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Your Vagrant Story Review!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    what’d you think? (please be as brief as you can stand to be)


    I can’t give a full review just yet, because I’m only 4-5 hours in, but I can at least reflect on my experience with Vagrant Story so far. It has been pretty positive overall. The combat has some depth to it and offers enough of a challenge for a successful boss battle to feel satisfying. I’m a little confused by the story at this point, but at least enjoying some of the characters and themes: a cult led by a madman who may be a demon; various warring factions within the established order; memories lost due to trauma, which are gradually recovered and reintegrated as the hero’s journey progresses. In any case, I have enjoyed my first few hours with the game, and I intend to finish it (assuming my PS3 doesn’t come down with a case of the Joe Glitches!)



    I can only give you a half-assed pseudo-review. I played for about 3-4 hours back in 2000 when it first came out, because back in 2000 before I was married with kids I bought every Square game on release and played it. I remember being fairly disappointed, in that I would get stuck in rooms trying to solve the puzzle to get out, mostly because I’m not good at timed things. I also disliked the fact that there was no party system and no real character interaction. I do remember the graphics being pretty good for its time. Sorry I can’t be of more use.

    Bottom line…the game was not my cup of tea because not the style of games I like. I prefer story-heavy party-based turn-based games. But it did seem to be well-made and quality.



    When first released, Vagrant Story received a perfect ranking from Famitsu, becoming the first (and I believe only) PS1 game ever with a perfect score. It is worth nothing that Yasunori Matsuno (FFT, FFXII) wanted this to be an experience to gamers that like to tinker and experiment.

    If you want casual gameplay, this game is not for you. The game requires players to spend hours looking at different combinations of weapon stats and plan ahead for every encounter. I personally like this aspect of the game, but this “no stone left unturned” can be weary.

    Matsuno and team provide a great game with a very interesting combat mechanics that encompasses different styles of play, from JRPG, tactical to fantasy football. Despite the development team focusing on gameplay, the story is very strong, lettinng the players connect the dots. The design is typical squaresoft from late 90s, including ridiculous hairstyles, at least for the protagonist Ashley, but the environments are beautifully rendered and become as alluring as the plot as the game progresses.

    The soundtrack, while not on par with earlier final fantasy games is appropriate and I believe is very underrated.

    Overall, this is not for the faint of heart. This game makes you earn everything you do, or suffer dying a ton.


    Metunnica – Bill

    This game was so easy! Once you find the Auto Chain option in the tutorial menu, the game was just no challenge at all, Kind of ruined a fun experience for me. Na Just Fucking with you. This game is harder than Donald Trump, after necking a shit ton of Viagra, on his way to see Stormy Daniels! But I like this level of difficulty. It highlights to me to the decline of modern gaming, being too easy for the most part, as many games try to please/instantly gratify, and not challenge the player.

    I know Joe and Kaleb will probably shit on it for its difficultly but back in the PS1 days what keep you coming back to a game was the challenge of it. This game is great. Good plot, original battles, and very customizable. If you got pummeled buy a boss, edit your equipment and try again with a new tactic. This is one of the last games I can remember being this difficult, given it was released in the same year as FFIX, Zelda: majoras mask, and perfect dark.

    I ask the hosts this question: Would you have shit on the original NES Zelda if you didn’t have a guide! I know VS is still fucking hard with a guide but I found it better not to use one, and just get a feel for what’s happening in the game. But OG Zelda with no guide is hard as nails! you have to burn every bush just to find a random dungeon.

    Overall 8/10! A lost PS1 Classic that deserves more praise (and I’m not wrong Joe! just a different generation of gamer)

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