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What did you think of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Hey guys, we’ll be doing a review of Brotherhood FFXV!! If you watched it, let us know what you thought of it!!!



    Well Brotherhood still needs to finish I think episode 5 comes out soon and then we have the secret 6th episode only on the Collectors Edition of FFXV.

    Were you talking about Kingsglaive and not Brotherhood by any chance?

    Anyway I felt that Kingsglaive was an average 6/10 action movie but a 9/10 CGI FF movie. It was made for fans like myself.
    The visuals/graphics, music and action scenes made it awesome for me and I have watched it multiple times. Would watch it any day over Spirits Within or Advent Children or any of the other FF anime stuff.



    I’m enjoying seeing the world and a little of the story. This is a very different FF game in feel from the others so this is a nice way of setting my expectations for the look and feel of the world. I also like getting some background info but I am also a bit worried. This could mean that they went really light on the story in the game and are using this web series as a way to make the story feel fuller when we play it. I might be wrong and I hope I am, but it seems to me this would be a clever thing to do. On the other hand, this might mean fewer flash backs in the game, which is a good thing. If they use the well then they could make references in the game to stuff we’ve seen in the web series which would be more natural than an exposition train via bad dialog. “You remember that thing we did last week, when we did that thing.” Ugh.

    I could be overthinking it too and it might just be a promo thing they are doing. We writer’s overthink stuff sometimes…



    Have really enjoyed Brotherhood so far, going to try to watch the last episode tonight when it streams at 8pm PDT. Nice to have context in regards to how the main cast meet and their relationships were before the game. Wish we had more episodes and they length of them all were longer. But hey I’m grateful for what we have.

    Good for Prompto for getting the weight off, and Gladio for being able to do handstand push ups 😛



    I Havent seen the last one yet, but i really enjoyed the other 4. They’re just nice little contained stories that make me really like the world of Final Fantasy 15. I think they’re way better than Kingsglaive, that thing was all over the place and i had no idea what was really going on.
    If only they could make a anime of the other Final Fantasies like 7 8 and 9, id watch the crap outta those!



    Just finished the final episode and over all… Very Good. A massive improvement on FFU (which I own, and have watched, so keep the commentary’s coming Ultima! I suffered through FFU and need to know someone else shares my pain!)

    I already feel a connection to the main characters and now can’t wait to see Kingsglaive before finally playing FF15.

    However Promto is already annoying me 🙁



    Just finished the last episode. I’m not an astute critic but I really enjoyed the anime. The episodes were short but contained quite a bit of content. Throughout the episodes I really got to know the characters and their motivations, especially Noctis and Gladiolus. Noctis can at times be a spoiled prince, but he also has the weight of a nation on his shoulders. Galdiolus is driven by family and duty. Ignis and Prompto were less interesting to me as I felt they were one dimensional (Prompto being a bit of an airhead and Ignis being relatively expressionless), but I still enjoyed their individual episodes.

    The last episode was the best in my opinion. Brought out the feels when Lich went crazy on the convoy. I think Noctis is going to be a great main character and look forward to how the game builds on what we’ve already seen.


    Skoll Hati

    I thought it was good, it wasn’t amazing but it was enjoyable and didn’t have any huge flaws to bring it down. It did its job of telling some background to the story, and gave us a better idea of the characters personalities and why they’re a part of the group. Also, did you notice the car was self-driving at the end of the last episode?



    I thought it was a good addition overall. I think the difference in the foundation Glady, Ignis, and Prompto relationship with Noctis is interesting.



    Am I the only one who thought Noct was a little bitch? It goes beyond being spoiled. Wanna get hammered? Do a Brotherhood drinking game and take a sip every time Noct yawns or naps. At least he appoligizes at the end after he gets thrown into the water and says he just had to cool off. He becomes interesting for the final 6 minutes of the whole anime! Someone should’ve thrown a bucket of water on him in ep. 1!

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