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What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV?

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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Let us know what you think! Lay it on hard, heavy, and spoilery as hell!



    I thought I was doing to many side quests, till the last episode of UFF, and now I don’t feel so bad. Overall, I really enjoy a lot of parts of it, and Noct being able to use any weapon type, means if I get bored doing all those side quests up, I can switch weapon types and have a slightly different playstyle. So far, i’m a big fan of that greatsword you get from titan that shoots out the magic missiles when you warp strike with it.



    Alright, here we go.

    Story- It was fairly short, way shorter than I expected. I was okay with the structure for the most part. The parts that were fleshed out, they were amazing. One my favorite part was when Gladio just reams the shit out of Noctis on the train. That was probably one of the better acted scenes and the realest FF has ever gotten dialogue wise. My other favorites was the CG scene of Luna passing the ring to Noctis and then that whole chunk of Fodina Caestino Mine. My reaction having to eat baked beans out of a can because Ignis can no longer cook or the fact you get yelled at because Noctis is going on ahead was “jesus Square, you’re actually are making me feel terrible about all of this”. Then there are just huge chunks where the story didn’t synch up or rushed. Like it’s barely mentioned what happened to Shiva when you find her “corpse”, Ifrit’s back story/ Ifrit is the cause of the Star Scourge, or even really focusing on the Star Scourge until the last two chapters of the game. Some of it is in the guidebook but there is no excuse why they couldn’t fit a few lines of dialogue somewhere fleshing these parts out. Oh and just all Niflheim characters. That glaring chunks missing are pretty bad. Overall I liked the story, I think Noct & Co were pretty great and the overall story was better than certain FFs.

    Gameplay- I played Kingdom Hearts and I really enjoy it so this transition wasn’t a big deal. The battle system, overall was really good, got repetitive in certain parts and it was pretty shallow strategy with the exception with a few later super bosses/ menace dungeons. I was not a fan of the magic. It was cool seeing how it effected the environment but at the same time it was badly designed. I did not like the grenade, I don’t know why Noct or Co, couldnt just cast magic like how it shown in the 2013 trailer. Half the time I either missed the group of enemies because they were moving too quickly or if I get hit as I would throw it, it would have to recharge again before throwing it. And it would have ben cool if there were more spells other than a variation of Blizzard/Thunder/Fire, like Tornado or Quake. I kinda liked the side quests, but they were lazy, uninspired, filler fetch quests. Out of those million hunts there were 3 or 4 original designs. The rewards with the exception of the last hunt, the Legendary Hunts, the Menace Dungeons, 1/4 of the Fishing were abysmal. It didn’t add anything to the world or lore. Like compare the side quests of XII then look at XV side quest. There is a huge difference.

    Music- Great. Wish that there was continuous over world music rather than silence. I think it was a mistake to include music from previous titles because it takes away from this soundtrack. Favorite track is Ravus Aeterna/ Ravus boss fight.

    Graphic- Amazing. That scene of CG Luna was probably the best CG work they have done.

    FFXV Universe-Terrible idea because of how it was executed. What the hell was the point of Kingsglaive other than finding out how exactly Regis dies? I don’t think anything was carried over or referred back to it. Clarus-(Glady and Iris’s dad) never mentioned, Ravus losing his arm- never mentioned again, Drauto’s being Glauca never mentioned. Even when Luna reappears on the highway she’s in a different garb. They didn’t even reuse the monsters that were featured in the movie in FFXV. It feels like it was an entirely different Unviverse. This brings me to my last point.

    Tabata & CO.- What the fuck. I will give Tababta props for making fun battle system and knowing how to execute a sad scene but that’s where it ends. Instead of including 2 to 3 hours gameplay of Insomnia being invaded, having Noctis be there for the attack, maybe even witness his father’s death (which would have made Regis/ Noct relationship way more powerful and even relevent) with already built assests, characters, and story it’s a better idea to make a movie. Pay millions of dollars to outsource it, redesign/ remake characters that looked amazing, getting expensive actors to voice lines only for the movie and redo huge chunks of the story so Kinsglaive and FFXV could work. That money that went to all that nonsense could have gone to hire more artists and programmers to finish off a game that is very clearly unfinished and rushed. Maybe if Kinglagive was good or if it flowed really well into FFXV it would have been worth it, but it doesn’t> So therefor seems like a total waste. The pacing overall wasn’t great. It was interesting to do an open world but the formula of IV-IX, where it slowly feeds you freedom is way better if you are telling compelling narrative. It was awkward that I was fishing or chocobo racing right after Regis dies and the whole Nifleheim army is after me. Also I understand he wanted to listen to fans but the things that were added in to the game because of “demand” like that goddamn poorly designed flying car which has absolutely no use other than accessing one dungeon was a bad idea because of how it wasn’t really integrated to the game. I would have rather that time being spent on finishing off the story or animating scenes. Oh and why exactly couldn’t any of those scenes that were shown from 2012/2013 to 2015 trailers not be used or repurposed? I understand the scene where Luna as a little girl is being abused getting cut (I honestly have no interest in watch a little girl getting smacked around in my fantasy games) but the one thing this game needed was a little fat in the story, especially scenes of Noctis and Regis. Instead we got 60-70 hours of filler side quest.

    My general feeling of FFXV is that I’m constantly on the edge of this being one of my favorite FFs but at the same time disappointed because it had the potential of being so much more.

    VII, IX, VIII, XV, X, XII, V, VI, IV, III, II, I



    My FF 15 is a little different then most because I played it a week early without part of the patch. For the most part it’s the same though.

    Main 2 differences was I had to wait for night hunts and the rating system for battle was different. Anyway onto my review.

    It’s no surprise I love FF to death playing the crap out of the series. FF 15 pretty much had everything I’ve ever wanted from a FF game. It truly is a masterpiece in my eyes.

    Story 9, it only gets this because it lacks in execution, but the outline of the story is brilliant and the Bros are amazing. Plus Arydn is my second favorite ff villain now.

    Gameplay 10, just simply amazing. I’ve never had this much fun playing any FF game before. I would say any game before. The combat is always what I wanted from a game. It’s just perfect.

    Music 10, amazing, enough said.

    Graphics 10, I played on the pro and it looks insanely good. I was floored.

    Overall, the game just did it for me. I love everything about including the car everyone hates. It truly feels like this game was designed for me. It’s my second favorite ff now and second favorite ff. It could have beat 7 if the story was better executed, but I still loved the story. I cannot say how much I loved ff15. I cannot wait for the patches and dlc.



    So over all I thought it was okay. I’m still not sure where I would rank it, somewhere next to 12 and 13 which are mid range of the series for me.

    I think the hardest part for me was that it seemed pretty clear to me that a lot of the story got cut. I think Ravus was suppose to be a much more important character akin to Seifer in FF8. It seemed that in our first introduction to him in the game that he was being set up as a sort of rival to Noct. And then we don’t see him again until the end of the game when he’s already dead/turned daemon. I’m also still not clear on if he actually joined the empire legitimately and then was convinced later that Noctis was worthy or if he joined the empire mostly just to protect Luna and be in a place where he could ultimately help the kingdom of Lucious.

    I also felt that we got a bit ripped off on the story of Luna. I still wasn’t clear what the nature of her relationship with Noct was until the scene that she died. I guess she actually did love her and I guess Noct also loved her, but most of the time I was wonder is this really romantic or is this just duty. I’m also still not fully understanding Luna’s role. At first she seemed super badass as it appeared she was basically doing the same journey as Noct but on her own with just her dog. Taking on the Gods trying to convince them Noct was worthy (which… uh why couldn’t he do that himself?) But then later on she has that scene with her brother where she says that her ‘flesh is failing her’ which I took to mean she was dying. Is that an Oracle thing? Or was she just always sickly or something?

    Anyways overall I felt like the story was more coherent and interesting than 12 or 13. I loved all the main characters and the ending was quite a good pay off. It was very sad but also beautiful. The bonds they had created through their journey felt very sincere. And I actually thought it was a really great touch that at the end they had you look through all your pictures and pick one to take with you.

    Visually this game is fucking beautiful. But fuck the battle camera. It was a piece of shit. Especially in any inside tomb or cave fights or anywhere there was foliage of any kind.

    The music was beautiful however I felt like mostly I only heard the same 6 or 7 themes over and over again for 100 hours. I looked at the soundtrack on itunes and couldn’t believe there were nearly 90 tracks because fuck if I heard more than 15 of them.

    The majority of the side quests sucked. They didn’t really flesh out the world for the most part and mostly consisted of go here get the thing and bring it back. There were a couple that I did enjoy however and there were some unique things like taking pictures of stuff. The hunts were okay. 12’s were superior in my opinion though. And because there were so many available it was kind of annoying you could only do one at a time.

    There were also some weird things going on in the world… like why in a span of 3 countries are their only two cities? The crown city and Lestallum? Does literally everyone else live at truck stops? Fucking weird. Also why in Lestallum do only woman get to run the power plant? That was just weird. I felt like that was the game makers being like “hey ladies their aren’t any female team mates but hey you have control of this whole city for no reason, isn’t that cool?” It was fucking weird and also what the fuck were those women wearing. Why would the protective gear have weird holes in the legs so I can see their panties?

    I was also disappointed that after you go to Altisa you don’t really get to explore the other continent. In fact I don’t even really know how that continent is organized. Where is Altisa and Tenabre in relation to the Empire? How big is it? I have no idea. Again I think this was part of the game that had to be cut for time’s sake. It was really unbalanced to have a huge open world for half the game and the other half I don’t even get a map to see where the fuck I am.

    Finally I get to the gameplay. It was okay at first and after about hour 30 it was boring. It was like Kingdom Hearts but with a shittier magic system. And the game was way to easy. I played on ‘normal’ so I can’t imagine how easy ‘easy’ mode was. The only time I died is when my controller died in the middle of battle. I think the subtitle of this game should be Final Fantasy: You Can Kill Anything with Enough Elixirs. It was not challenging. It felt incredibly shallow to me as you can pretty much warp strike your way to victory 90% of the time. There wasn’t really any strategy to it at all. Like I said it was okay for 30 hours but after you pretty much master it, it’s quite boring and repetitive. It was a drag for the remaining 70 hours I played.

    So overall I guess it’s just okay. I think the story though somewhat lacking was overall pretty good. I liked the parallels between Noct and Aryden. And I felt the overall theme of friendship/brotherhood and coming of age were well developed and shone all through the story. And while things were not always completely explained I find that better than some of the over explaining that happens in 13 and 12. I enjoyed it and will probably play it again but without the 80 hours of fucking sidequests.



    I could write a lot here to get it off my chest but I won’t, I think I’m over it now. 😮

    Not terrible, mostly because the combat is kinda’ fun (but overrated as hell) but overall a very disappointing game.

    Game has no business being open world and I don’t think it benefitted from it once, I don’t think the world is fun to explore and I don’t think it rewards exploration as well as other games, like Skyrim.

    I actually think the game suffered for it in fact, my main issue is how much of this game is padded, sidequests are diabolical and make up a large chunk of the game, I can’t think of any other game in the series that pads out and artificially extends the timer of the game like this or to this degree. This is compounded by how badly the story is told and how undeveloped and unfinished it is.

    The FFXV bubble erected for this game is absolutely insanse though, to each their own and everything but GOTY? Really? 1st/2nd/3rd Best in series? I feel like when the sheen has completely worn off and we’re on FFXVIII or whatever, people will look back and realise the game actually wasn’t all that special.



    Great game – good FF

    XV was an interesting departure from “traditional” Final Fantasy. Game play and battle mechanics were great – 9/10. Lots of fun, engaging, and had a fair amount of depth. Leveling made things easier, but never felt cheap. Story on the other hand was… lacking. It’s there, somewhere, but not where it needed to be. With a movie, and anime, and all the other side material, the big moments were diminished, or even lacking where they were really needed. I SHOULD have finished the story two weeks earlier then I did, but I found myself returning to the main hub world to run a round and do side quests because it was ultimately more fulfilling. There is a good (FF) story in there, it’s just not communicated in the right way. My biggest fear is that major story points were intentionally pulled out to serve as DLC later on. All in all it is a good stepping stone for the series, showing a lot of potential for growth and development by Square, but by no means a pinnacle. Like XIII it’s a good game, but feels lessened by it’s titling.

    7 – 6 – 10 – 9 – 12 – 15 – 5 – 4 – 14 – 11 – 1 – 13 – 8 – 2 – 3



    I may have an unpopular thought, but I really loved this game…. Granted, I may just be blinded by the gameplay. I really loved the idea of the story. I hated that I had to go read articles about what XV failed to make clear. The entire ardyn/noctis story was an awesome idea that they executed poorly… But I still loved it. I grew fond of the characters and the ending bummed me out, despite being really good. When I play a game, I always want more if I’m not satisfied… I’m not satisfied. I want to know more about EOS and what happens after Noctis’ death. I’m a sequel junkie, but only if they do a piss poor job of satisfying my lust for story. End of X, I’m good… End of X-2.. In good.. Then they release crap that leaves open ends in the X universe and now I want a X-3, despite knowing it would probably suck… I digress. I want more of XV. I want more character development. There seemed to be 15-20 hours of potential story that was left out and just not down. My rankings are (worst to best): 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 9 (haven’t finished yet), 8, 14, 13, 15, 12, 6, 7, 10.



    The story of this game is very similar to Final Fantasy VI. Ardyn may not be as flamboyant as Kefka but they are similar in that their role of the story. They both drew their power from the different summons. Both games had a “end of the world sequence” that left one character marooned on an island and forced to find the other characters. Both games had a “World of Ruin.” Maybe comparing the two games might make an interesting episode.

    I think one of the main downfall of the game’s story is that it did not focus on any other character then Noctis. I really liked the other three characters and how they interacted throughout the game but I could not tell you anything about them. That is different then all the other Final Fantasy games. You usually get some back story about the other characters in the game. I hear that is what the DLC will address but I think that is the main reason the story feels lite or weak.

    Another thing that bothered me was the emperor. Where the hell was he?? When did Ardyn assume his role? Did I miss part of the story that show Ardyn killing the emperor? Maybe I skipped some dialogue. It seems like some important parts of the story were discussed while on the boat or riding around in the car. To find out that Ravus Nox Fleuret was actually an ally you had to read papers on the ground. It seems like a cut scene would have been better or a confrontation between Ravus and Noctis before Ravus gets turned into a monster. They really could have done more with Ravus. I had a feeling they were trying to make him like Professor Snape and they could of had a scene in the game similar to Snape’s memory scene in the last Harry Potter movie where you figure out that Snape was a good guy the whole time.

    I really enjoyed this game. I think they did a good job at making it playable for new players. Some of the quest were annoying but I kept coming back to them. I am not big on DLC but I may purchase the season pass for this game.



    In general, if Square continues to release games like this, they are going to run their franchise into the ground. My vote? Take the budget Square used to pay for Kingsglaive, and just pay Sakaguchi to direct a game again. While I realize he wasn’t the sole creator of a lot of our favorite games, he at least understands that the point of the franchise is to tell a story.

    For the most part, I felt like many aspects of this game were sub-par at best and attempted to copy ideas from other successful western-styled games. For instance, the questing often seemed reminiscent of Skyrim, except Skyrim’s quests were much more engaging. Or the character development between the bros while walking was fun, but this was implemented much better by “The Last of Us” between the two main characters in that game.

    Below is my rant:

    Story – Too many things are simply told to the player, and I never felt involved in the story at all. For instance, Lunafreya’s death didn’t particularly bother me, because I never interacted with Luna in a meaningful way. For this reason, the entire relationship felt forced and didn’t make sense to me. Also, according to the Ultimania, Noctis and Luna only met each other for a few weeks when they were small children. Yet for some reason, they still plan on getting married even after the Empire doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain with the peace treaty. If it were me, I’d focus specifically on getting the ring from her, then hook up with Iris, who Noctis has actually known his entire life. Even worse, for some reason, even in death, Noctis and Luna decided to get married… Why? They don’t even know each other, Noctis has no obligation to do so.

    Also, it infuriates me when I see people say that we need to watch the Kingsglaive movie and Brotherhood anime to understand what is going on. I for one, actually fell for this and paid the 10 bucks to watch the movie. Only later, to wonder why neither Iris, nor Gladio brought up the fact that their fucking Dad died protecting Noctis’s father in the Kingsglaive movie?

    Furthermore, many aspects of the story are so poorly told, that it requires the player to watch fan made youtube shows to relate material read from a 1300 page Ultmania book that is only available in Japanese.

    I was also annoyed by the fact that major events continued to happen in the game, but I was never able to actually witness it. I still have no idea how Ignis actually became blind, or where Gladio went for an entire chapter. What about the World of Ruin? How come we never got to see Cindy, or Iris or anyone else? Wouldn’t this be a prime time for Kor to show up?

    How about we just use Umbra to make sure Ignis doesn’t go blind, we could save Luna and perhaps go about this entire thing in a different way.

    Honestly, I feel like there is a good story here, but the execution of it was horrible.

    Prime example – While playing the game, I started the Mission called something like, “Avenge Jared’s Death”… And I remember thinking, “Who the fuck is Jared?”

    While I am glad that there will be DLC coming out to try to fix some of these issues… It’s kinda annoying that I’ve already beaten the game, and thus any future experience with new DLC will not be as fresh or new.

    Gameplay – I was also suckered into believing this was great, but after spending time with it, I realized it was horrible.

    – The car was annoying as fuck and just plain boring.
    – Accepting quests could be a nightmare because for some reason, there are two different spots to initiate “Talking” and “Quest”.
    – The town designs were a nightmare, I feel like the “Inn” and shops should always be near the parking lot, not buried somewhere deep within a town.
    – There were tons of “extra shit” that had no purpose such as Gladio’s “Survival Skill” or the changing of your clothes… Which I never felt the need to do ever.
    – For every good quest, there were 15 shitty quests that repeated the same shit you did already a million times over.

    Battle – This battle system is all about faking difficulty without actually being difficult. Once you figure out how everything works (which does take awhile), it’s just far too easy. For instance, holding the block button down, makes you completely invincible to 90% of all enemies. From here, all you have to do is warp strike, return to “warp area” to refresh MP and hold the dodge button in-between.

    Also, if you sense a boss is about to hit you with their ultimate attack, simply use a potion or switch to another character, and all characters involved will become temporarily invincible and avoid the attack.

    Lastly, I felt like I was playing God of War half the time with all these scripted boss fights that require no strategy but simply mashing the circle button.

    In closing – This game felt as if it just wasn’t done. There was some real potential with it, but I can’t imagine a world in which we look back 10 years from now with fond memories of this game. To put things in perspective, I went back and beat Final Fantasy IX, right after beating FF XV to see how it compared… Hands down, Final Fantasy IX just told a much better story.

    Rating – IX, X, VII, XII, VI, VIII, XIII, XV, IV, V, III, I, II

    *VII was my first.



    9/10 game it surpassed my expectations I went in not expecting too much and it really blew my mind.
    I love the sidequests and how they aren’t stupid like Xenoblade Chronicles X sidequests or other JRPG sidequests with bland repetitive stuff to do. These are actually really fun.

    The open world is so good unlike Xenoblade Chronicles X or Zelda Twilight Princess which have big open worlds with nothing really to do or see. This game feels like an actual world and everything is different unlike many open world games where you will run into areas which are copy pastes of previous areas. Every area feels different.

    graphics are amazing
    story and brotrip journey is fun and exciting I started to care about the guys.
    combat battle systems is fantastic
    gameplay is great like I’ve played for hours and haven’t gotten bored at all.
    music is astounding
    enemies and bosses are awesome!
    The dungeons oh man the dungeons after the 1st one I fell in love with the game.
    Just me or is this the first FF game in a while to feel kinda scary?

    I would buy Tabata and the whole team a round of beer if I could, they deserve it. This is the best FF game since FF9 for me. IT captured the classic exploration and large world full of wonder that was gone from FF10 and FF13 which FF12 did slightly capture but failed in some other areas.

    Game is full of stuff to do and its nice that you can choose to explore and have fun or focus on the story.

    I thought the game was really dark and sad too I got teary eyed like 5 times and cried at least 1 other time. The ending especially. I chose the photo with everyone in it.

    Poor Ignis too I got so sad and then when he became blind and hobbled around the cave and needed our help.

    Now knowing what the artwork actually means is so sad. I mean FF5, FF7, FF8 (Squall maybe) FF9 Vivi FF10 Tidus and others are nothing compared to this one in terms of main characters dying.

    I thought the ending was beautiful like that scene where Luna is talking to Gentiana and says something like “I don’t want to guide Noctis but I want to be there at his side” or something like that and then Noctis at the end sacrifices himself in order to save everyone then dies and meets with Luna in the afterlife and he is sitting at his throne as King and Luna is next to him like in her wish ;_;

    Then they show the picture on the throne… and yes I know there are joke videos online where people used funny pictures instead of a serious one.

    Ardyn is like a Kefka they drew inspiration from FF6 for sure. I mean He tricks the Emperor guy Iedolas and Ravus and then kills them both and then doesn’t seem to want to rule the world he just wants to destroy it but early in the game he is just some funny guy that you don’t take too seriously. Then you get to his World of Ruin and its destroyed and all ugly and scary and forever night like wow. Then I went into a tunnel and huge Demon Wall level like 80 enemy was in there and scared the crap outta me. They called it World of Ruin!

    Did you catch at the end when Ardyn is sitting on the throne and all those people are hanging from the ceiling? It was Nyx (Kingsglaive), Iedolas and Ravus and that one lady Noctis met in Altissia. That was macabre and creepy probably creepiest thing in FF since FF7 Jenova stuff.

    The whole game I thought Ravus was going to be a main bad guy but it seems he had another personal reason for fighting and was not as evil as Ardyn.

    Summons were pretty cool.

    This game was scary like almost horror game level creepy. I think this is the scariest main series FF game like FFV Exdeath’s castle shows its true form of being corpses or Sephiroth leaving a blood trail at Shinra Tower in FF7 were horror elements in previous FFs but this one just had a lot of them.

    The dungeons were scary, the enemies in this game are really nightmare fuel and Chapter 13 which I love but I read that fans are mixed on it. Feels like a Resident Evil / Parasite Eve game! Jump Scares, undead enemies and mutant enemies and stuff, you have hardly any weapons to fight back, closed corridors, all in the dark with poor lighting, abandoned rooms, getting keycards and stuff. It was great! As a fan of long dungeons and stuff I liked it but found it really freaky too. I dodged and killed every enemy by dodging with Holy lol took like 25 dodges to kill some guys.

    Also did you see that torture device they put Prompto in? WTF! this FF game is insane. He had cuts and bruises all over his body when you get him back.

    Final Boss fight was great and I liked that instead of going for a huge boss they went with a 1on1 fight this time like in that final scene with Cloud vs Sephiroth in FF7. The fight was really fast and Ardyn was quite strong. That entire final area was full of powerful enemies.

    I thought Altissia was beautiful and took time to explore it really nice place.
    The train sequences were interesting and reminded me of the train parts in FF7 and FF8.

    I really think Non FF Fans are going to like this game as their first FF experience and Veteran FF fans will probably like it too. I liked the game a lot but after Chapter 9 I started liking it a lot more.

    I find it odd that people complained about not understanding the story. I took 60 hours to beat FF13 and had to read all the ingame notes to understand the story but this game I beat it and I understood it all just fine and enjoyed it. There are those Cosmogogny books lying around the world that you find and give backstory on Ardyn I found them all along the way.

    Ardyn is one of the the ONLY few FF villains that completely won and got what he wanted in the end. Sure Kefka and others “won” temporarily but Ardyn sucessfully ahieveved every goal. Even his goal for dying and being set free by also dragging down the last King of Lucis with him and making it so the Astrals had to enter the ring and then be brought into the afterlife was all his plan.

    Ifrit betrayed the other 5 summons that cared about mankind. Ifrit is the reason for the Starscourge/Plague of the Star.

    Ardyn was an Oracle Healer like Luna chosen by the summons and was betrayed by one of the Kings because of jealousy. The Kings of Lucis and summons turned their back on him. Healers absorb the darkness from the daemons so after a lot of this Ardyn was corrupted and could no longer recover and everyone turning their backs on him caused him to want revenge on the Kings, summons and the royal King lineage. So he met up with Ifrit and they both collaborated to bring down the others and wreak havoc on the world. Ardyn had his original Oracle powers but after absorbing so many daemons he absorbed a lot of darkness that made him unable to die and immortal.

    Ardyn knew that the only way to find peace crossover to the afterlife was if he was killed by one chosen by the crystal which none of the kings before Noctis have achieved. They inherited the crystal and ring but only one chosen by the crystal could kill Ardyn by sacrificing his life. Apparently the Ring of the Lucii was a prison to which all the old kings were forced to live in. By having them enter Noctis at the end they were able to die in his body and then crossover to the afterlife where they were able to destroy the other afterlife version of Ardyn along with Noctis with hinm including King Regis aka Noctis’ dad. So he was a sacrificial vessel for not only bringing peace to the world and bringing an end to the ring but also destroying Ardyn and his ability to bring forth daemons from the Starscourge.

    So basically the Kings, the Ring of the Lucii, Summons and Ardyn were wrapped in some sort of eternal cycle that needed the Crystal and Noctis to help destroy it.

    Loved it! Sorry for the huge wall of text ramble.



    Thank you for explaining that Shinryu. That helps me make sense of the story better. I wish that was explained better in the game but I also hate when movies and game spoon feed things to the viewer. I am going to play through the story again and see if I can pick up on that stuff on my own now that I know what to look for.



    I’ll keep mine short… it was passable but not much more then that.

    I just cant get past the illusion of freedom in most “open world” games these days.
    They are all packed full of the MMO style filler quests to pad out the game that equate to nothing but time wasters. Speak to npc with a mark on the map > run to a location and kill a monster at another mark on the map > return to npc (who is marked on the map) with 3 horns for some exp.

    Best example of breaking the game just for filler sake is the Carrots… the npc is standing 3 feet from where I place the seeds… pass time then give them to him. Adds nothing to the narrative or world building. Hes just a lazy shop owner who doesn’t want to do any work and clearly doesn’t even need to be in his shop for it to run properly. I swear he sat there for a month of game time before I just stop going near him. I wouldn’t doubt hes still there begging for carrots.


    The Gaming Asian Cajun: The One Nation

    I feel like this could be extremely long, so I’ll do my best to keep this concise. Spoilers inbound.

    * Story: This is probably the games most awkward point. I felt the story was pretty cohesive for the most part at the beginning. Four dudes on a road trip. One’s a prince. Then the king dies.

    But then the as the chapters go on, the story becomes more fragmented and disjointed. I felt like it was like FF XIII where I had to find out the holes myself. This was one of FFX’s strong points in that it built the world slowly over the game before crashing it down on your head.

    The prime example of how the story fell apart for me was Gralea. Noctis reaches the Crystal; music blasts; Noctis makes inappropriate noises; Ardyn decides to take this time to explain his motivations. I had to rewatch this scene because I was distracted by the sphincter Crystal was sucking Noctis in like that nasty thing at the end of Akira.

    This wasn’t the worst FF story, but it wasn’t the best.

    * Characters: Another strong yet weak point. The main four characters were shaped well throughout the game due to the dialog. But they never really changed. Gladio became a dick for awhile, Prompto revealed he was created by the empire (which should’ve been a big deal but wasn’t), and Ignis softened up a bit. This could’ve been the biggest change, but it wasn’t because Ignis already cared deeply for Noctis. He just didn’t show it.

    Also, the side characters were not developed either. Hell, they weren’t even really fleshed out. I wanted to learn more about Cor, Luna, Aranea, and the others.

    Ardyn was probably the most “rounded” character outside of your party, but even he was a weak character compared to them. He reminded me alot Seymour in how he tries to seem helpful, but ultimately turns out to be evil. Big surprise.

    * Gameplay: This is the strongest suit of the game. The combat is extremely fun. Warp strikes are great, attacking feels good once you find your favorite weapon, and even spells can prove to be great for nuking an area. My biggest two problems are the reduced max HP mechanic (which returns unceremoniously from FFXIII-2) and how phasing doesn’t always work. Overall, not much to talk about here because the combat speaks for itself.

    The quest structure of the game is pretty modern. Which is good and bad. If you’ve played a MMO, this will feel very familiar and needs little explanation.

    Driving sucks. Have Ignis do it.

    Chocobos rock. Use them often.

    Dungeons and military bases are some of the absolute best and worst parts of this game. Dungeons like Balouve Mines and The Rock of Ravatough are very fun and fair. Dungeons like Pitioss, Costlemark, and Gralea are some of the worst in the entire series.

    Hunts are still pretty fun, but aren’t structured well compared to FFXII.

    I’m probably forgetting some other gameplay elements, but I think that’ll do for now.

    * Presentation: FFXV is a great looking game. The graphics aren’t cutting edge like we’re used to from this series, but the art direction is really solid. Everything from the locations to the weapons to the monsters feel like the belong in this realistic fantasy setting.

    The voice acting is really good. The side characters aren’t the best, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll be hearing Noctis and the gang 90% of the time.

    The music is… okay? A third of the songs are exquisite to the ears, another third are solidly memorable, and the last third are forgettably bad (or ambient).

    * Overall: I’m not sure if this is the general attitude of the game, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is not a perfect game. It’s not the best FF.

    But something about it will suck you in. You’ll WANT to do the quests. You’ll WANT to get into fights. You’ll WANT explore each location in the world. And you’ll WANT to keep playing. Why? Because there’s something about this game.

    That’s why FFXV was my favorite game of 2016.



    I enjoyed it… but it was not engrossing. As a stand alone it left a lot to be desired. If you include Kingsglave and the community discussions, it was an interesting experience but as a game “for fans and newcomers” I don not think it serves either very well.

    The gameplay was fun(and horrible during chapter 13) but the story left me puzzled and not fulfilled. After playing the game then watching Kingsglave I wanted to be able to play Nyx’s story more than Noct’s. I personally felt more of a connection with Nyx as a protagonist, the chemestry between Nyx and lunafreya was real. I also felt like the “love story” part of FFXV (the game) was between Noct the dudes(Prompto, Ignus and Glad).

    I enjoyed the 40 hours of story gameplay but for a Final Fantasy we expect more depth and story cohesion and progression. So many missed opportunities. It makes me think that SE dose not know how to speak to the hardcore audience anymore. And does this game really represent final fantasy for newcomers?

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