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Your Theatrythym Questions Here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Ask away!



    What was your main party lineup?

    What was your preferred play style? Stylus? Button? *looks seductively over the top of my glasses* …One-handed?

    How did you guys feel about the art style?

    Did you guys feel like this game’s song lineup was lacking, considering each mainline title gets 1 or maybe 2 of each of the 3 kinds of stage types? What did you think of the songs they picked to represent each game, considering that fact?

    Did you guys splurge on any of the DLC?

    Knowing Schweiss’ love of points, did it bother either of you that the max score you can achieve on any song is 9999999?



    What did you think of the story introduction were you expecting some story when you started this?
    Total playtime? (I’m at 56 hours on this one.)
    Rhythmia collected? (I maxed it out at 99,999 Rhythmia lol)
    You get all the Collectacards?
    thoughts on the music player you can listen to with your 3ds closed?
    Did you beat the game by getting the credits once you reach 10,000 Rhythmia and fight Chaos and get the epilogue scene and then credits roll?

    You beat any Dark Notes in Chaos Shrine?
    Did you try to beat any songs on ultimate or expert?
    What were your favorite tracks?
    Any tracks you forgot about and were reminded about while playing this?
    Did you feel nostalgic about certain songs?
    What song were you the best at playing?
    Any songs you really mastered?
    Did you 100% challenge mode with every song beaten on basic, expert and ultimate?
    Did you like the idea of playing any song you wanted in challenge mode?
    Did you 100% every course in Series mode on basic, expert and ultimate?
    Did you take time to collect Rhythmia in the OP and ED for series mode courses when the text was rolling in or just skip to the songs lol?

    What did you think of the EMS tracks with actual gameplay or scenes from the games? (Fun fact the ones in this game are not in Curtain Call sadly)

    What was your favorite EMS track

    Did you know that all of the dlc from this game was just included in Curtain Call EXCEPT for FFXV song Somnus which is still called FF Versus 13 in this game and is rare and exclusive only to this version.

    What characters and abilities did you use the most? Libra and Treasure Hunter are so good.
    You get them to level 99?

    What characters didn’t you unlock?

    Did you unlock the extra songs in Challenge Mode? Talking about the 4 Encore and 8 Chaos Tracks.
    You need 10,000 Rhythmia to complete the game but 45,000 Rhythmia to unlock every secret song.

    This is a fun game to just play for a few minutes, put down and pick up at any time right?



    Since rythm games were huge what feels like ages ago did you find this game had anything to add to genre that is for the most part dead? Would you play a big clunky stupid plastic instrument version of this? Is there any Dave Mustane DLC since you guys have a in with him ;)?
    Could you see this being ported to systems like the PS4?
    Lastly is it worth the time?



    Howdy gents!

    1) I don’t own a gameboy advance or whatever this is played on. But I’m a massive FF fan and of course adore the music. Is this game worth purchasing that system for? Or am I better off just listening to the songs?

    2) Does the note tapping ever become tiresome on your hand? I can’t stand when a game makes you tap buttons unnecessarily, so I’m curious if you ever experienced any fatigue while playing?

    3) Are there any songs you felt should have been in the game that were omitted?

    Cheers good sirs!

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