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When you become a parent. Will you play games with your kids?

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    Or if you have kids already do you play games with them?

    Reason I ask is because I have noticed that some people that grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s playing games are now married adults with kids and they just end up playing games with their child like its no big deal.

    It is now the reverse of what it used to be where most parents wouldn’t even play games (Some did) but now its a lot more common to see like a 29 year old dad playing games with his like 8 year old son or daughter with maybe even the mom joining in jut because they were raised on playing games and enjoy them.

    There are also people predicting that when these people are 70-80 years of age they will probably still be playing videogames and since games are continually growing in popularity perhaps grandparents playing games with their grandchildren will be a common occurrence as well.

    What are your thoughts on this?



    I have a 16 year old step son. I became his step-dad when he was 8. At first we did not really bond very much, I tried to take him to football games and basketball games but he kept me at a distant and did not open up to me. It was really hard to get him to open up to me.

    We got him a 3DS to replace is regular DS. I picked up his DS and started playing the DS version of Pokémon Soul Silver. I had played the regular Silver when I was younger. He played Heart gold along with me. We became instant best friends. My wife actually got annoyed by how much time we spent together playing our games. I credit the pokemon game for helping me build a positive relationship with him.

    I have a 4 year old daughter. I try to play games with her but she would rather just watch me play.



    Also… when I was younger my Grandpa had both a regular Nintendo and a super Nintendo. My fondest memories of him was playing Super Mario together. He got blamed for my first use of the phrase “Son of a bitch.”

    I hope all kids get to play video games with their grandparents as I did.



    I imagine I’ll be playing games with my kid, or if they’re more keen to watch instead, that’s fine too. I’ll certainly try to get them into games, but I won’t be disappointed if they don’t end up liking it. Parents are always going to try to get their kids to like the stuff they like, but should always be open to the idea that they’ll be into completely different stuff, and that’s okay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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