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Who do you think deserves the uff pin-up win?

Geekdom Entertainment Network Forums Forums Ultima Final Fantasy Questions from us to you! Who do you think deserves the uff pin-up win?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Woman, man, or other?



    I agree with the list, happy Locke made it as high up as he did.If I was king of the world would have probably had Noctis get further along, but I understand the reasoning. I couldn’t believe Sabin and Locke were as close as they were, Sabin was automatically eliminated in my mind because he looks like the villain from Rocky IV




    I have to say, Sephiroth is still the sexiest MoFo in the series. I was disappointed that Laguna got shot down so fast becasue he’s gay? Becasue I guess guys with long hair have to be gay? There goes my love of Native American guys I guess, since they are all gay! *rolls eyes* My pairing would be Sephiroth and Lulu. I don’t care that she’s wearing a lot of belts, she’s hot, calm and intelligent. Except for picking Waka. Ugh, no. I wouldn’t shag anyone but Lulu in that game.

    On a side note, I’m guessing you guys consider any pairing of a human and non-human to be bestiality? I don’t look at it that way myself. I don’t consider it a matter of biology but of sapience. If a being can speak to me rationally on a similar intellectual level, then it isn’t a beast, it’s just alien. I’m fine with differing species getting it on as long as everyone involved is of the appropriate age and consenting. Otherwise Star Trek gets real weird.



    Well now, *cracks fingers*, as a bisexual man, I feel particularly well-equipped to answer this question.

    First of all, I can’t believe you guys picked Gladiolus. HE HAS A MULLET! That should’ve been an automatic elimination.

    Personally, I think that Locke and Balthier wouldn’t have been bad choices. I also think Squall is pretty damn hot, but he’s definitely not good relationship material. I was surprised Irvine got so far, I don’t find him that appealing. Wakka would be better if not for the insane haircut. I think Noel from XIII-2 pushes out Snow in terms of pure sexiness (and mentally). Hope is damn sexy in XIII-2 as well. I also think Prompto’s the cutest of the XV crowd. We’ll have to see how annoying he is once we get the game. Hmm, but if I had to choose one character… I’d probably take Balthier. He just seems like he’d be great at sex. I’d give XIII-2 Hope the win on relationship material though. One runner up from the extended series would be Layle from Crystal Chronicles.

    As for the women, you guys absolutely nailed it with Quistis. The only one who might give her a run for her money in terms of pure sex appeal is XIII’s Jihl Nabaat. One with a whip, one a riding crop… Hmmm…



    @jmdegolyer I’m throwing in Quina Quen for reasons you’ll see later.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    See now as a straight man, the only guy I would let screw me was rocking the mullet in his prime!

    James Hetfield is disappointed in your mullet opinion….



    FF7 Tifa
    FF4 After Years Edge

    Also I think Balthier should have been been higher on your list. The men and ladies love him.
    Also Kuja, Sephiroth and Zack should have been included some way.



    Zack I could definitely see. He’s one of the better ones in the series. However, I would never personally associate with any dude with hair to his ankles (Sephiroth), and I’m not really into cross-dressers. (Kuja)



    What about Brother from FFX-2 lol?

    Joe should have picked him as a joke haha.



    Woman- Ashe FF12
    Man- Sabin FF6
    Other- Fran FF12 (Cheating but not technically human)



    Did everyone forget about Biggs and Wedge?



    I’m surprised nobody really did much from 11. I’m definetly #TeamUlmia



    @thescottspot “However, I would never personally associate with any dude with hair to his ankles (Sephiroth), and I’m not really into cross-dressers. (Kuja)”

    As a bisexual woman, I eat that shit right up. A masculine guy who can pull off hair as long as mine? Yes please! Not relationship material, but definitely bang-able. I would love being the filling in a Quistus/Sephiroth sandwich or a Lulu/Sephiroth sandwich. As hot as Quistus is, and she is, Lulu is more fun for me personally. Before I played X I was all about Quistus, but Lulu has a cooler personality.

    “First of all, I can’t believe you guys picked Gladiolus. HE HAS A MULLET! That should’ve been an automatic elimination.”

    Agreed. He is NOT attractive. Really, none of the XV guys are all that spectacular. Not ugly or anything but just not as compelling as other characters. Even so, the guys picked the least attractive one of the bunch! Ugh!



    I’m straight but here’s both picks as I assume they want to know the male pin-up.

    Main Series:

    Chick – Lulu. I love her big, bouncy, round…eyes.
    Dude – Sabin. He’s bulgy like a moose.

    Spinoff Series:

    Chick – Cissnei. Give’s Quistis a run for her money for hottest redhead.
    Dude – Zack. The dude can do a shit ton of squats.



    Man: Jecht. Hottest Final Fantasy dad imo. I just really have a thing for him.

    Woman: Lightning although Tifa and Fang are close behind!

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