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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    Hi I’m Artemis and I’ve been listening to your podcasts for month. I’ve never been really good with forums but I like podcasts. I’m also a FF fanboy. played all but3,5, and 11 but only completed a 1,7,10,12,13 trilogy,and 15. I’ve played 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10,10-2,,12,13 trilogy, 14( can’t Download patch to continue playing), and 15.



    Hi everyone! I’m Claris and I’m from the UK (Scotland). Came across the podcast around 6 months ago and absolutely love it! You guys do a fantastic job. Several times I’ve had to try and keep myself from laughing listening to you at work!

    I have played through all mainline Final Fantasy’s except for 11 and 14. First was 7 (I think, I had both 7 and 8 on pc), favourites probably 7 and 10 (and I actually liked 10-2!!) but currently I am thoroughly enjoying 15. Nice to see other fangirls here too. Please keep up the good work with the podcast! 😊😊



    Welcome to the forums everyone!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome, welcome! Glad you all found the forums, and the podcast!!




    I’m a new listener but long-time final fantasy fan. Started playing with the very first final fantasy and currently finishing FFXV and starting WoFF.

    Great show. Love the commentary and makes me laugh!




    I am a long time listener to UFF, but have never participated. I finally decided to join in because I got FF XV for my birthday last month and I am loving it and felt like it would be a good time to start participating.

    I have played all the mainline except 11 and 14. I did not finish 10 or 12 as I did not own a PS 2 and only played at a friends house and never got around beating them so they are not in my favorites. My favorites are 7, 9, 6. Outside of the mainline I also love Tactics. So far I am also loving 15 and it will probably become a favorite once I beat it.

    I love the show as well as Nude Clan and am excited to join the conversations!



    Hello UFFers! This is Fizzy, listener from Norway. Found the podcast in october and am currently working through the backlog of episodes and I love it. I have been lurking on the forums for some weeks now and just wanted to say hi 🙂


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome @mrfizzydaddle Glad you joined up. How far into the show are you?



    Thanks champ! I’m currently on FFXIV part three, but I do listen to the latest episodes each monday to stay updated.

    I think I jumped in on ‘From plumpto to Prompto’. How can you not click on that


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Nice! You’re catching up. And I’m glad my Plumpto click-bait worked 😉


    How rude of me to sign up and then disappear for a couple of months! Joe, both the bands I play in are rooted in punk subgenres – mainly 80s, 90s and 00s stuff. My primary band has a lot of different influences though, and currently we’re drawing heavily on math-rock, jazz and 90s emo.

    Do you dig those kinds of music? Or are you mostly a metal guy?



    Hi all. I’ve been listening to Ultima since the first couple of episodes, just never signed up. FF makes up about 90% of the little time a have for gaming these days. I have some playtime in all the mainline games except 2,3,4, completing most of them. Never played the mmos.

    My first experience was playing 5 and 6 with a friend. Got 7 and a PS1 for Christmas as a kid and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    7 is my nostalgic favorite, X I feel is the best overall and XII is my personal favorite.

    I enjoy listening to the podcast and look forward to getting into the forum discussions.


    Cid Vicious

    Hey guys, been listening since episode 5 or so, love the podcast (mostly UFF but lately I’ve been catching up on NC too). Growing up, my friends were always more into platformers or shooters or sports games, so when I ran across your show it was kinda like finding these fellow RPG nerds I just never really had before. It’s been really cool to be able to tune in and hear a couple average “Joes” just talk for hours upon hours about Final Fantasy – from the big, sweeping, important stuff, all the way down to the most minute of details. Just great stuff that one can’t really find anywhere else. Keep it up!

    A little background on me: In 1988, for my 10th birthday, my parents got me an NES. It was my first console. I played and loved Mario and Zelda, but in the fall of ’89 I happened across an odd yet intriguing little game called Final Fantasy at our local video shop. On a whim I rented it. I proceeded to play and play the shit out of it; I never even returned it to the rental shop. It was just far too awesome to ever let go of. I probably still owe somebody $55 for the damn thing! F**k it though – soooo worth it.

    Since then I’ve played every main series game (except XIII – I only recently graduated from the Wii to an Xbox One, so as soon as I’m done with XV I’ll be hitting it up) and I’ve beat all but V, XIII, and XV.

    I’m digging XV – I’ve got 140 hours already and i’m only in chapter 9, and I love it. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s FF, and I’m having a blast.

    So – sorry for the long post, but this is my first time posting after 2+ years of listening, and I just wanted to say hey.

    Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated out here in listener land.

    P.S. Metallica has been my favorite band ever since I got the Black Album on cassette in ’91 – Hardwired is F-ing badass. I Just can’t decide if it has surpassed Death Magnetic – it’s so hard to choose a winner there. Metal up your ass!!!!!!!!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome Darren! That’s awesome!!! Glad you found the shows! That’s quite the rich history in Final Fantasy. Glad you’ve been enjoying XV so far, and hope you catch up on all the [NUDE] Clan episodes. Enjoy!



    Hey folks, I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while and decided to finally jump into the community! I’m in the IT Security industry in Texas and I travel for work every week. Lots of time on planes equals lots of time to wish I was at home playing video games instead of crammed between fellow air-travelers. I bought into the pre-FFXV hype last year and decided to go searching for some FF podcasts to listen to while travelling. Lo and behold, you guys showed up. Been hooked ever since.

    I’ve been playing FF games since I was sucked into FF7 on the PS1 way back in the late 90s. I haven’t played through all the FF games, but so far I’d say my favorite is FFXII. I’m a sucker for exploration and dungeons and the “Single-Player MMO” feel of the massive open world really draws me in. Despite this, I’m honestly not sure if I ever completed it. I remember listening to y’alls FFXII review episodes and thinking “Huh….I don’t remember that… wait, Judge who? Fuck I need to play it again…” I’d go back and play it through to the end except my PS2 is currently in “Disc Read Error” hell and I figured I’d wait for the Remaster to be released on the PS4. You guys have also made me consider the daunting task of playing through each main-series FF on my own. I have access to them all in some form or fashion so now it’s just a question of finding the time and mental fortitude.

    Anyways, love the show. Y’all are hilarious. Keep it up.

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