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Your FF Tactics A2 Questions Here!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    ask away!



    FF Tactics is one of my favorite PS-One-era rpgs, however I never tried to play any of the spiritual sequel games because they seemed so “childish” in tone to the original Tactics FF. But, I’ve realized that I might be missing out after noticing some people were never able to give FF9 a chance due to preconceptions with the art style, and that is my favorite in the series.

    What is here for original FF Tactics fans that haven’t picked this game up, and is there enough here to be enjoyable? Obviously it’s personal preference, but what do you all think?


    Rob Lennon

    What is your ranking of the job/battle system of the three Tactic games?



    What do you think of these 2 character designs with their Pizza Paddles/Pizza Peels looking weapons lol





    “Fear me I’m the great pizza maker” My friends and me laughed so hard at these designs and we are FF fans but this and certain FFX/X-2 designs are the funniest in the series.

    Why do you guys keep calling it Tactics Advance 2? It never says Advance in any of the titles for the game. Its always A2 and that could mean anything.

    What did you think of FF12 characters from the Ivalice universe showing up in this game?

    Where would you rank A2, Advance, Tactics, Revenant Wings and FFX-2 Last Mission?
    Which was a lot more fun?
    If you had to replay one of those which one would it be?

    Can you make some more comparisons between things you liked in Advanced or A2 or disliked in one versus the other?

    You like the music in this one more?

    You guys do any of the optional endgame postgame secret stuff?

    In 3 months this game is going to have its 10th anniversary. How do you feel about that? Does it hold up? Can you believe it has been 10 years since there was a new Tactics game?

    You guys probably won’t play Crystal Defenders since it doesn’t have FF in the title. But its on PS3 and did you know that the character models from this game were ported directly for that tower defense game/turn based strategy game?

    Why do you guys think online opinion in the FF community is Tactics Advance > A2? The A2 > Advance opinion seems to be quite small.

    Thoughts on Mateus?

    Which is the darker tactics game storywise A2 or Advance?

    Did the intro to the game grab your attention too? I found myself really gripped by the whole opening to this game even if it was brief.

    Are you guys happy that you are done with the Tactics FF games now? Are you all Tactics’ed out?



    Do you feel like the ending left the series open for a tactics A3 that maybe just never happened?

    How do you think a tactics game would be if it came out now? Besides better graphics that is.

    Do you think the tactics games deserve a remake or remaster?

    How do you think square feels about this spin off series?

    Do you think the tactics games should have stopped after tactics for ps1?



    In case it hasn’t been asked yet: what is your favorite race in this subseries? Bangaa, Nu Mou, Viera, Moogle, Hume, etc.


    Which one of FFT Advance and A2 would you recommend more highly (if at all), to someone such as me who has played original FFT once (along with the show) and quite enjoyed it, and would be up for a little more tactics action but possibly not both games?


    What would be your optimal Tactics story, and what was your favorite out of the trilogy?

    With A2 being the last game to touch the Ivalice lore and for the most part complete, with the different races, god, scions and world, where do you think Ivalice stands up to other FF world lore, like the FF7-verse or the FFX-verse?

    Do you like the traditional Ifrit/Shiva summons more? or do you like the Ivalice Belias/Mateus summons more?


    Do you think Vaan and Penelo are better characters in A2 then they were in XII or Revenant Wings? Do you think there progression from XII to now was mostly good or bad?


    Will you ever do a bonus stream or something where Kaleb and Joe to a multiplayer match in either of the Tactics Advance games?

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