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Which game should I choose?

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    Hey there Clan, first off I want to say thank you for your weekly content. I’ve been catching up on the show and I am loving every minute of it. Listening to your back and forth is some of the most honest content and it makes respect your opinions.

    That being said, I need some advice. As we all know, being an adult sometimes sucks. The worst part is that I have little to no time for games. And when I do get time, I tend to go back to the games I’ve played before since I’m sure to enjoy it. I do own a PS4, but most of the games I own are remasters of games that I played in college. Listening to your podcast has given me time to think and decide to
    purchase something new. My budget only allows for one game at this time and I am torn between Bloodborne and Diablo 3. I’ve listened to both your reviews and I am still torn on which one I should pick up. Can you give any advice?

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