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What Final Fantasy XV questions do you have for Joe and I?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    No holds barred! The review will be in just over a week!



    Did the Noodle Cup commercial make you feel as dirty as it did me?

    What was your favorite quest?

    What was you least favorite quest or set of quests?

    Did Kingsglaive leave you with the impression that Ravus was dead? I totally thought he was dead and had no idea who the white haired character that looked like him during the game was actually Ravus until the boat trip after chapter 8 and they were talking about his missing arm.

    Did you crash the car?

    Did you fight Yojimbo? He was a monster in one of the dungeons and I was surprised to see him.

    I am currently on chapter 9 and have a lot of questions about the chancellor character but I am hoping my questions will be answered while I finish the game.

    I look forward to hearing your review.



    Do you think the game actually benefitted from being open world and why.



    What do you think was missing from the game? Did you feel any emotions towards the ending of the game? Did the ending surprise you and in what way?



    Personally I felt the story was a little thin. Not sure if either of you feel that way but if you do what would you have liked to have seen added to the story?



    What did you think of the final dungeon? BEAT YOU TO IT, SHINRYU! 🙂

    But seriously… Do you guys think the “western RPG” style works for Final Fantasy? Would you prefer the series to continue in this “open world” style of gameplay and perhaps sacrifice certain story elements, or would you like to see a more linear game but with an amazing story?


    Skoll Hati


    Oh wait also, were you confused about the ending? It took me a day of thinking about it until I really understood it. I love the ending but it can easily get very confusing, especially if you stop to do side quests for 40 hours.



    I feel XV has a very strong division between game play (really fucking solid, a lot of fun), and story (what the fuck just happened, and why are you helping me now?). So it begs the question:

    What is the most important part of a Final Fantasy game? Is it story? Is it game play? Is it somewhere in between? What make XV a Final Fantasy Game besides the title?



    How do you feel that Gladiolus and Iris’s father Clarus Amicitia died in the Kingsglaive movie, yet neither Iris nor Gladio brought it up, or even seemed to struggle with it in the game?



    What were your thoughts on the battles where Noctis goes full hog? Ardyn and Leviathan were awesome visually, but this game was waaaay too easy. I wanted there to be more HP for all the bosses. I only had one game over the entire game and that was because i didnt realize you couldnt let that initial health bar drop during the full hog part of the Last boss.



    Thoughts on the graphics? did you see those lighting and shadow effects?
    Did you look at the night sky there are actually falling stars and stuff its insane!
    Hair physics good?

    Did you buy all the extra soundtracks?
    Did you listen to the FFXV soundtrack or classic FF tracks more?
    Did you buy the portable music player from the car shop so you could listen to music while walking around the world?
    Favorite male party member other than Noctis?
    Did you explore all the extra dungeons?

    What did you think when you went into the first dungeon/cave?
    Favorite dungeon?
    Final dungeon thoughts?
    Favorite boss fight?
    Thoughts on the final boss fights?
    Did you beat Adamantoise?
    You get all the Armiger weapons?
    Joe did you finally get Ultima Blade and did you know you can get it early on like in FF8 getting Squall’s best sword on the 1st disc?

    Favorite summon?

    Altissia was insanely detailed right? Did you get lost and explore?

    What did you think of those 4 people hanging from the ceiling at the end of the game when Ardyn’s sitting on his throne? Did you notice Nyx, Ravus, Regis and Luna.

    Did you figure out Iedolas the Emperor was the Foras guy following you around chapter 13 that couldn’t be killed?

    That final Ravus fight thoughts? Afterwards did you stay and try to fight all the enemies or did you run off and leave your friends behind?

    When Noctis was getting pulled into the crystal what did you think was going to happen storywise?

    What was going through your mind early on in the game like Chapter 9 in terms of where the story was going did you have a different guess or did you guess correct?

    When noctis woke up as an adult what did you think?

    First thoughts when you saw World of Ruin?

    did you fight the Demon Wall? Did it scare you the first time?

    Did you see the Tonberries???!

    Did you ever get teary eyed, emotional or cry during the game?

    What did you think when Ignis got permanently blinded?

    When Luna got stabbed did you see it coming or expect that she was probably going to die?

    Did you think it was kind of like a modern Aeris moment? (both were in a praying situation asking for help and were killed)

    when Noctis put the ring on finally and you could use Death and Ultima thoughts?

    Did you like the magic system in the game?
    Was it better than FF8 drawing system?

    What clothes did you wear?

    Joe what did you think of the Leviathan fight?

    Did you ever forget to fill up your gas tank?

    Joe why aren’t you buying the cheap $25 season pass? You get so much new DLC story content and with $25 you get it all.

    Do you think Ardyn was a good villain and were would you rank him?

    Would you agree this game was scarier or had more horror elements?

    Chapter 13 is awesome right for a change of pace?

    did you die at any of the bosses or final boss?

    What do you think of kids playing this game as their first FF game and becoming fans?

    What did you think of the city where all the women work in the foundry? And the guys just walk around the town in nice clothes buying food and stuff lol? Call back to FFIV Troia Castle where its just all women?

    Did you find yourself laughing during any parts of the game?

    Did you find any easter eggs or classic FF references and stuff in the game?

    Did you think any of the enemies in this game are really ugly and scary looking?
    If you were forced to marry an FFXV monster enemy which would you choose?

    Favorite food you made or ate?
    Did you ever get hungry seeing the food?

    Why hasn’t Cameron beat the game yet?

    You get the Flying Regalia?
    Does the saying “More people die to light poles in FFXV than any other enemy” ring true?

    Do you think I’m a bad FF fan if I rank this game in my Top 5 main series FF game list with



    Jesus, Shinryu



    Was there a part of the game that you were particular let down by?

    Mine is when Noctis comes back after 10 years being away and when he is reunited with his friends, there is almost no grand welcome. They don’t ask what happened, where Noctis has been, nothing. It is almost like “Oh, hey! Let’s just pick up where we left off…”

    A huge chunk of time has passed, and I just felt like it was handled poorly. Curious as to what you guys think.



    Forgot to ask what is the better metal/rock song in FFXV?

    This one?

    or this one?




    hey they said on the last episode to go all out and ask all the questions since this is a big game we have been waiting forever for and since its going to be 2 episodes… lol

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