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Your Theatrythym Reviews Here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    What did you think??



    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is an excellent music game, celebrating the Final Fantasy series (up to 13, at least), and acting as great fan-service for long-time fans, or just those who adore the acclaimed soundtracks of these games. It’s surprising that whoever Square Enix got to develop this, they were able to make not just a GOOD rhythm game based on Final Fantasy, but at the higher levels, a challenging one, too. (Which is more than I can say for other music games based on JRPGs… I’m looking at you, Persona 4: Dancing All Night.) Despite this game’s lackluster song lineup (in hindsight, compared to Curtain Call), there’s still a lot here to keep your thumbs busy. This is thanks to the surprisingly deep RPG mechanics, and completionist elements such as the CollectaCards, and getting Critical on every note in every song on every difficulty. The Chaos Shrine mode helps satisfy those looking for more than just casual play, with the added bonus of being able to get Dark Notes from Streetpass. It’s a great rhythm game whether or not you like the music of Final Fantasy, and it’s simple enough in its design that those who are used to RPGs can pick this up and have fun, even if they don’t know their way around a Guitar Hero controller or a DDR dance pad. The only sleight against it is that it’s easily overshadowed by its “sequel”, Curtain Call.



    When this came out I was so excited because I never thought something like this would be created and honestly the whole thing just feels perfect. Playing your favorite FF songs in like a rhythm rpg game on the go. Whats not to like. I sunk hours and hours into it. Trying to beat songs on the hardest modes, Feeling nostalgic and relieving memories from the gameplay and cgi videos. Remembering great songs I forgot about and just getting back into the FF music. Plus you had a music player you could listen to every song when your 3ds was closed in sleep mode so it was like a mini FF music player. At the time I gave it an 8.5/10 just because you could tell it was their first try and the game was a little barebones at time and even with the dlc content there weren’t many options or modes.

    Still this is a game that kinda flew under the radar for many people. If you preordered you got a special FF Stylus and stickers. Stylus is the only way to play this accurately so people really tried to get the official FF one. Nintendo one is fine too.

    I think Square Enix was surprised at how popular this got and this is only like 1 of the 3 FF games released on the 3DS and the first FF game to get released on it so I think they were just being naive.

    Great game to pick up and play but Curtain Call is better because of all the new content and features. This game is special though because it does 3 things that Curtain Call erases.
    Series mode is gone so you can’t play the FF10 series from start to finish with an OP and ED with a nice CG cutscene for it in Curtain Call like you can in this game. All EMS songs in this are gone in Curtain Call.
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Somnus song is an exclusive and never released again its a dlc on the shop.

    So if you are a collector I recommend picking up and playing both. Its a must for FF fans.



    I love music games and these two games are no exception. Theatrythm is good, Curtain Call is better. The music is fantastic in both games, obviously, but Curtain Call has way more songs and the quest mode adds a lot more to the game than the dark notes did. The gameplay is where these games shine for me. They have has one of the best uses of the touchpad that’s I’ve seen and it’s not even required. You can play with the stylus and touchpad, with the buttons and stick or with a combination of both. That playstyle versatility alone makes it a really well thought out game. As for the way one interacts with the music, it’s a really fun and creative way to do it and while it takes a bit to get the hang of it, I really love it.

    Having said that and having put way too many hours into this game, it does have a couple of flaws in my opinion. It has a few too many screens between songs. Every time you finish a song you have to wait through several screens. I think some of those could have been combined or flat out eliminated. When just playing songs in the ‘Music Stages’ there are 5 separate screens to get through after each song. The “pick a new song” and “Play this song again” screen can be taken out entirely. Just a lot of clicks to get to the next song. My only other minor gripe is the lack of the preludes in Curtain Call. I really love the prelude song and I would be super happy to have each and every version in Curtain Call, or hell even one! I’d love to go through them and see how they’ve changed over the games just like I can do with the battle songs. Why they took that song out I’ll never know but it’s the one glaring omission in this game for me.

    Other than that, I love the game. Just love it. The difficulty modes are wonderfully scaled. Basic is just that, a good basic intro to the song and the (what would you call them, notes? Taps? Interactions? Let’s go with notes for simplicity’s sake.) notes are well spaced for the beginner to get the hang of the game. Also good for getting a feel for unfamiliar songs. Expert is where I spend most of my time and it’s a good challenge. The notes come quickly, but not so fast that you’re frantic or anything. I play Jenova and One Winged Angel the most, by far and they are just so much fun on Expert. Ultimate is batshit insane. Notes fly at you like a hurricane in that mode. I can pass a couple of songs with high-level characters and luck. Mostly it kicks my ass and laughs at me. Very well scaled. I mostly play in the Music Stages but I do like the quests. I enjoy being forced to play outside my favorite 10 songs and you have to quest a fair bit to get all the characters, which will take a good bit of time. The quests also throw Ultimate Scores at you so it forces me to try those when I normally would not. Thank goodness for potions!

    Bottom line, this is a great game that any FF music lover with an ounce of rhythm should get. It’s worth it.

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