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Your World of Final Fantasy Questions HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask Away!




    1) What was your favorite or main Mirage set up you used throughout the game? Did you prefer having R&L as Jiants or Lilikins?

    2) Did any of the villains leave an impression on you? I personally forgot they were in the game even upon reflection.

    3) Would you have preferred more customization or Reynn and Lann themselves? It felt weird that Reynn had the same dinky knife from start to finish.

    4) What the-was your favorite new the-character? I actually the-thought the Quacho Queen and her the-Lann crush was pretty the-charming.

    5) Did you try any of the mini games? If so what was your favorite? Least favorite?

    6) How did you find the size of the Prismarium Case? I would have liked to have held at least 2 more Mirages with me.

    7) Are there any of the Mirage Story details given that really stuck out to you? The little tidbits on their character screens when you caught them? I remember the several of them making me laugh quite a bit.



    Best dungeon?
    Hardest dungeon?
    Hardest boss?
    Did you die to the final boss fight(s)?
    Final boss design was like classic FF era boss style right?
    What did you think of the crazy CG Chibi dance music sequence at the end of the game lol?
    What location where you surprised was in the game that made you happy it was included?
    Any songs that you really liked?
    Best monsters?
    Would like to see a sequel to this game?
    Did you guess what the direction that the game was going?
    Was the ending story parts a surprise?
    Favorite FF character that was included in this?
    Favorite summon?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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