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What is your favorite Open World game, and why?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    I know you all love Horizon Zero Dawn, but is that really your favorite?



    Breath of the Wild, easily. It’s the only open world game that seemed to ‘get it’. If there’s something on the horizon that looks interesting, not only is something probably actually there, but you can get there because Link can climb almost everything with enough stamina.

    There is hardly any dead space, sure its a lot of small things, but I never felt any trek was a waste of time.

    The game gives you the chance to kill the final boss after the first hour or two, cant get more open, really.


    Cory Bonsack

    Grand Theft Auto 3. The world seemed so big and it was the 1st 3D open world game I played. I spent so much time in that game just running around and creating mayhem.



    Great answer, GTA3 at the time felt like some next level shit. I think as far as history goes it’s one of the greatest games of all time, let alone open world.



    Super Mario 64



    The Witcher 3 by far. When I started with what I thought was the entire map I thought nothing of it; but after hours cutting your way through the world you discover two more lands just as gigantic and much more populated . Not only does it have great controls. It also has a fun battle system that doesn’t get stale over time. And you can’t forget gwente. I would go into the Witcher 3 and do some bullshit side mission and still feel like I accomplished more then most triple A games.







    Well meet fuckface my sneak is so high you can’t see me in front of you.
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    Great game


    Simon Parker

    Well I’d have to go for the GTA series, probably Vice City, but closely followed by 5.

    Just loved the whole set up and was epic on the PS2 – blew my mind back then.

    After those I’d say Assassins Creed Syndicate as I love the setting and also Mad Max, which was very underrated.



    I liked Syndicate a lot, but I would never say it was a good ‘open world’ game, I thought it was considerably worse than Black Flag in that aspect.



    Holy shit, I cannot believe I am the first to say it….Red Dead Redemption.

    I loved the GTA-style missions, the story was excellent, and the world was like something I had never seen before. It is by far my favorite open world game. I am getting a stiffy just thinking about the sequel.



    I agree with Alastor, it’s gotta be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve never played another game that captured the fun of just exploring the world and finding all sorts of cool stuff. It gives you so much freedom and tools that can be used in interesting ways. Every time you say “I wonder if I can do this” you can, and any time you say “I wonder if it’s worth climbing this mountain to see what’s on the other side” it is.


    Kyle A.

    Agree with Kenshin on the The Witcher 3. You don’t need to know the past games to appreciate it and the characters are the best i’ve seen in a long time. I’m not too interested in medieval style games but this world was the best take on the setting. Multiple endings, choices that impact the game, amazing story, gameplay that is much more enjoyable on the highest difficulty. Definitely my favorite open world video game to date.



    And with little hand holding, you can beat this game without even finding the trademark Master Sword. It means everything you do or find feels personal to you, I’m sure anyone who stumbled upon the Eventide quest (which not everyone will have) knows that feeling.

    In a world where I’m seriously getting tired of open world games, BOTW shows how it’s done tbh.



    I obviously like Witcher 3 (It might even be the game of this generation to me) but I think for open world gaming, it’s not better than BOTW for me, but what I WILL say is that the world feels amazingly detailed and organic, it definitely feels like a world that could be real (aside from the magic and monsters, obviously).

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