime style cutscenes that randomly pop up throughout the adventure. The art itself looks good, but there is no consistency between that and the other more normal cutscenes that play out. Time for some random thoughts.

    -The 7 summons, or primal forces all have fantastic animations. The animations in general are great. Bahamut’s Mega Flare is one of my favorite in the entire series and that is saying something because that move is always spectacular.

    -It’s a shame that I felt compelled to always have the battles on double speed. Your game should only make me want to do that for grinding. If I’m doing that for every battle in the game, your battle system is too slow. Way too much downtime if it’s on normal speed.

    -Shout out to Shiva and Ifrit, the Story versions, because they were my Large Mirages for almost the entire game.

    -I hate games where you have to beat it once before you can even access the “True” ending. I should be able to find that out on my first go through. Not a big fan of the false ending, beat it again twist.

    -The mini-games are god awful. Caleb, if you went for the Platinum, I feel your pain, because Sandcrawler and the Cactuar punching one trying to hit the Conductor? No, whoever designed those should be beaten with a rubber hose. It’s absurd how painful and unfair they are.

    -The side stories you engage in through the girls’ tearoom are fantastic. Some of the best sidequests in the series. And watching the FF characters play out through these side stories is wonderful. And the dialogue, especially when Reynn and Lann randomly show up to fight some of the baddies is especially funny.

    -I don’t know how much you’d enjoy this if you weren’t a FF fan, but it’s called World of Final Fantasy. We know who it was made for. Overall, very fun game, and I’m glad I got the Platinum, even if I wanted to quit on the Mini Game section.



    This game came out at a time when FF was mostly only FF13 and fans were itching for some of that nostalgia. Sorta like how FF9 came out and paid tribute to old games WoFF was a breath of fresh air.

    Turn based combat, new mechanics, monster collecting, classic FF music remixed, old locations reimagined and returning characters.
    Sure the art style was chibi but the gameplay was fun Sunk like 60 hours into this and it felt like 20.

    Getting to visit like a Midgar FF7 inspired area was amazing it was like the first time we got something FF7 related in HD lol.

    Game actually picked up near the end as well story wise I was interested and had fun in the dungeons, fighting battles and bosses. I got really good monsters and just had a chill time exploring.

    Kinda wish we got a sequel of some kind by now. Although we did get an ‘enhanced’ version that released recently.

    That first time I saw the FF7 Sephiroth summon I knew this was a game for me.

    give it an 8/10 as far as recent FF games from the last decade go this is one of the better enjoyable ones.



    Let me start this off with saying that Tama can go the-fuck herself. Now onto the review.

    -The characters felt like they had a lot more personality than any previous FF title
    -The voice acting was fairly impressive. Some of the voices felt like they didnt fit the characters(probably because deep voices on a chibi character feels odd)
    -The graphics were pretty damn good.
    -The stacking system was pretty fun with the combinations you could create. It also reminded me a lot of Grandia’s battle system.
    -The story was way better than what i anticipated going into the game. Definitely did not expect the ending.
    -The 3 inch jump. Its uselessness amused me greatly.
    -The music was pretty solid throughout the game, especially the remixes from other games. I really enjoyed the song that played at Nine Wood Hills.

    -Even though the world was actually pretty sizable, it felt empty. There were several areas that were large but nothing really to them other than the required items to give the gimme box, and a handful of chests with items that i quite frankly didnt even use.
    -The beginning intro and tutorial section felt boring and tiresome. And the fact that it continued well into the game with random tips and from people in towns about basic things like using eye drops to cure blindness(“Ive been playing this game for 10 hours already, i know what im fucking doing!!”)

    It definitely took a bit to get into but it was worth playing and i dont feel bad about spending $15 on it. Overall it was a pretty good game that exceeded my expectations. 7/10 game.

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