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which version of tactics aka final fantasy tic tacs, is being played for review?

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    scott stewart

    hey guys, just curious, because there are distinct differences in the games that some love, some hate in the re-imagining. i, being a bit more on the purist side, hate the tone change and how they completely changed conversations between characters. one scene, the two main men are blowing reeds in a cut scene and its so crap on the remake. they sound like car horns and the VA oframza has this mono-tonal delivery… i mean… the game takes 10 years and fucker sounds like a light hearted kid the whole time.
    granted, bathier is a bonus character, as well as luso from A2, and cloud is available earlier ( not that i personally would use OP characters and take the charm of the games difficulty… especially for the emo fuck that everyone loves for some retarded reason #yeahimthatguy) and onion knight as well as dark knight are new…. but the original was fantastic and dark and HARD and the remake is flowery and shit and fuck that ENIX bullshit. fuckers have to cash in on every goddamn thing that people love and make it worse….


    scott stewart


    I loved the new speech, and the way they tied the lore to FFXII, one of the few times in the series I thought it felt natural to do so.



    Honestly I think one of them should play the iOS/Android version and one of them should play the PSP version.

    Or both can play the PSP version but maybe they should look into downloading the unofficial patch that speeds up the slowdown that was intentionally included when they ported it from the PS1 because some of the battles feel real slow without it.


    scott stewart

    what do you mean??? there were no ties to the lore added, just balthier added… and a MASSIVE slowdown issue



    OG PS1 game had slowdown and badly translated.
    PSP version keeps the PS1 slowdown since its part of the source code (lol really) and they fixed the translation making it better.

    Ipad version added better graphical improvements, faster loading times and its all touchscreen which is great for a tactical strategy game.


    scott stewart

    no the slowdown wasnt in the ps1. that was heavily bashed on the games release for psp. starting to think people missed the link i provided. and the translation wasnt more accurate, it was changed in alot of areas to make it olde english. i mean… crap jokes about bacon and puns about peoples names… its just bad. there were unofficial patches for hacked psps for the game but that was the only slowdown for the game it happened when magic was used


    Felicia Nomiko

    This thread makes me think I’d be happier just breaking out the old PS1 and playing that version.


    Braden Lloyd

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that couldn’t stomach the PSP remake. I think I’ve tried to play through it three separate times, and only made it about halfway each time. The animation slowdown for me was BRUTAL. Not sure what Shinryu is referencing with Ps1 slowdown, perhaps that wasn’t a problem if it was played on the ps2?

    Lag aside I just really hated the new translation. It seemed too ingenuine and imo obfuscated a lot of the narrative. Although I could just be an idiot, or nostalgic for the original. I wouldn’t bet on that too much though given that I’ve attempted playing the PSP version probably first when it came out at age twelve and then also within the last two years and another time inbetween. The thing is, unlike seven, I don’t think there was really anything wrong with the old translation in terms of how it communicated. It just had a ton of typos lmao. Also it doesn’t REALLY make canonical sense for them to speak like that, given this is in the future of twelve. It seems weird to imply that after whatever apocalypse happened between the two games, the only survivors spoke in old english, or at some point adopted that.

    I’m glad they’re playing different versions though. It’l be interesting to hear their different thoughts on the story/characters, given they’re both coming at it fresh and from two different perspectives.


    Never played a tactics game before so decided to get the android WoTL on my phone and see what all the fuss is about… Man it’s awesome,I’m very much addicted already. The slowdown during magic is indeed there on this version, doesn’t really bother me though. People were reporting a lot of problems with the game draining the battery and often crashing in the reviews on play store, thankfully I’ve not found either of those to be the case, so I’d recommend it if anyone is thinking of playing it on android (for reference, I’m using a Moto g4 plus).

    Will look forward to the review!


    Felicia Nomiko

    Don’t know if there’s a Tactics tactics thread, didn’t see one here, so I’m putting my game tip here. To get job points fast, Here’s what I like to do. Have all 5 people with guts/squire and rock throw as the secondary job. Keep one person with alchemist as their primary. The primary job should be whatever you want JP for. Go into a random fight, usually on one of the plains, and if there is a chocobo enemy, kill everything BUT the chocobo. Have the 4 with squire surround the chocobo so it can’t move and put the alchemist next to the formation. Use the lowest damage attacks, like rock throw on the chocobo but don’t kill it. It has a healing ability that will heal everyone but the alchemist, who is there to keep everyone alive if necessary and pick up items when the other enemies die. Make SURE no one has ‘counter’ skills equipped. If done right, this fight can go on for a LONG time with everyone just hoovering up the JP. I usually have Ramza use his cheer like abilities and such, but with rock throw you can have everyone do something every turn and the chocobo will heal everyone when it gets low. Hit each other, hit the chocobo, whatever, just keep the cycle going. This is my primary method for grinding out JP in this game.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    You can’t steal the Genji armour in the remake, therefore it sucks. Lol. I am a purist as well and love the original. Can’t imagine how many hours I’ve played the original in front of a 13 inch TV screen….those were the days! I liked the new classes and characters of the WoTL but it wasn’t the same feel. I always wished for a prequel or something for this game. The Tactics Advance didn’t cut it for me.

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