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What FF game have you spent the most time playing?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Obviously for me and Schweiss it’s been ff11, but before then I estimate that I spent 200+ hours between a few playthroughs of ff8…



    FFIX for me.

    VII is my fav but for some reason I keep going back to IX. Probably because I know its a really good game but can never remember most of the story 🙂

    I think I’m on about about 5 full palythroughs and about 4-5 playthoughs to at least disk 3

    VII is not far off that number either.



    FFVII most likely. I think I’ve played it to completion over 15 times since it was released 20 years ago. To be fair 2/3 of the time I was using gameshark to exploit the gameplay and trying to find all the hidden stuff in the code like the dummied out materia, items, and to find out if those rumors were true such as the Underwater/ Platinum Chocobo or Aerith’s revival. I did find out though If you beat all the Weapons before you raid Midgar at the end of the second disc Aerith’s ghost will remain in the church on disk 3, normally it isn’t.



    I’ve played FF IV countless times, but it’s a pretty short game. I played it recently and beat it in about 11 hours, which didn’t help the total much (as a side note, I thought 11 hours was pretty fast, but the world record is less than 2 hours.) I’m fairly certain I’ve sunk 150+ hours in FFX but only played it a couple of times. It would likely be one of those two.



    FFXI wins that for me, but second place goes to FFVII becasue I just had to beat the weapons.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Actually, no. I’ve spent an estimated 368 hours in Final Fantasy XII. Which is a few more than XI.



    I’m with Joe and FF8..played it through probably once a year since it came out in 1999.. so 40 hours x 17 years= 680 hours give or take a hundred… fuck.. idk if i should even admit that..im gonna go home and rethink my life



    I am pretty sure for me it is FFX. I played through the story twice and got the platinum trophy.

    I played a lot of FFXII but did not beat the story all the way.



    Oh crap, I forgot to include the spin offs. Then it’s Tactics. I’ve been playing it for years.


    VII for me… I expect I’ve played it to completion at least 6 times, and many more only partway through – for example, playing as far as the date sequence multiple times to see all four possible options. Sometimes I start a play through but get bored and move on to something else somewhere in Disc 2. Beaten the Weapons, probably done most if not all there is to do in the game…

    VIII is in second place. Have played it to completion at least 3 times, and probably clocked over 100 hours on at least one of my save files (that Omega Weapon is a beast, you know). Interestingly, I never knew about the ways you can exploit the battle system before listening to the UFF review for VIII, so I always ended up with a level 100 Squall and a vain attempt to grind my other characters up to a decent level.

    I suppose these games came out when my life was less busy and I had more time to dedicate to gaming, and I’ve replayed them more recently for the nostalgia value. So I’ve not spent as much time with the other FF games – but if XV lives up to my hopes I can see myself putting in the hours to experience all it has to offer 🙂



    Although I’ve beaten FFIV, VI, and Tactics over 50x each in my life time, completed the XIII trilogy many times (combined over 600 hours), nothing will compare to my time played on FFXIV. I’m currently at 121 days 8 hours 32 min. I’m willing to say I have about 48 hours of AFK. I’m nearly caught up with all current content, currently working on A12 savage. The raid scene is heavily addicting. .



    238 days, 19 hours, 4 minutes in XIV.



    I don’t have a estimated game time, but FF7 is definitely the game I have played the most. I played it (and bought it) multiple times on pretty much every release. ps1, pc, steam, and ps4. I will never stoop so low as to get the mobile version…


    Raistlin Mustaine

    FFT for sure. Played thru many times and did every side quest. Guessing around 150 – 200 hours.



    Well, I know the game for me is VII. As for how much time? Purely a guess. I have played through the game more times than I can count. Probably start to finish 30 times with an average of 30 hours. I have started it and not finished another 20 times, maybe 5-7 hours in each of those. I don’t usually get very far when I start and don’t finish. So my best guess is about 1,000 hours in this game

    That is both depressing and awesome at the same time.

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