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What should I replay first: 9 or 12?

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    So I have limited gaming time and I am just getting around to the point where I can start Zodiac Age but then FF9 remaster with trophies came out.

    Now I don’t know which to play first. I have played and completed both back in the day and want to platinum both now that they have trophies available.

    I can’t decide which one to tackle first. I liked both games and am looking forward to replaying both.

    Someone convince me to pick one please!


    Cory Bonsack

    Final Fantasy: Zodiac Age. I got the platinum trophy and I am pretty sure I did it right at the 50 hour mark. The grind didn’t seem bad. I enjoyed exploring the map and getting all the rare game to spawn.

    4 times speed makes it fun and less of a grind.

    I haven’t tried FFIX yet but the new trophy list looks very grindy.



    I was not happy with the re-balancing of the Zodiac Age, not because I’m some enlightened gamer, I just really liked the original system… Which required difficulty.. To force you to change gambits.

    I would go with FF IX.






    I am sort of leaning toward FF9 because I remember liking the story more in 9 than 12 but some of those trophies are intimidating. I left Tetra Master alone when I played before because it felt like a crappier more confusing version of Triple Triad. Also that jump rope trophy…

    I’m still finishing up Tactics so I’ve got a little time to decide. Thanks for your input folks! I guess at this point I’ll just tally up the votes when I’m ready to start one of them!


    Skoll Hati

    I would go with 9 but I really enjoyed both of the games, no wrong answer



    as much as i am a fan of FF9. i think your time would be more entertained by the remake of FF12. updated mechanics, new visuals, 2x speed, and new ways to get items. i would like to see some of the new things they put in to the game. I still want the collectors edition.



    I just finished the remake of XII and recently started the remake of IX.

    The polish and story of XII are way better than I remember them so many years ago. Playing at 2x normal speed feels almost perfect compared the the sluggish normal speed on either game. Sadly, IX doesn’t have a 2x speed mode, the speed mode is way too fast and even flies through the cut scenes.

    While I’m enjoying my adventure back through IX, I found XII to be a much better game this time around. Both fall squarely in the middle of my FF list.



    I have 9 on steam and have been struggling to start it. I really want zodiac age because 12 is the FF that got away for me.

    But doing 9 and getting it out of the way might be better.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Replay number one and then start a podcast with a friend, that’s what I always do 🙂



    Working through 12 now and honestly don’t enjoy it as much as I remember. Still really damn good though. Hoping 9 holds up. Haven’t played it since it came out and still have epic memories of barely beating the final boss.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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