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Who wants to learn how to podcast?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Okay guys, this Saturday I’m gonna record a video showing you how we record and mix our episodes. Any requests? Is there anything about what we do that you wanna learn how to do? I may do more than one video in the future.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Alright you guys, here’s how we mix our episodes:



    I think you did this in an older UFF pod cast (something about pod casting on the cheep?) What would you suggest as the best (and cheapest) starting equipment?

    Also what do you use for guests on the show? is it just Skype?



    I know the forums are kind of barren, so I will jump in on this. I run two podcasts with bare bones and minimal expenditures.

    At minimum, you need a USB Mic. I will recommend the Blue Yeti (yes, it IS that popular). It is a solid mic with decent pick up and options for the cost. Get a pop filter as well. That should be about it for spending money, assuming you have a computer to use. The mic is plug and play with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (I have used all three with the mic with no issues at all).

    For an editing program, you can download and use Audacity for free. It is what I use. Again, it is very basic, but it gets the job done. I do not have the issues that Joe had when he used Audacity, but obviously you can get more if you pay, like Audition. I am seriously considering that.

    You will need a hosting site. I use Libsyn and so do all the shows from the Geekdom Entertainment podcast group. There are a variety of pricing options, but they are pretty clever with data allocation so that you will likely need the $15 a month option.

    For remote podcasting, I use Google Hangouts. One of my shows is me (in Chicago) and a friend (in Jacksonville, FL). I used to use wifi with a remote podcast I used to run, but I noticed that my audio was always wonky. As long as the computers are hard wired into the internet, I have experienced excellent audio quality. There is a bit of set up, but it is easy and there are a TON of videos and guides to help with this process. Basically, you record on Google Hangouts On Air. Then you download the video, which is saved directly to your youtube account. You download a plugin for Audacity to rip the audio from the video and presto. Instant remote podcast.

    @Joseph DeGolyer
    As far as my request from Joe for this thread, this is not going to be news, but I am looking to set up a website, with blogs and forums. Nothing elaborate. Essentially, a clone of the Geekdom Entertainment site. I would like a blog for me and my cohosts, and a forum for listener interaction. I have tried wordpress, but I apparently am completely overconfident in my ability to “just mess around and get it to work.”


    Joseph DeGolyer

    @metunnica A blue Yeti is fine, but as it is with all things digital, things are likely to go wrong (timing out, a bad usb cord, internet glitches, audacity freezing). I always say analogue with a digital recorder. We use Sure SM58s plugged into a mixer. Then we have two outputs, one that goes into a digital recorder (Zoom H1) and the other that goes to the computer (so you can hear us on twitch). We have an output as well going from the computer to pick up the skype calls.

    I will make a video on this setup someday… and the website too.



    Very nice video and posts.
    I’ve been very interested in podcasting again, used to be on an old Wow podcast during the wrath of the lich king expansion. We discussed raiding methods and such. It was really fun.

    Course all I had to do was set up my mic and the hosts did the rest.

    Sadly I am very limited at the moment without a working pc..

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