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Your Final Fantasy Tactics Review here!

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Hit us!



    Hey there gents. Tactics is certainly not a bad game, but it is terribly flawed. I played the War of the Lions version. First the good. The graphics are great. The customization and depth of the job system itself is excellent. Battles are fun to play through especially in the beginning. Parts of the story are also very intriguing, particularly revolving around Ramza and Delita. I loved the animations for the Summons as well as most of the magic spells. It can be really satisfying when you pull off a battle you feel overwhelmed by.

    Now for the bad. The story beyond Ramza and Delita is confusing and boring. It is so wrapped up in politics, I had no clue who most of the characters were. Several higher ups betrayed each other but I couldn’t tell you who was who, what they wanted, or what their relation to anything else was. The characters lines are so wordy/overly old timey that my eyes would gloss over them at times. The starting battles are a lot of fun but they become incredibly lop-sided as the game goes on. You are only allowed 5 total characters against hordes of enemies. What’s the point of all those recruits when you can only use 5 of them. Leveling more than that will take weeks of playtime. The “Tactics” portion of the game vanishes here as well as every fight becomes a race against the leader. Your characters cannot keep up their health against so many enemies so it becomes a race to take down the enemy leader before you lose your hp. Pre Battle Placement goes out the window as your characters will often change places due to a cutscene, or in the case of Wiegraf in the library, 3 of your characters will be hit by him regardless of your placement. The Wiegraf-Ramza 1 on 1 fight in Chapter 3(before Wiegraf transforms) is famous for its insane difficulty. I hope you didn’t level Ramza as a Mage because you will have to restart the game. The game also cheats and the CPU can be stupid. I had a fight ontop of a castle where the computer instant attacked the NPC I was supposed to protect and killed them. I did not even get to take a turn. I had to restart the game until the NPC moved out of range. That is ridiculous.

    While I loved the job system, it’s incredibly tedious. Hidden classes like Bard and Dancer have amazing movement skills you want, but it’s a chore to go through the trail of job unlocks to get your character there, and then have them learn these skills. Only a handful of the jobs felt very effective. The Dancer has amazing, all map hitting skills, except they miss most of the time. Nothing like channeling for 10 turns only to have your attack whiff, how deflating.

    The game can still be enjoyable to go through, but it’s so incredibly frustrating that I nearly quit on it several times. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it had I played it when it first came out, but playing a year ago in 2016, it was not what I had heard to be hyped up for so many years.



    It’s bad. Fight me, nerds.

    (I’ve always been biased against it because I was surprised that it wasn’t a “normal” RPG like FF7/9.)



    So I hadn’t ever played Tactics until now. I decided to play along with you two.

    I thought it was a really solid game. It was fun. Most of the plot made sense to me and I didn’t feel like it had the issue some of the FFs have where the main motivation of the villains are confusing or non-existent.

    However I didn’t really care that much about any of the characters. There just wasn’t that much character development and I found by the end I didn’t really care that much what happened to any of them.

    The battle system was interesting. I haven’t really played any other games like it. Though I think that some of it was not intuitive. (And I did play the tutorial beforehand!) For instance, I didn’t realize until about halfway through that summon magic doesn’t target your team mates. I assumed that it would because regular magic did. Similarly I also didn’t realize that you could move out of range with casters after you selected a target. I thought that if you moved out of range the spell would fail. It wasn’t until I noticed the enemy doing this that I realized this was possible.

    My other main issue was that the story characters didn’t get equivalent JP accumulation when they entered your party. I did a lot of grinding in Chapter 1 to open new jobs and really just used my main 5 characters from the very beginning to the end because I didn’t want to grind new characters up to get new jobs and abilities that my main party already had.

    But overall I thought it was a pretty good game. I’m glad I played it. I don’t think I will ever play it again though. I have to say I think a lot of the hype is nostalgia or a love of the unique battle system. I don’t think the story/characters are on par with many of the main series games especially FF6 onward.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    This is the game that started it all for me. I probably have over 100 hours in it and played both versions. The original is still my fav but I enjoyed WoTL. I’ve completed every side quest and have gotten every secret character/weapon. The job system and story are always what made this game for me. I spent hours as a child customizing characters and I never found the game hard at all. I did have to restart the game on my first playthrough on the roof at the end of chapter 3? But lesson learnt. I find the story very adult and intriguing, wasn’t bubblegum pop shit that I hate in JRPGS. The game does have flaws and I do wish there was maybe more story but it doesn’t take away from what’s already there imo. Overall, it’s a fucking masterpiece!!



    While my favorite Final Fantasy is IX, FF Tactics is easily in my top five due to it’s captivating story, stellar soundtrack and addictive gameplay. While the game does have a few game breaking issues, such as offering you the chance to fucking save (with no escape) in-between a slew of battles… Leaving you ultimately fucked if you can’t beat the next battle because you saved right before the last one.. Or mission objectives such as “protect this person”, but then the game kills that person before you even get a chance to move due to no fault of your own.. In general, I think the positives far outweigh the negatives with this game, and I have found every time I have played it to be an ultimately rewarding experience… if you can forgive the game-breaking issues I mentioned earlier.

    In particular, I was most impressed with the masterful storytelling Matsuno was able to weave together on this PS One classic. Never before have I experienced a video game story that dealt with issues of social class like Tactics, while also telling the story of a royal family that would have easily found a fitting home on an episode of Jerry Springer. My only wish is that Matsuno had stayed on for the development of FFXII until the end.



    I’ll keep it short!

    Played it when I was a kid and hated it!

    Played it now and realise what a stupid fucking kid I was. This is one of the best FF games I’ve ever played.

    Questions: what did you think of the rape suggestions with the girl in chapter 3 (she and her brother join your party at the end of the chapter) I found some of the theams in the game super dark but it just added to the great story telling in the game.

    Did you learn Ultima?


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Wow, great points there. I don’t remember the rape suggestion in chapter 3. Been many years since I’ve played it and lots probably went over my head. Just like when you rewatch Seinfeld as adult you actually understand what’s going on lol. I think I learnt Ultima but I truly am drawing a blank. I need to dig out my old ps1 and give it a re play.



    It’s Rapha and her brother Maerch (I think the names are right) she hits the Grand old duke had his way with her!


    Yeah that rape suggestion is pretty dark. I also remember a part in one of the sidequests where a group of deserters say something to the effect of ‘give us Agrias so we can use her as a sex slave and we’ll let you escape with your lives’. The game doesn’t shy away from some of the nastier aspects of the human character.

    I played along with you guys, and this was my first experience of final fantasy tactics. Loved it on the whole – the combat especially was fun and addictive, particularly during that sweet spot in the middle of the game where I’d managed to get to grips with the game mechanics, but before the point where my team had become too OP for the battles to still feel challenging and rewarding.

    I saw the story as falling into two main halves (although they do interweave) – 1) the early parts focused on the Thrones-style wars for power between factions, and 2) the parts after it has become clear that the Lucavi are the real enemy behind the scenes, and the quest to take them down. Did you guys think about it in this way too, and if so, which half did you find most interesting? For me it was the 1st half – I like the dynamic of neither side of the conflict being particularly noble or trustworthy, and Ramza’s attempts to stick by what he believes is right. By the late game, it felt like a more familiar/straightforward ‘there is a darkness threatening to engulf the world and we must stop it’, which we’ve seen time and again in FF.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Sounds like Game of Thrones where it was all about the throne and now it’s about much much more….*queue dark music*



    I played this on the IOS and i will keep it shorter since many are too long.

    Here are the pros of the game:
    -There are enough animations to make you feel like you’re playing a current final fantasy game.
    -The main characters are memorable and unique.
    -The job system and its customization were brilliantly done.
    -the dialogue was easy to follow and one can tell that there was variety in how they spoke to each other. (For example, societal differences, being learned or what not).
    -The story was well thought out and there were meanings in each cutscene and death (even resurrection).

    Here are the cons:
    -The curve to learn to play this game is too high in the beginning.
    -The level of difficulty is fine, but saves were placed poorly unless you have prior knowledge which is unfair to the player.
    -JP grinding is too long (though maybe that’s fine since it came out during a time period that was more okay with longevity of games via grinding. Example: FF7).
    -Camera rotation should allow top down view for easier movement of characters.
    -Cursor had glitch where it could not tell the difference between two tiles stacked on top of each other.

    Score: 85 out of 100.



    I enjoyed FF Tactics, for the most part, but I don’t understand all the love it gets.

    1. Confusing story – The story is confusing and the script is poorly written. There were so many characters and factions to keep track of that it’s really easy to get lost. (I played the PSP version).
    2. Poor Art design – The game looked OK, especially for a PS1 game, but I really hated the art direction. The characters, which are supposed to be mostly adults, look like weird nose-less children, larping in overly colorful fantasy Halloween costumes. This art style is really jarring when paired with the very adult themes and story of the game.
    3. Boring progression – Much like FF2, the most effective way to progress your characters isn’t through battling…it’s through boring, self-focused grinding. Casting Focus a billion times and hitting your own guys (used primarily for bonus characters who don’t get Focus) is super boring, and is a product of poor game design.

    1. Great customization – The job system isn’t perfect but it’s a lot of fun. Unlocking new abilities feels really satisfying, and being able to customize your characters with skills from multiple different jobs really makes customizing your team one of the best parts of the game.
    2. Mature story and themes – While it was easy to get bogged down by the story, it was still one of the most mature and thoughtful stories ever told in a FF game. This game asks some serious questions about morality and power, and most of answers are pretty dark.
    3. Powerful ending – The entire game compares and contrasts Delita and Ramza. They both want to bring peace to the land. They are both capable and brave. Delita is able to claw his way to the top through deceit, murder, and betrayal. He is eventually crowned King, only to end the game completely alone. He is remembered as a great hero. Ramza is honorable and just, saves the world from a demonic invasion, but is branded a heretic by the church and largely forgotten. The game doesn’t say exactly what happened to him, but I think the implication is that he leaves the spotlight in peace.

    Overall, I would give the game a solid B. Good but not great.

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