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Your FF Tactics Advance Reviews HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    What did you think of the game? Try to keep it short and sweet…


    “Can’t you see it’s escapism, it’s not healthy!”

    I have a lot of history with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I played it when it first came out back in 2003, and it was the very first Final Fantasy I ever played, and the very first turned based strategy RPG I had ever played, and without a doubt one of my very favorite video games of all time.

    The game itself seems to be very divided among fans, especially the story, back when I first played it, the game was extremley popular, I had many friends and family I knew who played it, the game itself was extremley addicting, being able to level your characters, teach them new abilities, the insane amount of missions you could go on, it all meshed very well together and I saw first hand how many people got sucked into it. It’s from that same perspective as the kid I was back then the I really can relate to the story best, as I think it’s the kind of story the speaks to kids the most, about what it would be like if you could trade the life you have for one of adventure and fantasy, would you accept the new world before you, or would you reject it and attempt to return to the world you knew? For me as a kid it was a no brainer, of course I would choose to stay, fighting monsters, going on quests, wielding magic and giant swords, hanging out with my clan, in my mind there was just no comparison, that’s probably why it struck suck a chord with me when I saw the protananist trying to return home. Marche is a really interesting character, for all the talk he has of wanting to return home, you’d think that the life he had was great, but it turns out he had a lot of problems in his original life, he had just moved from another town, he lived with his wheelchair bound brother that took the majority of his families attention, leaving him mostly on his own, to most people in that situation, you’d think they’d be more than happy to give up on their old life and pick the fantasy world, but he doesn’t. For Marche, he is all to aware of what he himself desires, and how easy it would be to give in to the want to stay, it’s because of this that he realizes that the world around him is just an escape, not the reality, and that in order to do the right thing, he must return to the old world, and break the dream.

    Before I get to much into the overall dynamic of the escapism theme, first, base review of gameplay Godly addicting, I had tons of time to play this game as a kid, so even though I didn’t really know what I was doing, if you play for long enough you eventually get to the point where no mission in the game is a huge obstacle, and honestly the game starts to sway massivley in your favor the closer to end game you get, to the point the most people that get to the 300th mission find it pretty easy, I don’t really have a problem with this, I always enjoy games that give the player tons of power at there disposal, especially when it comes with lots of training or throuough knowledge of the game to get. Double Sword Paladins, Doublecasting Summoners, Assasins that can kill in one strike, the amount of crazy builds you can set up in the game in insane, as an adult though if you don’t have a lot of time, there are still tons of ways to break the game early on and make it a breeze, such as getting steal Weapon and steal Ability early, you can literally have your entire team stealing the entire enemy team blind, getting crazy good items early on, and recruiting rare classes that aren’t normally available at the beggining of the game using recruit quests, getting units with 130+ speed at level 2, it’s tons of fun, you basically get out of this game what you put into it, and between all the classes that you get from all the different races, it’s always tons of fun to customize your team in different way in different play throughs, and admitidly i’ve played this game at least half a dozen times, and it never gets old.

    For design, what can I say, this game is the basis for what if not the best FF, is pretty damn close, FFXII, the world of Ivalice, the races, the lore, the completley distinct Gods and Summons than what the series is used to, it completley world class, the designs they made for each race and all there jobs really puts together a picture that makes you believe these races could be real, the bangaa with the lizardy tongues alwayss sspeaking in sslurs, the mystic Vierra and their affinity to nature and the spirits, the magical Nu Mou, and of course moogles, they come together in Ivalice in a way that surpassed most FF games, and it is expressed amazingly well on the hand-drawn sprites of the Gameboy Advance, with multiple highly detailed backgrounds of the mountains, rivers, deserts and towns of the world, as well as the tiny animated sprites of the monsters and various races, although for comparison I would say it has since been surpassed by A2, for what it was on the GBA, it set a great precedant.

    Music is just alright admitidly, Gameboy Advance was kind of gimped when it came to music a lot, although there was good music on it to so i’ll be fair and call it average, a lot of the songs are pretty simple and repetitive, the soundtrack for Tactics only really starts to shine once you get into FFXII and FFTA2, this game is more of a preview in that regard, if your going to play for 100 hours, outside of cutscenes which have good music, just sticking to your playlist after the first couple hours is a fine alternative.

    Beyond that, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is ultimately a story about the nature of fantasy, and it’s opposite, reality, the determination to seek reality, and to reject the idea of running away, and seeking escapism. The kind of story that especially relates to people like us, playing our vidya games, escaping from the world to get absorbed into these magical realities, that it tells us to remember the importance of the actual reality we’re tied to, and the responsibilities that come with it, not to waver and stay strong, and to realize the worth of the world we live in. Even I to this day have trouble separating my life from the games I play and immerse myself in sometimes, I think it’s a ballsy idea for a video game to try to have, but maybe that’s why it had such a big effect on me, and why it’s stayed with me all this time, coming from a game it says a lot.

    So to some up, I love this game to death, maybe I’m hugely biased but even so I do think there a lot of points in this game worth talking about, and even after all these years discussion always seems to come up regarding the question, would you stay, or would you reject the world and return to your own? And hopefully it’s a question that stays in people’s memory for years to come. 10/10 game, I’ll be playing it till the day I die, top of the series along with FFX&FFXII for me, and the best of the Tactics series. RPG perfection.

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