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Which will come first

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    Rob Lennon

    In your guy’s honest opinion, and the forum’s, which will come first?

    1. Your review episode for Bravely Second (Essentially finishing your list of games)


    2. The release of Final Fantasy XVI



    I would say 1. I trust Kaleb/Joe more than I trust SE at this point.



    What about all the spinoffs adding onto the total from now until either 1 or 2? Let’s keep this grind going for a couple more years!


    Skoll Hati



    Rob Lennon

    I would assume that they will be adding:

    FF XIV – 4.x patches and any other expansions coming down the pike.

    FF XV – All the episodic DLC, Monsters of the Deep on VR, and this Commrades stuff.

    KH III – With how SE is with XV, I can imagine there will be a bunch of ‘extra’ content once this has been released.

    After all that has been played and reviewed by Joe and Kaleb, will UFF go into cryostasis until XVI is released?


    Rob Lennon


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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