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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    Hi Folks! Discovered the show earlier this year, and just got around to joining the forums. I’m Simon, from the UK. I became an FF fan back when I was in primary school, after falling in love with VII (on PC – still have the original copy) and I’ve dipped in and out of the series on a regular basis ever since. IRL, I work for the NHS, in mental health services, and in my spare time I play in a couple of bands. Keep up the good work Joe and Kaleb!


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Welcome! Thanks for finding the show! What kind of music u guys play?



    Hey guys! I started listening to you guys when FFXV was fresh in my hands not 6 days ago. I decided I wanted to listen to a FFXV podcast on my way to work and stumbled on Ultima Final Fantasy. I love the FF series since I first came across it with FFVII. It was the first game i had with my ps1 back in the day. Since then i have played most of the series and have been tied to it since I can remember. You guys put on some good shit to listen to, and I am grateful I found some FF shit to listen to, from and to work, which is an hour drive both ways for me. I found myself listening to a lot of the old shows you two put on, and will continue to drive through the archives as it seems I have missed a bunch of topics. I hope you guys keep up the banter!


    mad axes

    Hey guys, huge fan of the podcast, been listening for a little over a year now. I’m 33 and from Long Island, NY, started with FF7 and played everything but 11,12 and 14. Looking forward to joining some forum discussions in the future.



    Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m sunny, pleased to meet everyone.
    I was going to join a while ago but listening through the episodes it turnes out I’m glad I’m joining now when this apparently won’t be changing again 😉. Have a nice everyone!!!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome Mad Axes and Sunny!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    And you too TheTrooperIV!



    Hey guys, I started the podcast about 3 months ago and finally caught up!!! I thought now it was time to continue my ultimate final fantasy experience by joining the forums.



    Hey, I’m the guy if you had not guessed that has left the odd comment on YouTube in recent times lol. I did say I would get round to doing this sometime…I’ll be doing the reviews soon.
    I fist found your show on the uncovered event. Ff15 3 or something you called it. I found it initially on YouTube.
    I was listening to the other show when I wasn’t feeling satisfied and looked for some others. I dabbled with a few but once I found yall I found the error in my ways hahaha. I have spend many hours at work ignoring others during long nights listening in and have loved it and am all up to date. I was very sad on that day thinking ill have to wait for a whole week for one episode but then i started listening to other shows. Thank you all from London England. P.S. I did mention that Joe was old haha but I came to realise that in that first episode I heard it was his view on the picking the veg out of the burger that made me think maybe this is the show for me as no one had picked up on this in other shows.



    Hey guys, new here. Just found out about this site from a youtube video discussing FFVIII’s Rinoa/Ultimecia theory (great theory, would love to fully discuss it), and this looks like a pretty fun place to chat with people who are in to the same types of games I’m into. 😀



    Hey guys! I have been listening to the podcast for about a month or so and love it. I heard some much from the guys saying to join the forums, so here I am. I love the Final Fantasy series and can’t wait to talk with everyone about it. I did leave a review on iTunes a month ago and Caleb called me out saying I must be a FF8 fan and yes I am lol. But it is not my favorite one. Enjoy the grind everyone!



    New guy here! Name is Jarrett. Im a metalhead, FF lover, and podcast listener. I work with software as a developer and QA Analyst. Over the past few weeks I have been heavily listening to Nude Clan and Ultima Final Fantasy. I love the humor and all the content. Keep it up!



    Hello, Alundra here. Big Final Fantasy fan here. I started listening to your podcast at work and just got hooked. I have also finished FF I-XV and some spin-offs. Looking forward to your XV review. Keep up the good work. ‘_’)b



    Hi everyone! I found you guys when looking for a FF podcast to see me through me night shifts at work (price integrity assistant in a large UK based supermarket, nothing exciting!)

    As already posted, my favourite FF is VIII. I also have a large soft spot for X-2 😉 Sorry! I loved the rehashed job system! I have played all main game instalments, aside from XI and most of the spin offs.

    Spoilerz: I gave you guys an iTunes review, so most of this is also posted on there, but I’m happy to be here and thanks for the laughs!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome all! I didn’t see all of your welcome posts with all the buzz about FFXV on the forums. Welcome @machomadness27 Glad you found the show! Sunny, glad you found the forums man! As much as I wanted to discuss it further on the YouTube thread, the forum users have decades of knowledge on the series that makes my own pale in comparison. Glad you joined up! Same with you Kevin! Gotta get that FFVIII thread going! Glad you joined up, Hailblue156. There’s plenty of FF talk to be had. @Jarrett Helton glad you share our love of Final Fantasy AND Metal! What do you think about the recent albums from the Big 4 of Thrash? @alundra Glad we can help you through the worktime grind! Will you be jumping on for the new XIV expansion next year? We could probably party up for some of the dungeons… And last, but not least, @Sheena I’m glad that you enjoy the battle system in X-2! Trying to convince Joe that it is solid was like trying to pull all of my teeth out. The only difference is that my teeth would budge before he would! Read the review on this last episode!!

    Welcome everyone! Glad to have you along, and I look forward to hearing/reading your thoughts/discussions on the games, the show, and the love for the series!

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