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Which Order to Play Final Fantasy?

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    First off, I just started listening to the Ultima podcast, its really great!!

    I finished playing ffxv, and despite its shortcomings really enjoyed the game overall. Im looking to play the other ff games while i wait on the dlc’s

    My only other previous experience playing ff was vii (never finished tho), and the tactics games (finished these).

    I just dug up my ps1 and bought the anthology (v & vi), viii, ix, x/x-2 (ps4 remaster) and already own vii (never got past first disc, kinda know what happens though). So my question is what order should i play these entries. Im thinking about saving vii for last, just because it has the most nostalgia for me, but other than that i dont know how to tackle these entries in the series.



    I would recommend either FFVI or FFX first. They are both universally loved and some of the best entries in the series. FFIX is really good as well but I feel that it is better when you have played other games in the series first so you can get all the allusions to the older games. FFVIII is one of my personal favorites but it seems that people’s feelings on it vary dramatically and it is kind of an outlier as far as themes and game play. I haven’t personally played FFV yet but I have heard that it is a lot of fun to play.

    If you are saving FFVII for last I would recommend the order: FFVI, FFX, FFV, FFIX, FFVIII and then FFVII.

    I see you don’t have FFIV yet but that is another good entry though it is a bit harder to get into if you started in the newer games as it is earlier in RPG history so it’s graphics and character building and all that aren’t that great in comparison but still worth the play to see how far the series has come and to compare to the newer games. FFXII is also a good entry. A lot of fun to play (though very long if you want to do everything). It’s a bit harder to get ahold of at them moment but it’s coming out on the PS4 in July.



    Thank you so much for the reply!! I appreciate your input.

    I think i’ll start with FFX as its the closest to FFXV in terms of having voice acting and similar graphics, etc. from what ive read and heard.

    FFVI sounds good after that, supposedly the best Final Fantasy (though, personally i believe that’s VII). I guess i’ll take FFV from there like you say, and that way i’ll hopefully have enough background to fully appreciate FFIX.

    I like the idea of taking on FFVIII before FFVII, for some reason i’ve always seen the two as somewhat similar in tone, though i guess thats mostly the protagonists. The mechanics of VIII seem so strange to me too, especially the leveling or i guess lack thereof.

    I would like play IV eventually(i might just buy it for my phone), a lot of the characters seem really interesting and i heard XII was set in the same universe as Tactics which I loved so thats pretty cool. Currently im trying to beat the Costlemark Menace Dungeon (no items!?!?!) in XV and finish up Chrono Trigger on my phone!!!!



    Play FFX on your PS4 and then play FF7 on your PS4 After that try out 8 and 9 on the ps3/ps1 classic and then go for 6 and work your way down.



    Of those you listed, I would definitely do IX last since it alludes to other games. You also need to get IV because you can’t tell the story of FF without it. Once you get that, I recommend:

    10, 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9

    Out of the FFs listed 10 is definitely closest to XV so that’s a good place to start. After that, I recommend 8 since it is still somewhat realistic, but will transition you well into the text heavy era. After that, I’d play them in order. They’re all really good after 8 IMO so I don’t think you’ll be bored.

    Make sure for IV you get the Complete Collection. It include Interlude and After years with updated graphics. Much more enjoyable than the old PS1 version.



    So would definitely do all the earlier games/ pre-voice acted before playing the more recent. If it was me I would either do FFVI or FVII first just because of how they are ranked in the series. After that I would move to FFVIII or FFI to V. FFIX I would not play until you’ve played I-VIII. FFIX (which is my favorite in the series) is the love letter to the earlier installments and to fully appreciate all the references and allusions that are thrown in it requires a play through of the other titles. Like for instance the first party you have in FFIX is a direct reference to FFI or the first time Bahamut appears in FFIX is the same way he appears for the first time in FFV. Things like that go over your head unless you’ve played the other ones. After that I would recommend playing X-XIV plus the spinoffs/ sequels because of how the series changes and the titles vary so much in gameplay and style at that point.



    I just finished XV’s Costelmark Menace Dungeon so now I am officially done with XV until the DLC’s. Now its time to finish Crono Trigger!!!

    Shinryu, is the VII remaster on PSN noticeably better than the PS1 version? I already own the PS1 version, but the remaster is currently on sale for $8. I am not a huge stickler on graphics so if that’s the main difference then I’ll probably stick to the PS1 version.

    Nox@night88, from what I’ve researched FFIV Complete Collection is only on PSP (which unfortunately I do not own), is there any other way to get the Complete Collection? I see only IV and After Years on the App Store (priced separately at $15, $30 total) but no Interlude, and the price seems pretty steep for iOS games. How vital are IV’s sequels to the overall story of IV/Final Fantasy in general?
    Also, will my perception of IX change that much by playing VII first? Like I said I want to try and save VII for last for nostalgia purposes (the first video game I ever got), but also because it’s the only other ff game i’ve played besides XV and Tactics so I also kinda want to put some distance between my last playthrough of it, as I attempted to play it again when I first started college about 4 years ago (though i did not get far, and have never beaten the game). That’s part of the reason why I want to play the other entries first, to give me fresh eyes when playing VII again, especially the tedious parts like, Don Corneo, Yuffie stealing materia, etc. and as a way of reclaiming the same wonder I had when playing the game at age 6 or 7, as silly as I know that sounds.

    So right now I still think I’m leaning toward the order: X, V, VI, IX, VIII, VII. I heard V is super grindy so I’m thinking that sandwiching it between two of the more ‘acclaimed’ titles will alleviate some of that. If I can find a good, and relatively cheap version of IV, I think playing that before V will work, but right now It looks as though I’ll have to wait on IV. I feel like VIII is a smoother transition into VII so I’m going to give that the penultimate spot, but who knows I may find breaking VIII and VII up with IX to be a better alternative when it actually comes time to play.



    You raise some good points Stolas. From everything I heard/read IX is super referential to the FF series itself, a “love letter to the earlier installments” as you say. I had no idea the references were that deep though, so perhaps I’ll try to make it one of the later games I play (I still really want to save VII for last). I was trying to refrain from playing the first three games (I,II, and III) just because i heard they are a real slog, but If they will make me appreciate IX more I might have to just power through them. Of the post X games, the only other one that really seemed interesting to me is XII, and I doubt I’ll be playing the MMO’s XI, and XIV. What are your thoughts on XIII? I know its really linear and that usually isn’t my type of game but i could look past that, especially going into it knowing that it will be linear.

    Thank you again everyone for your input!!



    The sequels are a nice add-on to the IV story, but certainly not essential. Interlude is only about an hour long. It’s just a bit of extra story to bridge the gap between IV and the After Years.

    FF IV and the After Years is $7.99 each on Steam right now. Seems like they have a good sale going with games this week. Those are the 3D versions, however. I like those versions, but they are the hardest versions of them all. I don’t know of another way to play the Complete Collection other than emulator. I’m not advocating for emulators. Just laying out your options.



    @WitchDrTime I-III isn’t that bad because the play through is way shorter if you don’t do the added dungeons. The only thing is that II and III’s grind s a bit rough. I haven’t played XIII along with XI and XIV. When XIII was announced I really didn’t like the design and during that time I had become disillusioned with Square due to the slew of disappointing releases. From what I’ve watched it is pretty linear, way more so than IV-IX because the pacing was structured better and the story is kind of redundant.



    I would start off with 4 to build a nice base of the type of characters you are going to get for the rest of the series (white mage, black mage/summoner, ninja that uses daggers/quick weapons/throws, dragoon, then possibly the best tank in the series, Cecil the white knight).

    Then, play 6 and look at How ahead of it’s time it was.

    The series revolves around and references 4 and 6 in terms of character building, character types, and combat techniques.



    Just to update, i have started the FFX remaster. I have just defeated seymour for the third time and still do not yet have the airship. I probably will not 100% this game like i did with XV but what side stuff is worth doing, as in celestial weapons, optional aeons, etc?

    Some of the stuff like lightning dodging, chocobo training, and blitzball were supremely annoying when i first tried them so if i can avoid them that would be for the best (I know you need to do the lightning dodging for lulu weapon and chocobo training for tidus weapon, but is it worth the trouble?)



    The celestial weapons for Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku are important if you want to take on the Harder chunk of Dark Aeons, Penance, and Nemesis. Lulu’s is optional if you aren’t trying to platinum the game. Technically, if you do not do any extra stuff like obtaining Anima, going to Omega Ruins you shouldn’t need any of the celestial weapons. But yes, to confirm with you, FFX probably has the worst mini games/ side quests in the series.



    mini games, yes, side quests, hell no.



    I just finished my first playthrough of FFX. Here are my thoughts.

    *Spoilers maybe*

    The story itself was interesting, without giving too much away. I especially enjoyed the whole “vicious cycle” stuff with Sin returning again and again. Even though Seymour was a weirdo (wtf is that hair) his attitudes on death were kinda intriguing, in a philosophical sense.

    Gameplay wise, I enjoyed the turn based system, even though I will concede the new battle system in FFXV is definitely the future of combat in the series. It was nice to switch party members based on the situation and the summoning system was great, being able to control them and all. I was a little confused by the sphere grid system and still am honestly, but it didnt matter in the end as I basically crushed everything that stood in my way.

    Character design left more to be desired. I didnt really like the clothing in FFX (XV wasnt that great either, besides the suit Noctis can wear). Overall, I think Auron had the best design, Wakka the worst (again, the hair) of the party members. The designs of the women party members were alright besides the obvious cleavage shot animations with Lulu. The summons designs were really dope, especially Anima and Yojimbo. I think the Magus Sisters were the weirdest (Bug suits?!?!?! is that a reference to a previous installment?)

    Sidequests,and minigames were perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the game, but that usually seems to be the case for me anyhow. I never played blitzball once, aside from the time in the beginning when I was forced to. Screw the lightning dodging, the most consecutive dodges i was able to get was like 6 or 7 and dont get me started on that chocobo race for Tidus’ weapon. Of all the side stuff, I was able to get all of the additional aeons. Of the celestial weapons I got: Auron’s, Rikku’s, and Yuna’s. I did not fight any of the dark aeons or monster arena thingys either. Im sure with a little more time these could be accomplished but it just didnt seem worthwhile to me and I want to move onto the next game.

    So in short, FFX is a good entry in the series, so far I enjoy, FFXV more but that may just be its darker tone and more modern feel appealing to me. FFX has its fair share of ‘darkness’ but idk it feels kinda ‘disney-fied’ all in all. I see why alot of people rank it as one of the better FF games.

    Now I will be moving onto FFV or IV (if I decide to finally buy the iOS version) and I will give an update on my progress in the near future. I will most likely be sticking to the order of: (IV), V, VI, VIII, IX, and VII from here on out.

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