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Your FF CC: Echoes of Time Questions HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask away!



    Sadly I haven’t even heard of this game but let’s give you some questions anyway.

    1) Was it worth it for them to keep working on Crystal Chronicles games or should they have used their time and development on something else?

    2) What was your favorite aspect of the game?

    3) If you could only change/improve one thing, what would it be?

    4)Is there anything you think the main line series can take from any of the Crystal Chronicle spin-offs? Or should they stay away from these games?



    So I liked this game and consider it the best and kinda only ‘good’ Crystal Chronicles game.

    Did you enjoy the boss battle music?
    You obviously didn’t try out multiplayer but do you think you would have enjoyed it possibly more in this one than in Rings of Fate or the first Crystal Chronicles game?
    Did you enjoy the story more in this one?
    Thoughts on the villain?
    Best boss fight?
    Hardest boss fight?
    What did you think of the dungeons and final dungeon?
    Would you like to see another game in this style?
    Did you think the final boss music was epic? (I love it)
    Ring of Fates or Echoes of Time final boss design? ( I prefer Ring of Fates)
    Which final boss battle was more fun? ( I think this one was)
    Did the final boss stage remind you of Vagrant Story? With the seals and sigils?
    Would you agree with the statement that this is one of the best dungeon crawlers on DS?
    You do any of the optional or secret stuff?

    Anyway watch this guy Solo everyone lol and feel jealous


    Now that you played all the multiplayer CC, do you think there was anything there that would be worth bringing back to current FF games?

    What would be the perfect CC multiplayer be in your eyes?

    Do you miss the presence of Miasma/Crystal Caravans in the CC world?
    Do you think the games are better without it?
    Does not having those things make the sequels lose the identity of the CC series you think?
    Does that make the games worse or better you think?
    Does it make sense to still have the Crystal Chornicles name if they’re not that similar?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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