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Your Crystal Chronicles Review HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    What did you think?


    Many a nights were spent playing this one back in the day, me and a friend had the chance to spend a lot this back in junior high, together we would spend weekends grinding through dungeons, and having a great time as we would get our asses handed to us, come back, and keep going at it. It’s the kind of game that lends itself to lots of stories you can tell when you play together with friends, moments of ruin that set you back, or triumphantly overcoming that impossible boss and getting ahead, it’s all feels very rewarding despite the simplicity of the game. As far as world and lore, I would put this a little behind Ivalice proper, but one very fondly loved, I think they introduce some really interesting concepts with a world wracked by Miasma, on the brink of destruction, the various races and their history in the world, the side-quests and characters you encounter the give the world a personal touch, the emphasis on monsters on how the crystal function, make it all for a memorable universe that I hope Square comes back to some day, to further expand upon, especially during the era of the meteor parasite and Raem, which they seem to completely forget about as the series continued. Other than that it’s a very pretty game in general, I really like the look and feel of it, which gives off a very relaxed look, coupled with some of the best music in the series, make for a very unique FF in general.

    I’m still hoping that we get a proper console sequel someday, the game will always hold a special place for me, and while there were many spin-offs, none of them really managed to recapture what the original did, and while maybe forgotten by Square, will remain one of my favorite FFs for all time.



    I played this game a ton with friends and family during my middle school days. While I don’t have any recollection of story, lore, or music; I do remember the large amount of fun I had playing it. There’s just something about co-opping a game with 4 people in the same room that sets this game up for creating a memorable and fun experience. I do hope someday a proper next gen sequel is released that implements a similar collaborative experience like this game, minus the need for gameboys and cords needed to play lol



    The forum isn’t letting me post my review for some reason. Is there another way I can submit it?

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