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What's everyone been playing?

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    Like the title and what we ask ourselves each week what have you all been playing?



    Branny Here!
    I finally completed Dragon Age Inquisition + DLC this week, very proud of That!

    I’ve moved onto Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wiiu as my main focus. Also been poking around on Monster Hunter Generations and Animal Crossing new leaf on my 3ds when I’m not in the mood to get out of bed.

    I’m pretty burnt out of all the open world rpgs I’ve played/beaten this month.. need something simple soon.

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    Nice man I still haven’t beat dragon age Inquisition. If you’re getting burned out try playing something you probably normally wouldn’t.



    Yeah, was gonna play some Division on the ps4. Gotta reinstall it though.



    I’ve been rocking Farcry Primal in between endless grindage in Final Fantasy XI. That’s pretty much it. Five nights a week of Final Fantasy XI has just obliterated my video gaming diversity.



    Man haven’t played the division in a while. Dude banedrom aren’t you done with that primal yet?



    Still going steady on FFXIV. I have a raid team I play with three nights a week doing the Alexander savage content. The game is still as fun as when I picked it up. On the side, while watching a movie or Tv show, I’ve beaten FFVI GBA on my DS and FF Tactics War of Lions on my psp, both completed for the millionth time.



    I’ve been mostly playing Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, but I also picked up Abzu for when I want a more relaxing game.



    I am Setsuna and Abzu

    Abzu is like Journey but underwater I beat it and loved it.

    I am Setsuna is a good 20 hour JRPG in the style of Chrono Trigger other classic SNES/PS1 era JRPs.



    still playing FF Type-0. The extra amount of stuff is kinda ridiculous. I might go back into FFX to platinum it.



    Gabranth nice to have a fellow lover of Tactics. I’ve only played a little bit of Setsuna I’ll probably play that more soon. Abzu did look pretty good, still gotta beat Journey.



    I was kinda sad to hear I am Setsuna is a short game. I still need to get it though, looks really good.



    Currently playing some Pokemon tcg digital version, I am Setsuna and Fire Emblem on my super retro trio console lol



    I am playing Madden 2012 to get the platinum.

    I started The Walking Dead game but got bored with it. I will probably pick that up again this weekend.



    Heavensward, almost got my i240 PLD relic. People give this game shit for having a terrible end game but I still like it.

    Overwatch – Pharah overdose right now, if not her then Murder Monk Zenyatta is a LOT of fun and I find Discord Orb to be a little ridiculous tbh, my fvourite characters are Reaper and Reinhardt

    Witcher 3 – so far, very Games of Thronesy, combat is basically like you’re playing as The Hound, Geralt will straight up bisect people with a single sword slash or cut off an appendage.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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