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Your Lightning Returns Questions HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask away!



    Did you guys find yourselves sticking to one outfit? Or were you constantly switching? I found that near the end I ended up using just 3 I can’t remember which ones as I played it when it came out.



    -Do you feel all of Lightning’s costumes fit her personality?
    -How do you feel about the DLC costumes (Yuna summoner/gunner, Aerith, and Cloud)?
    -Do you think those DLC costumes should have been more generic (ex. regular SOLIDER’s uniform) rather it being a direct reference?
    -Is it weird that Toriyama likes to play dress up with female characters?



    Did you think it was a good idea to put stat boosts in quests and not from fighting battles? (effectively eliminating grinding altogether)

    Do you like the structure of the game?


    Do you think you ever got the hang of the fighting system, like parrying attacks at the last possible second to stagger certain enemies?



    -How did you feel about the DLC costumes, not the aesthetics but the fact that some of them are pay-to-win? The Cloud DLC destroys staggered enemies in the early game and the maxed Elementa that comes with the Yuna summoner DLC is the highest magic DPS ability in the whole game.

    -How did you feel about the ending for the game? It appears to be the first game in the series which connects the game universe to Earth. Does that break the immersion of the game?

    -Did you like the fact that there was a Hard mode for New Game+ (unlike FF15)?



    Did you like the humor comedy elements in this game? (guy wearing Vivi clothes, FF music dance etc.)

    Did you like the lore?

    Thoughts on Bhunivelze?
    Did you get the Ultima Weapon and Shield?
    Favorite location/area?
    Favorite returning character?
    Dune surfing yay or nay?
    You learn to perfect block?
    Like the battle system?
    How long did it take you get the hang of it?
    Did you extinct any enemies?
    CG cutscenes looked good?
    buy any costume dlc?
    Riding Chocobos was great right?
    You like the Moogles and their village?
    Did you get lost?
    How was your reaction running into Aeronite the first time?

    Favorite Schemata outfits?
    Be honest do you like Lightning and think she is cool?
    Best version of Hope from the XIII games?
    Thoughts on the dungeons?
    Best boss fight?
    Most intense boss fight?
    Did you ever die a lot at one fight?
    Thoughts on the dungeons leading to Ultima Weapon and Shield?
    Did Bhunivelze’s wings look like Safer Sephiroth’s wings in FF7?
    Like the music?

    Now that you beat all the XIII games where do you rank them for gameplay and story?

    Would you consider doing a lore episode for the XIII Trilogy now that you beat it?

    Pulse, Lindzei, Etro and Bhunivelze? Etro's Gate and the Unseen Realm?

    Did you buy anything at the shops?

    Did you encounter the rare forge merchant?
    Favorite sidequest or most memorable one?

    If Lightning Returns Lightning was in XIII at her current state could she solo all enemies?
    How would she do in other FF games at her current power?

    Get the secret ending?
    Thoughts on the ending movie and the secret France teaser?

    Lastly what do you think of the power of the PS3 and this beautifully rendered polygon dog that became a meme for being modeled so well?






    dog image isn’t working I think



    @shinryu Thank Bhunivelze that someone mentioned that thing. That’s no dog…



    I posted this is another thread, but I’ll post it here to keep things in one area:

    What was your favorite main quest in LR and which of the many side-quests stuck out the most to you? Most of the side-quests were whatever, but I enjoyed the introduction to the Last Ones which was the Diviner quest or any quest that put Lightning out of her element like the date because it was laughable. The main quest I enjoyed Noel’s the best, but Sazh’s was the most heartbreaking…that guy need a break. Then again so does Dajh…how many times is that kid going to go through near fatal shit without getting some kind of PTSD?



    One question I forgot..are you happy that the whole FF13 trilogy is finally over?



    I mean take a look at Angelo, Rinoa’s dog from FF8



    how does a PS1 dog look better?!



    Did anyone happen to play on PC? My first time playing was this time around and I played it on Steam, but the port was gross. XIII and XIII-2 had a keyboard/mouse set up where you move with the WASD and move the mouse to look. LR had an old school configuration where you used the WASD to move and the IJKL to look around. Q was to overdrive and random keys like “U.,” were used to do actions. I immediately changed to WASD and 1235 and 46 to change schemata and 789<ENTER> to do actions. I have a keypad.

    The other thing was that Square was lazy with the port in which when it first Autosaves and they explain the symbol, they said blah, blah, blah “don’t turn off your Playstation 3 when the symbol appears”. Fine, whatever. Then a mission called for me to walk with a guy to Luxerion Station North and told me to tilt the WASD keys…tilt the WASD keys…

    Then again, XIII and XIII-2 had a nasty habit of cutting my keyboard off in the middle of battle or continually cycling through options until I unplugged it and plugged it back in…LR thankfully does not have that. So anyone play it on PC?



    Did you use a certain skimpy schema on lightning even though the stats sucked? *wink*



    Did you notice the uhh cup size change with certain schema? I remember there was some interview where the director was talking about it. I don’t really remember a huge difference but apparently it’s there.



    Are there any game mechanics or systems in the game now that you are finished that you wish were better explained/ not in the game?

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