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Your Dissidia NT Reviews here!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    What didst thou think?



    So, I got this game when it first came out, and sprung for the Collector’s Edition. I didn’t actually finish the campaign until just a few weeks ago. Me and two other buddies got it a year ago so we could all play online as a team together. Now, I’m going to review this game based on when we first played it. I’m well aware they have improved A LOT of things about it since then, but I’m going based on when I first got it.

    What a mess. This is what I was waiting for? This game? Let’s start with the campaign. The idea that you can’t even just go through the story, but you have to unlock the story by playing normal matches is beyond absurd. In what design philosophy does that make sense? I’ve seen the reverse in certain games, where you have to complete single player before going to multiplayer, and while stupid you can argue that it gets you familiar with the game first. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER TO UNLOCK THE STORY!?! It’s so dumb! And when you finally get enough to get to the story it’s so lacking. Has Square Enix forgotten how people interact with each other? A lot of their games lately, the characters don’t actually have a conversation, they talk past each other and and just say things just to say them. I don’t know if they are trying to match the dialogue up to the Japanese lip movements or what, but everything they say comes off as really stunted and awkward. There are tiny beats in the story where some of the characters actually interact with each other in a meaningful way, but those seem to be an outlier. I actually found the boss fights to be mostly enjoyable but some of them have a frustration factor to them. In particular it bothered me how quickly they would recover from their staggered state. When fighting Alexander I was playing as Terra, I would be in the middle of a ranged assault, he goes down, and by the time I charge up my HP attack he recovered and I missed!

    I will say, the final cutscene before you fight Shinryu, which is an extended slowed down version of the opening movie is fantastic! I adored that movie. I wish the whole game was like that.

    When the game first came out, there wasn’t even a damn move list! You just had to guess what things did and figure it out! You could barely look it up online because clearly nobody wanted to take the time to write about or play this game. They also had to patch in the ability to make one overarching set of abilities, because before hand you had to pick them all out per character! What a joke! The 2nd biggest thing that killed my interest in this game was the online. There are no dedicated servers. It uses a peer to peer connection. In other-words, enjoy playing nothing but laggy, terrible matches. You know, kind of important in a fighting game that you can actually fight. My 2 buddies and I quit pretty shortly into trying to play just based on the fact that you can barely play the damn game.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly, the gameplay itself is what holds this game back. I have never played a Dissidia game, so maybe it’s better as a 1v1 format. But the 3v3 is simply too chaotic. You can never tell what the hell is going on, you are constantly getting blasted from many different directions, and you often just get gang banged by multiple people and just die! It’s such a mess. And I can’t tell you how many times I spent dashing towards someone as a melee character like Tidus, only to have them dash away, and we spend the next 10 seconds just dashing in unison, we both run out of gauge and recharge, and then start it all over again. Maybe I’m just bad at it, but considering how frequently I’ve heard this complaint from anyone who has played it, it’s got to just be the game being crap. There is also a clunky feel to this game where if you attack and whiff, you have the big downtime/startup time as your character just floats there. Maybe that’s intentional but I found it really annoying.

    I really wanted to love this game, and I was looking forward to it. But Square put this thing out there like a fart in the wind. Not to mention anything you want to buy for character customization is so damn expensive, it will take you forever to be able to purchase anything. Bad design all around. What a disappointment.



    Short review for bad game.

    One of the worst FF games to have come out in like a decade of decent, good and average FFs. Seriously this is like the worst one I have played in like 10 years

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