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Your FF: Dissidia Questions here!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask away!



    Quality of the CG cutscenes?
    Did you ever think it was cool to have FF characters from other games interacting with each other?
    Favorite fighter to use?
    If you have a PS3 did you try to use the adhoc party app feature to play multiplayer on the psp through the ps3?
    Favorite piece of music in the game?
    How long did it take you to get use to the combat?
    Did you enjoy hearing classic FF pieces slightly remixed and remastered to sound like new tracks?
    Final boss is brutal right?
    Favorite character story mode?
    Favorite quote? Bathe in the Light! “Not interested… whatever..” lol so many good ones.

    What was your final equipment and attack setup?



    Hey gents! So glad to be a part of your time and show.

    1)Do you think it would have made any difference playing this on a playstation console? I’ve never played the PSP so I don’t know much about how the device feels.

    2)Is there a character you picked because you liked them as a character, but then found out there was another one whose fighting style fit you better?

    3) My biggest complaint/conundrum with Dissidia is the Battle System it self. While I admire them for doing their own thing, I can’t help but feel I would enjoy a traditional fighter ala Street Fighter or Tekken more. Would you have liked to have seen a more traditional fighting game with FF characters or do you prefer Dissidia’s unique brand?

    4) Did you run into “That One Fighter”? You know, the opponent in fighting games who always gives you trouble. For example I hated fighting Falco in Super Smash Bros. Melee, or Cammy in Street Fighter. Anyone in Dissidia fit that bill for you?

    5)What characters from the franchise do you feel were missing from this incarnation?

    You’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever get ya down!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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