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Your Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Reviews Here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    What did you think?



    Comrades was surprisingly fun. I started the game hating it and thinking it was a mistake to start. It reminded me of FF Record Keeper mobile game. Where there was little to no story but a shit load of grinding.

    I had more fun as I got more involved with a Community and tried to get the best weapon build. The best part of the game was joining up with other players and trying to complete quests together. Unfortunately the game has made it impossible to do that. The game actually has a great community filled with people who want to help other players get pass road blocks. I ran into some players from the community that had created and maxed out 4+ characters.

    I put about 60+ hours into the game and enjoyed doing it. I beat all the Bonus Quests and beat every Mission Quest except for the Lvl 99 Bahamut fight.

    As a stand alone game; this game was terrible. But as a DLC and multiplayer aspect of the original game it was pretty fun and works for what it is.



    Comrades was fun for a while, but there just wasn’t enough new content to keep me interested. Too much grinding against the same old enemies.

    It was really fun at first to design my own character and try out new weapons and fighting styles with the FFXV combat system, but I lost interest when I realized how few clothing/weapon choices there actually were.

    I’d love to play this kind of game as a couch co-op with my friends, but waiting in the lobby for other online players felt like such a slog.

    Overall, it was briefly fun, but quickly turned dull and boring. Much like the World of Darkness, I guess.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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