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Your Mystic Quest Reviews here!!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    What did you think?



    I love this game. It was one of the first ones I ever played on the Super Nintendo. I recently replayed it as a refresher and it was just as enjoyable as I remember. The game is very simple in all aspects and I think it’s all the better for it. The story and characters have a great sense of humor. I particularly enjoy the old man who will spout the next plot point to you and fly away leaving your hero to just look at the camera and shrug. I know Joe made a tweet about this but I have always enjoyed that your hero’s allowance is 2 GP a month.

    The enemies are one of the best features in the game. I love that you cannot only see them on the dungeon map (With some tricks thrown in at the Volcano and Ice Palace) but you can also see what type they mostly are. The enemies have several animations they go through as they are hurt. These animations are incredibly clever. The snake ladies start off with a menacing glare and a forward hand, only for them to grab their bald head in shock when they lose their snakes. The 3 headed hounds slumping to the ground and waving a white flag on their tail is so endearing. The bosses get multiple phases as well. Watching the Ice Golem go from a frosty sentinel to slowly getting melted into a puddle of goo is so satisfying. It also gives you great feedback of how the battle is progressing and how much you have hurt the boss.

    The music is excellent! The overworld theme is very upbeat and triumphant, most towns have a very calming sonata that makes you feel safe. The battle music is really energetic and has some great melody lines in it. The boss battles also sound like that next level of hardship and will keep you pumped from beginning to end. I also really like the sound effects. The swing of the sword, the harsh chop of the axe, the “tic-tic-tic” of Phoebe’s Arrows finding their mark, the otherworldly sound of casting Flare, or the “Crack-a-Thoom!” of casting Thunder. They all sound great. And it’s that extra level of satisfaction when you defeat an enemy and they fade away with that, “brrnnnpssshhh” sound. And while it’s not the Final Fantasy Fanfare(though let’s face it, this game is FF in loose tie-in only) there is a nice little victory theme for completing a battle.

    I love the way you interact with the world outside of battle. Being able to hop everywhere gives the game this extra level of exploration which is appreciated. It’s also fun using your weapons by interacting with the world. Blowing up cracked walls with bombs or chopping through trees with the axe is great, although my favorite is using the Dragon Claw to zip across large gaps.

    The only real part of the game I thought could have been better were the Battlefields. Some of them actually give you something really strong like a brand new piece of armor or one of the 12 spells in the game, but others don’t feel like they have much reward for going through 10 of the battles. Sure the game is very easy, including the ability to save on the spot, but it wasn’t trying to be anything but. They stripped down a lot of the RPG experience to make a simple, straight forward, and breezy game experience. I think this game is a great play and I’m glad that it’s main title is Mystic Quest, because it really has little to do with Final Fantasy.

    Some random thoughts. I couldn’t help but laugh when the hero says to Captain Mac in the ending, “How about lending me that ship? I need a little more adventure in my life.” More adventure? Dude you just saved the entire world and defeated the Dark King. You just finished the biggest adventure there is! Also where are you going to go? I’ve seen that World Map and it’s not that big! I already explored all of it. That ocean barely goes around Wyndia, you are just going to be doing circles at sea. Phoebe tells you to “see the world for me” and I was like, uh we did, several times over. This really made me laugh when I beat it again recently. Also when I was a young lad playing this game for the first time, my brother pointed out to me that if you climb into a bed, equip the sword, aim your character towards the screen/down on the bed, you can spam the A button to keep thrusting your sword out. Since you are in bed, it looks like a long shaft keeps poking out from under the sheets. I probably spent way too much time doing that and laughing at it like Beavis and Butthead as a child. Also, one of my childhood Crushes/sweetheart was named Kaeli so I always had a soft spot for that ally.

    That’s all for me gents!



    Truly, this is the Dark Souls of the Final Fantasy franchise. Japan knew their bitch-made game “Final Fantasy V” was too simple and easy for the legions of hot-blooded, muscle-clad, virile American gamers of the mid-90’s, so they made a special, extra-difficult version of Final Fantasy to test our mettle.

    You only get a maximum of 2 party members, which means you’ll be outnumbered in a majority of cases. Allies can’t change their weapons, which means your main character is going to have to become a one-man army strategist in order to quickly dispatch your foes. Enemy encounters are finite, which means the coward’s tactic of “grinding” does not apply here. Nearly every enemy outside of the starting area has at least one attack which inflicts a status ailment, and they can and WILL use them against you at every opportunity. And those sneaky Japanese must be fudging the numbers on your characters’ accuracy stats, because your party members will miss roughly every other hit, while enemies rarely do, especially if they’re hitting you with a status besides Doom. Turn order also seems to be completely randomized despite any speed stats, leading to scenarios where enemies will get turn priority before you use an item or a healing spell, or where enemies will get to heal themselves (for full health, mind you), between your party members’ attacks, negating any progress you’d make attempting to slay them. This game is hardcore with a capital “HARD”.

    This game is tailored to America through and through. Navigation on the world map is handled automatically, since they knew hardened American men would be playing this game, and the last thing we want to do is stop and ask for directions. Soda pop is an item you can get. (Called “Refreshers”, as I’m sure some sponsorship with Coca-Cola must have fallen through.) The inn in Fireburg hosts a rock band that plays a Johnny B. Goode bootleg as if they were Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. The rock and metal stylings of the battle music slap so hard, my SNES still has red handprints on its yellow ass. And Mystic Quest is also the first and only Final-Fantasy-themed wrestling game, with enemies using such attacks as “Neck Choke”, “Piledriver”, and “Full Nelson”. It’s almost as good as Def Jam Vendetta. Also, a lot of the enemies must be goth kids in the late 80’s, because they kept using, quote: “the Cure”.

    Overall, this Final Fantasy bleeds red, white, and blue in every sense. Only the most seasoned gamers like myself will collect all of the weapons, magic and armor to defeat the Dark King. Sure, I had to call the Nintendo Power hotline and rack up my parents’ phone bill to get through the Doom Castle, but that’s just because the tilesets are kind of garbage and it was hard to tell where to go in the Air Crystal room. I give this game 3 out of 5 Texas Roadhouse baskets of bread and cinnamon butter.

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