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    Kaleb Schweiss

    What did you think?



    I platinumed this game when it just came out so it’s been a while.

    In short, not a great game:

    1. plot concept isn’t bad but terribly executed. It’s got the Anime style of story telling where you have no idea what’s going on.

    2. gameplay was interesting and quite hard. A lot of replay value with NG+ and challenge.

    3. the way the camera moves can make you quite dizzy, the patch made it much better.

    4. the world building is pretty bad and there is barely one town which you can explore.

    5. the summon system wasn’t great given you have to permanently kill a character to be able to summon.

    6. the mission system is really repetitive but some of the objectives are pretty creative.


    David Gunther

    Meh… Also platinum’d this game when it came out a few years ago. Gameplay is fun, though I feel like it would have been a bit better had the game had slightly more focus. 13 characters that you NEED to level up and play as was a bit much. Overworld was sparse, and I didn’t like the fact that most of the sidequesting felt pretty grindy. Nothing was really complete.

    I will say that the TONE was amazing. The fast pace of the combat, and very real stakes make the gameplay very fun, especially with the totally awesome orchestral/choral soundtrack (The main theme has been on my workout playlist for several years now) Having that epic music play while you’re running through cities in the clouds, trying to beat the clock and get to your dying comrades gave a really epic feel to the game.

    Where the game really disappointed me was the story. While there were some good moments (The violence of Alexander being summoned still gives me a jaw-dropping cringe. Well done!), but the things that could have been super interesting were just NOT played out well. Aside from an obscure text somewhere, the Rursus had NO setup. Even just a few hints about it throughout the game would have made it a much more powerful moment, instead of a Deus Ex Machina stle “The world is going to end and everybody is going to die because we wrote ourselves into a corner!”

    To be clear, I LIKE the fact that the story takes a sharp, confusing, left turn out of nowhere, but there needs to be SOME setup for it… A few off-handed conversations about obscure legends, a lecture about the gods, a crazy professor talking about how the timeline is just repeating itself endlessly, but SOMETHING.

    Overall, a decent game to play, with a few forced melancholy beats, but I don’t think I’ll pick it up again.



    An underappreciated gem.

    This game has some major flaws no doubt but I simply had a blast playing this game. Like most people I purchased this game for the FF15 demo. When I finally played type-0 I found myself pleasantly surprised

    -I absolutely love the battle system. While very simple, It is also very fun. A very refreshing experience for those looking for a change of pace from the classic turn based style. I still can’t believe they took out the multiplayer for the PS4 port. This game just begs to be played with friends
    -I mean wow the soundtrack is incredible. Honestly my favorite music of the whole series next to both FF9 and FF7. the music does an incredible job at making the player feel the emotion and tone of the game.
    -While confusing at times I enjoyed the story a lot. The game re-introduced alot of terms from FF13 but made them more interesting to me at least.

    -Now I will say though the character development is absolutely terrible (as well as the voice acting). Not too surprising though considering you have an insane amount of characters to manage.
    -I did like the throwback of the open world map but it left a lot to be desired.

    Overall this game gets a solid 84/100 for me



    When I seeing that this was making a transition from mobile to PSP I was excited. I like how this FF was going to be a darker FF like FFVersusXIII. After playing and completing it when it made it’s transition to the PS4 all I can say it’s a hot mess. The HD remake was a really poorly done, seeing a PS4 high res textured model that has subsurface scattering next to its PSP counterpart in scenes is jarring. The gameplay is a lot of fun especially at higher difficulty levels, I mainly used Rem (who is a beast at higher levels and has her death imbued weapons equipped), Ace, Trey, King, Queen, and Sice. The story was definitely a Tabata production. Most things happen off screen if they were explained and the emotions in certain scenes don’t fit (the ending is prime example). I generally like the lore and I think it’s concept is actually stronger than FFXIII. Both titles have to deal with fate and destiny with god’s intervening. I think this handle’s that idea much better it’s a shame the way the story is just a shit show. Having a over world map again was nice. My only gripe was the airship being terrible (Another Tabata trademark) and during the defend towns overworld missions sometime’s having to deal with the distance where enemies were attacking was a pain in the ass. Overall, I liked the game even though it had glaring flaws. Replay value is really high. For instance if you beat every mission (that includes the super boss) in Finis mode you unlock L’ce mode for all the characters.



    Type-0 is an intriguing alternate-universe view of the Final Fantasy series. As the only real spinoff of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project, it’s packed with references to FFXIII, but many other games are featured as well. This ranges from the obvious (crystals and L’Cie) to the very subtle.

    Seven is obviously Lightning from XIII, even sharing the same voice actor. The energetic monk Eight was based on Zell from VIII, they even have the same birthday! Dr. Arecia is Edea, a sorceress manipulating the timeline while watching over her special group of supersoldier orphans. These clues are everywhere, and made me feel like I was solving a mystery.

    The tone of the game is very realistic and grim, which is unusual for a Final Fantasy game. Major political events take place offscreen and outside Class Zero’s knowledge. War-documentary-style cutscenes remind the player how many thousands of people are dying. Enemy soldiers talk about their starving families. The effects of L’Cie immortality and the consequences of summoning Eidolons are portrayed not as heroic sacrifices, but as pointless, inevitable wastes of life. It’s chilling storytelling, and I loved it.

    In terms of actual gameplay, Type-0 is obviously a PSP port. Combat is repetitive and environments are simplistic. It’s fun and satisfying to land a Breaksight, but that’s about it. Some of the music is very good, like the Chocobo overworld theme and the main theme, “Zero”.

    Overall, Type-0 is not a great videogame. But as a weird spinoff story, as a retelling of the Final Fantasy universe for diehard fans? It was wonderful.

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