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Which Resident Evil to play?


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    Alright Schweiss, I’m counting on you for this one! Im want to get into the Resident Evil series, especially wanting to play 7. However psn has all the other games are on sale. Which ones are a good introduction into the series and which ones are simply the best? My main appeal to the series is the horror genre, so the scarier the better.


    Brentton Smith (ThyDeathSword)

    RE 1 remastered, RE2, RE4, and RE7 are my favorites.



    Go 4 and 7.



    Depends on what kind of experience you want. If you want the true Resident Evil experience (more of a horror/suspense), play RE HD Remaster. Avoid the PS1 titles. Don’t put yourself through the painful tank controls. If you are looking for more of a horror/thriller experience, go with Resident Evil 4.
    RE4 is by far the best in the series, but the best introductory game would be RE HD Remake.



    As someone who barely touched the Resident Evil series until recently, REmake (Resident Evil 1 HD) is absolutely fantastic and holds up pretty well. (Well-paced, still looks pretty great even on modern consoles, has an option to not use the tank controls.) Like other people said, Resident Evil 4 is also great and can largely be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the series, though it’s more action-oriented. And Resident Evil 7 is also highly accessible even if you haven’t really touched the series, being almost entirely disconnected from the other games.



    Not using tank controls breaks REmake completely.



    Re1 (Remake version for PS4)

    RE2 (wait for the upcoming Remake version for PS4)

    Re4 (its on PS4

    Thats it. These are the only good RE games and the only ones really worth playing.



    Code Veronica was great.

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