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Your FF: Dissidia Reviews here!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    What did you think?



    Bought this game when it came out with the special limited edition PSP.
    It was one of like 3 games that made me happy to own a PSP.
    The game is great as portable game and you can use the PSP sleep mode so well in this. Pull it out and play some quick battles and progress the story. Put it in sleep mode and then pick up later where you left off.

    When this game came out it was considered to be one of the best looking PSP games and I still think it looks quite good. Very unique concept for a game. I absolutely loved playing as Cloud and Squall in this. Music was fantastic. The hard battles were tough but rewarding. After finishing everything in the story modes then you can start playing the real game, Multiplayer. Yeah multiplayer in this game is why there are people with like 5000 hour save files.

    See the only way to play this against other players was either by being in the same room and connecting to the other PSP OR by using the PS3 Adhoc Party mode from your home and when that connnected to the internet you then connected your psp to the ps3 online in adhoc party and then could create a room where people could join your lobby and play against you. I had so many fun hours battling random strangers on there and would always be surprised to find players that spent thousands of hours on the game. I think the max I ever saw was like 17,000 hours or something from one player and yeah he was a beast with Terra and I had no chance at even killing him

    One other feature that people often forget which makes this game great is the daily login bonus from the Moogles. You get random mail to unlock stuff and it keeps you playing everyday in order to get that bonus.

    Lastly this is the first and last ONLY GOOD Dissidia game. The reason I say this is because the gameplay, combat and actual physics of the game are superb. Dissidia 012 decided to ruin the physics of the game so I was so excited to play the sequel I preordered it and everything. Along with many other people we were surprised on launch day how different the combat felt, the gameplay slightly changed and its difficult to explain but characters felt more floaty, Certain attacks, movement, frames of animation all felt slightly off. Then I learned that they decided to alter the physics of the game and therefore made it less fun in my opinion than the first game. Sadly many view 012 as being really cool because it includes the story from the first game along with new story modes and new characters but Dissidia 1 is where the real fun is at.

    I give this game an 8.5/10 the best FF fighting game and all the future games would have been more fun if they still felt and played like this one.


    Skoll Hati

    I only played it through “012 dude-chyme” and apparently there are some mostly minor differences so take that into account. I think the game is solid, it’s not anything too spectacular but it definitely works. In a different world, I would grind out characters to see their whole moveset, but I don’t have that kind of time. It took a while to get used to the controls and general gameplay but it grew on me eventually. Great for FF fans, as an overall game probably more mediocre. The characters feel unique and have different styles and play strategies, but it also feels pretty repetitive. I had fun with it but it’s not something I’m going to go back to.
    Fuck Chaos…

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