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Your Type 0 questions here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Lay em on thick!



    1. Did anyone get nauseous when changing the camera quickly? The original Type 0 PS4 version was really bad and so they patched it. Still pretty bad though.

    2. To Kaleb, how did you find the difficulty of the game? Obviously Joe had an easy time given his PS4 experienced time anomalies and not playing the harder difficulty.

    3. To Joe, given you were able to steamroll the game, how did that affect your experience of the game. I personally find with game with NG+ with carried over levels/equipments, I usually lose interest very quick on the new playthrough because the characters are overpowered.

    4. How did you find the Alexander summon scene? I thought it was the most epic summoning sequence in the series.

    5. What do you think of the role of Lindzei and Pulse in the mythology of the universe? They actually play a huge part in the lore of the games, although they are almost never mentioned and you only see them (a) in FFXIII in the lore section of the data files, (b) as Bhunivelze’s dual-scythe weapon in Lightning Returns and (c) at the end of the second playthrough of Type 0.



    Sorry for the double post.

    Also how did you guys find the magic system? Although you would need to grind quite a bit to make full use of it.



    -What were your go to top 6 characters? And which characters did you use very little of? And Why?
    -My top six usually consisted of some mix of Ace,King,Jack or Cater,seven,Eight. I rarely used cinque, sice, or nine unless I had too

    -Thoughts on the summon system, and how it compares to some of your favorites from the mainline games?



    -After reading the synopsis ( I doubt you Schweiss got to the second play through. Joe is a lost cause) do you think on concept alone, this would have been a better main franchise title than FFXIII installment?

    – If You were to make this the main FFXIII installment other that a story restructure what would you change gameplay wise?



    Thoughts on the music and vocal theme?
    Would you like to see more M rated FF games?
    Did you think the violence, gore and darker story fits the FF series?
    Why did you think Square Enix delayed the PSP release of the original version of the game for so long they never released it for PSP in the west?
    Did you know that this is a PSP game that comes with 2 UMD Discs?
    Best girl?

    Were you disappointed that the final boss fight was just like the final FFX boss fight where it was impossible to lose? It made me very mad. I don’t like easy final bosses that you can’t even lose.



    As I wrote in my review, my favourite part of Type-0 is the weird alternate universe versions of other Final Fantasy stories and characters. Which did you notice/which were your favourites?

    One of my favourites was Cid Aulstyne’s evil speech in the intro, which was almost exactly Emperor Gestahl’s evil speech in the intro of VI. I instantly knew what type of experience this would be, and what I should watch out for.



    which had better action combat system. FFXV or Type-0?

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