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What is the worst game you've ever played front to back?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    You know what we think the worst games of all time are; what do you guys think?



    Well if you count beaten from front to back then really its only been this one


    I loved the Carmen Sandiego games on PC. This was an action platformer game that was nothing like the PC games. I knew this going in and thought it would be a fun action for my GameCube. Well this game is GARBAGE! And I forced myself to play through the whole thing and beat it.

    I hate the game so much Its like everything bad about early 2000s games in one game >:(

    Music loops and loops forever. Its just a short musical loop and it has a noticeable cut where it reloops and drives you crazy.

    Game doesn’t know what it wants to be a an action game, adventure game, platformer, stealth and collectathon type game.

    Everything respawns once you are like 10 feet away from it ingame. Nothing has value. You can lose just about everything you have. Characters repeat the same line like 20 times every few minutes

    Ugh and that is really the only bad game I forced myself to beat most of the games that I played which were bad I never fully beat and completed.

    Oh and almost forgot these 2 games



    Picked both of those GBA games up for cheap in a bargain bin and I forced myself to play through both of them. The Beyblade one sucked and tried to be like pokemon but it wasn’t and was super long and tedious game took a few hours to beat 100% and I never touched it again. Then Yoshi Topsy Turvy was one of those special GBA games with a motion sensor where you play it by tilting your GBA. It was one of the worst Nintendo games ever made lol



    Dragon Valor for the ps1

    A boy of eleven, I was coming right off the heels of finishing FFVII, my innocent and undeveloped brain was led to believe, “oh, all games must be this great”. So I took the money I earned mowing lawns @ $4/hr, hit up the local Target and picked up this $40 piece of refuse.

    It was a tough play but I persevered, hour after hour, day after day, waiting for the enjoyment to start, the hammer- to drop, for Sephiroth to send me to the promised land.

    Eventually I beat the game, and I got up, went outside, and I just started walking. I thought about a lot that day; movies, tv shows, cartoons, comics, and this game. I returned home, the only thing more fatigued than my legs was my psyche. The light was gone from my eyes, I was a changed man, no longer a boy, and I had realized for the first time that I had been consuming shit like Dragon Valor my whole life.

    Luckily for me, however, this was Squaresofts golden age, so I buried those emotions and continued to be spoiled for some time with their amazing game catalogue; Parasite Eve, FFVIII, Brave Fencer Musashi, Parasite Eve II, Mario RPG, FFIX, those Chrono games, Legend of Mana, XENOGEARS, and finally, I would bookmark the end of my -then gaming years, with FFX.

    I would soon learn about girls, only for it all to come full circle. Now I’m so far down the hole that I listen to video game podcasts and even write on their forums.

    At the end of it all, I was able to come to terms with, and write off, the huge financial and emotional loss that would be known as; Dragon Valor.



    Dirge Of Cerberus. A mish mash of lazy bullshit.



    Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles for the NES


    Jacob Wright

    Bubsy 3d (PS1)

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