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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    Hello my fellow Final Fantasy friends, The names Lazure, you can call me iRatt.. I love all things FF, i have every ff game on multiple systems including the Japanese version,

    PSN – ZFair
    XBL – iRatt
    Twitter – @iratt
    Steam -iRatt
    Youtube – FinalDragoon

    feel free to add me, always in search of new FF friends,



    Hi, was on old forum never got higher then white Mage but whatever. Finally thought to hop back on so I could waste time at work ;D still loving the show!



    Welcome back! 😛



    Hello! CaptBasch here and I do not believe Ondor’s lies. Found the podcast while I was trying to figure out what to listen to so I could keep my sanity at work. I started with the final fantasy vii review and have since listened to every episode up to today. It’s been a blast and listening to literally 8 hours of this a day has made it a regular part of my life. You guys are awesome and i’m already lamenting the day this podcast ends. If it wasn’t obvious final fantasy xii is far and away my favorite final fantasy.




    Hello you guys!
    Been listening to the podcast for some months now and finally decided to get on the forums. Love the show, perfect for listening to while working out, doing the dishes, etc.
    My first FF game was, as with so many of you, FFVII. I saw a friend play it over at his place and was totally blown away by how deep of a story that game had at the time. Needless to say, I used every excuse the following couple of days to go back to my friend’s place even though we weren’t all that close back then :). I recently played the game all the way through for the third time and it hasn’t lost one bit of charm for me.



    Awesome im grinding episodes right now to catch up love it


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome all! Glad you’ve caught up, @captbasch This show does have an expiration date, but [NUDE] Clan does not!



    Hey all!

    EmileeMentos here been around since the 9 review!
    Played with the guys a lot of FFXIV!
    I have been hearing a lot of people are coming back to the FC of FFXIV and I am excited to meet you and play with you all!
    If you need any help or information let me or Krinital know!
    We are in the primal data Center
    The server we are in is brynhildr
    The FC is Nudeclan and most of the regulars can accept you to the FV if you are not already! 🙂



    Welcome Emilee! 😛



    Hey all! Well for YEARS I’ve been a lurker online, but I enjoy the podcast and Final Fantasy so much that I’ll give this a shot. I just got caught up in the podcast. I’m excited to stop my lurking ways and participate in something. I’ve been playing final fantasy since the SNES days. First one was Final Fantasy 6, then 7, then 8. Played the mess outta 8. And idk what ya’ll are talking about. I grinded the crap out of 8 every time and never had any issues.



    Heia, I’m new to forums and all of this but I’ll try to keep up! I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago because I have a need for all things FF and I was hoping to find discussions and hear from people who know and love the games as well as I do. I’d have to say my top 3 FF games, in no particular order because it changes depending on the day, are VII, VIII, and XV.

    I got into FF when I was little and watched my brothers play VII. I didn’t really get into until my brother practically shoved Advent Children into my hands and made me watch it. I found the movie interesting but was super confused, so I researched it and that’s when my obsession really began. I adore everything about this series, from the stories to the music to the gameplay.



    Hey everyone! I’m Galv (or Pat) and I started listening back in July. Fell in love immediately so I decided to catch up from episode 1. Been lurking here biding my time and now that I’m almost caught up, I figured I’d come out of the shadows. Stay tuned for an iTunes review in the coming weeks 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 76 through 87 (of 87 total)

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