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Your Mystic Quest Questions Here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    What do you want to know??



    As someone who hasn’t played this game, but has played the shit out of curtain call for the last two weeks are all the songs as good as the battle themes in CC?

    Do you think there is enough want for this style of kind of FF for them to make a new one for 3ds/ switch?

    Since you guys are just plowing through these games do you think this is a game you will remember? Or is it just forgettable trash?



    Oh shit also since I haven’t asked in a long as time. Do you think this game deserves a re release?



    Yay! I was waiting for you to get to this game. This was one of the first games I owned on my SNES.

    Question the Ace: Who was your favorite ally that you partnered with? Mine was Reuben, I loved that Morning Star he swung around!

    Question the Deuce: Who was your least favorite ally? I’d probably have to say Tristam. I liked his selfish treasure hunting attitude but when he rejoins your party around the bridge, he has not upgraded his power and he feels comparably weak.

    Question the Trey: Did you find all 12 weapons in the game? The 3 swords, axes, claws, and bombs? What was your favorite weapon to use? Using the Dragon Claw like the Hookshot from Zelda felt great.

    Question the Cater: What was your favorite section of the world/crystal to explore? Earth, Water, Fire, or Wind?

    Question the Cinque: Did you acquire all 12 spells in the game? The 4 for White, Black, and Wizard? What was your favorite? I loved the sound effects of Aero and White.

    Question the Sice: Did you keep your health display as the bar mode or did you switch it over to traditional numbers?

    Question the Seven: Are you aware of what my question labels are a reference to? Before you scroll down to the next post, see if you can guess. I’ll post it below.

    Hope you enjoyed Mystic Quest!



    For the answer to my little game, you’ll have to be much more than lame.

    The Seven Question headers were the names of the Agito Class Zero Cadets from Final Fantasy Type-0, numbered 1-7. If I could have come up with more I would have labeled them Eight, Nine, Jack, Queen, and King.



    Do you agree with the statement by many that this is the easiest FF game ever?

    Why do you think Square Enix though gamers in the west needed an easy game to explain rpg mechanics to them? Not only did they do this but they gave the easy mode of FFIV on SNES too.

    People often praise the rock/metal music soundtrack from this citing it gives them like Dio vibes do you guys hear it and did you like it?

    Would you agree with the statement that the music is probably the highlight of this game?

    This was apparently the first FF game that ever came out in Europe but the title was changed to Mystic Quest Legends and Final Fantasy Adventure came out the same year over there and was called Mystic Quest instead so imagine all the people being confused when FF7 comes out on PS1 and its the first game called FF that they have ever seen lol poor Europeans.

    If you were trying to get a little kid into RPGs would you have them play this first so they would have an easy time?

    ‘hardest’ boss fight?
    lol did you ever die and lose?
    Did you find the dungeons easy?
    Thoughts on the final dungeon
    Final boss fight thoughts?
    Anything this FF did that you wish they brought over into other FF games?



    Did you guys find that the hit/miss ratio on your party members was too high? (Meaning, they miss their attacks a lot.)

    Were you guys annoyed by the near-constant use of status ailments in the game?

    What did you think of the auto-navigation on the world map? Do you think the feature was even needed?

    Did you guys clear out the monster fight spaces on the world map and/or fight every enemy in the dungeons, or did you just Joe-core it?

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