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Your FFF Chocobo's Dungeon Questions HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask Away!



    How would you compare this to the other rogue like dungeon crawler FF game FFX-2 Last Mission?
    Or to more strategy tactical FF games like FFX12 Revenant Wings?
    Would you prefer this game over those games?

    Would you agree that this might have the best FF soundtrack on the Wii?
    Which music remix did you enjoy more?

    What did you think of the final dungeon segment?
    Favorite dungeon segment?
    Favorite boss?
    Thoughts on the final boss battle?

    Did you enjoy yet another final boss stage like the Vagrant Story and one of the Crystal Chronicles DS games which had the final area as a floating rune floor and magic winged guy flying around?

    Do you think you will enjoy Chocobo’s Dungeon on PS1 after playing this?
    Do you think you are prepared for it from what you learned from this game?

    Why do you think this was the last dungeon crawler rogue like FF game?

    Favorite job class?

    Where did you die a lot in the game?

    Cute kiddy art style but hard game for adults. Do you agree this falls into that trope?

    Would you like a new HD sequel to this game?

    Will you play the remaster for trophies on PS4 when it comes out?



    Is this the best Nintendo Wii FF game? If not, then what is the best Wii FF game since you played them all now?



    So these Mystery Dungeon games are dogshit, right?



    Hello gents, just a few questions.

    1) I heard Joe talk about how this was similar to X-2 Last Mission. How do you think the two games compare after completing them?

    2)Does this game use motion controls at all or does it stick to traditional controls?

    3)If you could change one aspect about the game what would it be?

    Thank you kindly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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