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What other games should we add to the list?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Lay it on us!



    Super Mario RPG is on the list right?

    Developed by Square. Features FF music scored by Nobuo Uematsu and features special FF secret boss. Game used ideas from SNES FF turn based games. To this day Nintendo doesn’t own the characters like Geno from this game its all owned by Square. Great game btw.
    Kinda spoilers….

    Tobal N.1 featured FF7 sample disc. Its FF related then.

    Xenosaga games since you are doing Xenogears

    You are playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and FF Adventure. Would be nice to play Final Fantasy Legends 1-3 even if its FF only in North America. Ya gotta try the SaGa series no?

    Chocobo Racing multiplayer fun for you guys. Maybe stream it.
    Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 (PS1)
    Chocobo Tale fun minigame collection on DS
    Chocobo’s Dungeon Wii (this is a hidden gem on Wii I swear it fantastic music)

    Secret of Evermore has Cecil in it for SNES. ITS NOT a Mana series game.

    Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Its developed by Square Enix and you face off against a special FF basketball team and then you can play as those characters. Really fun.

    Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS hey Cloud is a DLC character and there is an FF7 stage lol

    Einhander and Brave Fencer Musashi are great Square games from the PS1 era that have been referenced in FF games (World of Final Fantasy). You guys have played or are playing most of the Square games from this era so it would be cool if you played their other good ones.

    SaGa Frontier 1-2 had FF people work on them on PS1.

    Parasite Eve 3 for Nudeclan. You played the first 2.

    Honestly though just put the 4 Chocobo games on the list and Super Mario RPG and I’m happy. You pretty much have a complete list then.



    I second Super Mario RPG. I don’t think the list needs to be as strict as some people say. The list can be whatever the hell you want. Super Mario RPG was a great game, made by Square. I think it is a game that a lot of people would love to hear you do a review of.

    Maybe this one could be for NUDE Clan, or maybe even for Ultima but I would say Legend of Dragoon. I say this only because people say it gets a lot of comparisons to FFVII. A lot of people think it was trying to be a clone, so it would be an interesting episode to see how that game stacks up.



    Psyched to hear you’re doing all the Xenosaga! I have at least one in a box somewhere so when you get close happy to lend it as a small way to support the show.

    What about Xenoblade Chronicles? Is that a “spiritual sequel”? Heard it’s great.

    Also what about other Sakaguchi games, especially The Last Story?

    BTW kinda happy you guys are dragging on Tactics, I wanted to play along with you and got it all set up on my PSP but have had a crazy busy couple of weeks.



    I would say waive the DLC rule, and play the character episodes for FF XV. They do add some story, and varied gameplay (at least with Episode Prompto). At a couple hours per episode, you guys can knock out each episode in a week.

    Also would put a vote in on Super Mario RPG. If I’m not mistaken, there music for that game’s superboss is EXACTLY the same boss theme from FF IV.




    It’s exciting that you guys will play xenosaga! Also I’ll jump on the vote for Super Mario RPG. It was the first RPG I ever played and what got me into final fantasy because they are so similar!



    Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Forget whatever rules you want to put on the list for a second, you can’t truly be the ULTIMATE Final Fantasy podcast if you don’t play one of the most asked-for / anticipated FF game of all time, remake or not. It doesn’t belong on Nude Clan either, it should be on UFF. Even Schweiss on this very episode said “Anything Final Fantasy should be on Ultima Final Fantasy.” Don’t let us down!

    The World Ends With You on DS is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. It was never a FF but it was made by the Kindgom Hearts team at Square. Definitely doesn’t qualify under the current list rules but… Throw it on anyway!

    I said no to adding Xenosaga to the list before, but since that’s officially added, I think you need to play the Xenoblade series too. I’ve seen people refer to Xenoblade Chronicles X (the 2nd -blade game) as “basically Xenosaga Episode 4.”


    I agree about adding Xenoblade… I’ve only played the original Xenoblade Chronicles but for me it’s up there with the best of the FFs – beautiful soundtrack, epic story, fun combat and party customisation, plenty of side content and some tough superbosses. I’m sure you guys will have a good time with it if you do decide to add it.

    The Last Story is also decent and I can see the argument for it being on the list!


    Jacob Wright

    since everything is apparently being added now….forget the “U.S.” only releases and add Radical Dreamers to the list.


    Cory Bonsack

    Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars!!!



    The PSP/Vita game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is somewhat related to FF. The director Yasumi Matsuno (and his team too I think?) went on to work on FF Tactics. This game is phenomenal; very similar to Tactics but still unique. Both games have their pros and cons. The only thing that I hate about TO is that you can’t just keep grinding. The enemies will level up too so you can’t over-level and destroy, you will get destroyed instead.

    Also, I think I remember you guys saying Caleb Craig loves FFT. I think he might enjoy Jeanne d’Arc for the PSP/Vita. This one has nothing to do with FF so it wouldn’t be for the show but it’s a great TRPG (story, gameplay, artwork).



    Sword of Mana and Heroes of Mana. Might as well do all the available, in this Country, at least, Mana games, right??



    I would go down the route of ‘Bastard Child’ games and basically add the Guchi games he made after leaving Square (mistwalker studios in think?) as these would have been FF games if he’d stayed. So last story, blue dragon, and lost odyssey.

    Also I vote for any Chocobo named games and add on DLC like in XV… (Dare I mention FF2 soul of rebirth… it’s ok to nab a save file to play the content)

    Also it might have been on the dead forums but I rembember I guy posted his own remake of the FF7 mobile game. It look good and was for PC so you should play that if we can find it!



    That was easier to find than I thought!


    I’d give this a bash to complete all the VII content. Or make Mr Bah play it 😜



    @metunnica good idea Lost Odyssey is called the real FF13 by many people since it was made by Sakaguchi.

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