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Worst episode!

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    What’s the worst episode? You tell us!



    Episode 76: E3 2017



    EAFU was the worst episode. It was hard to listen to you guys argue over the top of each other for 90 minutes. It was also noticeable that there was a lack of research, so I feel like the discussion suffered, because not everyone had all of the necessary information in order to form and state their opinion.



    The fighting game episode was kind of painful. :p



    @alastor I forgot about that one! That was pretty bad. Craig was the only one with any knowledge of that genre. That was another needs more research episode.



    I might get roasted alive for this but…the DnD episodes. I listen other live play podcasts and just really didn’t enjoy the 2(I think) episodes.



    Speaking of fighting games, I was going to say the e-sports one, but I think that was more Joe looking down on players than anything that really rubbed me the wrong way. Probably not the episode as a whole but kinda’ left a bad taste in my mouth.



    Just a reminder for the E3 episode… It was Joe reading an IGN Wiki list of games that were at E3 (which was actually very inaccurate) and them having nothing to say about 95% of the games.

    E3 deserves more respect!



    What do you mean? Every episode is good!

    Actually, the FF Joke episode, I only kinda liked.



    Persona 5 review. So disappointing for such a great game. Barely talked about all the aspects of game and features. Cameron was so silent too. Very rushed review.


    Cory Bonsack

    Episode #101- Thor Ragnarok, and Postal Service

    Kind of hard to listen to you guys brag about how much money you make at your jobs while talking about how much you hate them and how hard they are. Then to degrade Dad’s that have to accept help from other people in order to provide a Christmas for their family’s. I normally like when you guys rant and complain about stuff but I think this got to be too much. Your guy’s schedule is getting to you.

    I know you guys pretty well and knnw you did not mean anything disrespectful and I am not complaining. Just thought the episode was not good and was my least favorite.



    Just realized I was posting in the Nude Clan forum, and NOT the Ultima FF forum. I guess that FF Joke episode that I picked for worst episode transcends boundaries.

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