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What did you guys think of Kingsglaive?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Go full hog!



    I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on how I really feel about Kingsglaive. I ask myself: “Would you watch it again?” the answer: No, never again. Ever. This movie actually pisses me off.

    So I made a thread earlier to vent my initial frustration, I’ll reiterate and expand on it.

    Positive Note- the CG is absolutely stunning. I think they did an amazing job balancing on the edge of realistic CG without falling into the uncanny valley.The only exception is Luna as a child, that 3D model is the stuff of nightmares. One issue tech wise: when characters spoke there was an over compensation when the skin on the jawline moved which made it look awkward at times. An example of what I’m talking about: when Ardyn speaks in the beginning.

    As for the story. I understand why it holds a tender score of 7% on rotten tomatoes.

    My major qualms-
    So First, the Kingsglaive. A group of people made up of refugees from outside Insomnia. Their homes/ villages/ towns were destroyed because they were on the border of Niflheim and Lucis. Niflheim wants to conquer Insomnia which I assume is in between the refugee’s homes and Niflheim. I wouldn’t know. Why you ask? Because they never show you a goddamn map of anything so you have no idea where the fuck anything is in relation to anything else, they are just throwing out goddamn names willy nilly. For all we know, if the game didn’t exist, the total size of the land that they are bickering over could be the size on fucking Rhode Island (if they did my eyes might have been glazed over trying to get through the film). Anyway, Insomnia, I assume, took in all refugees from these areas (this of course isn’t discussed in detail either) and in gratitude the refugees become the Kingsglaive and risk their lives to defend Insomnia’s magic wall from the hoards of monsters and mech that Niflheim is using. Yet despite getting slaughtered and dealing with an onslaught outside the wall the citizens of Insomnia don’t like them. For what reasons? Just a blind hatred. But in the end a group of the Kingsglaive betray Insomnia because despite that Niflheim is the sole reason why they were displaced, losing their loved ones, and having to defend the wall Niflheim cuts them a deal: If you just let us conquer this land the war will be over. That doesn’t make any form of sense.

    Lunafrey. She’s the oracle, which is never really explained in the movie but is really important in the game…? She prays to the gods once in the film but it doesn’t really do anything or show anything significant. Also where in Gentiana, her attendant, during all of this? Based on how she was displayed in that trailer in 2013 you kinda assume she would have a pivotal role but I guess not. So Back to Luna: Why was she brought to Insomnia? Did I miss that part? Wasn’t she supposed to be in Altissia to marry Noctis? That was the condition set by the Niflheim. So they were like fuck it, bring her with us for reasons and fuck the whole marriage thing…? If they were planning on doing that they could have Noctis stay in Insomnia and tried to assassinate him too so they could end the Lucian line. Or at the very least Noctis and Co make it back as the invasion was happening. But that’s the reason why Square made this movie was because they couldn’t fit this hour to 2 hour of content into the game. Instead they spent millions of dollars, 3 years of a whole separate production, redesigns, gathering a team of people to work on this pile of nonsensical crap. I feel like Anne Wilkes.

    Actually this is how I felt when I wrote this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxFa0w8n8iY

    The fact that Niflheim goes full hog on their assault on Insomnia. It wasn’t enough to have a hoard of machines and mech and your disposal, they also need to have several Godzilla size monsters to wreak havoc. That ties my another point, Ultros and Diamond Weapon are now common enemies? It’s weird because they are so iconic and Ultros and the Weapons in general have been singular entries in each installment. It kinda like when you use too many spices, it’s overkill.

    Libertus: his general existence bothers me.

    So I generally felt like I was being force fed information the whole time, and a lot of it was really hard to swallow. The story telling was really bad, there was no attachment to any characters, and there were so many “why is the character doing that” moments. Overall, because the way this turned out I really didn’t think this was necessary. Yeah, it was beautiful visually and if this made to showcase Square’s graphically capabilities they succeeded but they already showed their abilities with Angi’s Prophecy tech demo. So again, this seemed pointless. With the money and time that went into (they even had to go back and redesign, remodel, retexture, add in new dynamics for a slew of characters just for this movie) this they could have instead invested in making the Sept 30th launch date or even having FFXV done earlier.



    Sometimes I feel like I’m too much of an FF fan so I’m super biased I can only nitpick but overall I loved the movie.

    Watched it about 5 times so far. I think it is the best FF movie or piece of FF media by far over all the tv series or movies this is the best one.

    Honestly I watch a lot of movies and Kingsglaive for a non FF fan should at least be a 6/10 rating simply because its an around average action/fantasy flick that would get a 5.9/10 on IMDB or something.

    BUT for an FF fan like myself its a 9/10.

    I felt the music was amazing.
    The CG Visuals and Graphics are the best ever seen in an animated film to date at times I felt like I was watching real people.
    Voice acting was great sure there was that one voice actor that people criticized but overall the majority of voice acting in this film was amazing and when Lena Headey, Sean Bean or Aaron Paul talked they just filled their roles perfectly.
    The villain Ardyn’s voice actor did a great job voicing the character and I got so mad I can’t wait to fight him in FFXV along with all the other bad guys 😉

    The actions scenes, oh man the action scenes are some of the best I have seen in animated films. So fluid and fast paced and it just keeps building up until the grand finale.

    How can you not enjoy the amazing fight with all the gods fighting alongside the heroes destroying what seem to be Weapons from FF7!?! I got so into it lol it was so badass.

    Then the movie throws in lots of information and stuff that you understand better the more you rewatch it. Not to mention that its full of easter eggs and stuff. The arcade has classic Square titles from the 80s, mentioning FF enemies as named food items on a menu, cellphone ring is the one from Advent Children, Supposedly one of the background characters were developers of the game hidden into the film. Ultros, FF7 Weapons etc.

    Then there is the lore and fantasy stuff. It teased you just enough to get you hyped for the full game. All the stuff about the Ring reminded me of Lord of the Rings, these gods showing up that are neutral it seems and don’t care about anyone but their kingdom or something. How magic is used. Really enjoyed that stuff.

    I loved it! But I can fully understand why others might hate it and that is perfectly fine. I’m just happy there is finally an FF film that I can love more than Advent Children (Sephiroth x Cloud fight scene for life!)

    For anyone worried about story parts watch it again. Stuff I missed was actually explained in certain parts of the film that I missed on my first watch. Also I believe that FFXV will most likely fill in any blanks of the story so we get the full picture. Kingsglaive was a delicious tease of the full steak that will be FFXV.



    I don’t have the time to post a lengthy review of this movie, but suffice it to say that I mostly agree with Shinryu. There’s no denying that the CG and action were fantastic. I thought the characters were interesting (especially Nyx, Regis, and Ardyn). I thought the music fit the movie well (though none of the pieces were particularly memorable). To me, it’s no different than a summer action movie. I was entertained, which to me is enough in this case. It also whets my appetite for the game.

    I can understand, however, why the average movie-goer would have problems with this movie. I do think that you need to have some familiarity with FF XV to understand what’s going on. There is also a ton of FF fan service that would fly over the heads of “outsiders.” Even still, there are far worse movies with weaker plots that have a better score on Rotten Tomatoes. 13% at Rotten Tomatoes is far too low for this movie.



    For the average movie goer it is definitely a 3/10 it relies heavily on knowing final fantasy 15, it moves around very quickly trying to do action and cramming alot in. If they made the movie 3 hours they prolly would have a higher score and slower moving around. But my score as a gamer and ff fan its around an 8.2 it has very human like cgi, helped alot understand whay happens before we play as noctis the destruction on screen was crazy. There was alot of good and bad but the movie was meant more for fans even if they say they wanted everyone to see it.



    I liked it a lot. I would actually put this movie at the top of the FF movies on offer so far. While it was a ‘for the fans’ kind of project, I still felt it made the most sense. As breathtaking as Spirits within was, the story mattered to me less than this one does. Choosing not to tie Spirits to a Final Fantasy game in some way made me look at the movie in light of all other movies I’ve seen and not as Final Fantasy movie, so it came out lacking. And it was a little too close to the uncanny valley for my comfort. I still consider Resident Evil the best of the video game movies, this is a solid second for me. The only major flaw I can see in this particular FF story line is the same point Joe mentioned. What the fuck is the Empire trying to do and why is marrying Noctis and Luna a thing for them too? Or was that a total lie just used as a ruse to get inside the city and take the wall down? I wouldn’t be surprised if the bad guy wants Luna instead for some reason. It’s an old trope, but it would make more sense than what’s going on thus far. Who knows. Still it was fun to watch. I rented it from VuDU for 4.99 so sorry guys. LOL

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