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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    RavenousLlama here! Glad to finally be a part of the discussion.



    welcome to the forums!



    Hey everyone, my name is Stephen. 30 years old in Toronto. My wife and I have been Final Fantasy fans for many years (she even walked down the aisle to Aeris’ theme, our cat is named Aeris as well). I found UFF a few months ago and it has quickly become my favourite podcast. I’m excited to join in here!



    Welcome Stephen!



    Welcome as well Stephen, you sounds like my kind of Final Fantasy fan! 😀



    Hey Everyone Milkman here. I have to say took me awhile to get on here. Been listening since Episode 5. Anyway just wanna to give a shout to all my fellow Final Fantasy gaming fans out here.



    Hey from me! Vinchenzo here.
    Very pleased to join the forum. Both the UFF & Nude clan podcast have be great recent discoveries! Currently chopping through ff type-0, ff 8 the division, Destiny (taken king) and battlefront. Not joined a forum in 10 years so yarl go easy on me..



    ^ Welcome to the forums both of you ^_^



    Hello everyone! This is Cynyr 🙂 or Sarah. I’ve been listening to all of Joe & Kaleb’s podcasts since last summer and been apart of the forums since towards the end of version 1. I started playing Final Fantasy around 9 years old, starting with FFVIII. I enjoy playing other games as well though!

    Also, I am currently getting my Masters in teaching and student teaching 8th grade science so I’ve been pretty busy! I graduate in December, but I will certainly continue to listen to the podcasts, get on the forums or on Twitch when I can!

    I’m glad to see you all, and to meet new users as well 🙂



    Hi folks. New listener here, Ultima FF was my saving grace on long bus rides for day tours while I was on vacation last week! (Spent a week abroad in Ireland, very little cellular data…podcasts I could pre-download were great!)

    Quickly catching up, I’m sure I’ll be a bit active soon!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome to the forums, Nikomis. We’re glad to have saved you from all those bus trips, and look forward to your perspectives on the series and the show!



    Hey guys!! I haven’t been to the webpage for some time. Sometimes life gets in the way of fun stuff, unfortunately.

    Anyway, my name is Fran and I am 33, 34 in a week, and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am a little different than most of the forum members in the fact that I haven’t played all, or even most of the games, in the series. My first FF was VII and I have only played VII, VIII, IX, X and a couple hours of IV. I have beaten VII at least 30 times, and I have probably started a game and not finished it another 30 times. It is easily my favorite video game ever. I originally came to listen to the show because I wanted to listen to a review of VII. The guys had a three part, I believe it was three, episode on it. I was hooked from that instant. The show is great, and it is definitely something that I look forward to week to week, even though I haven’t been able to listen to the last 3-4 episodes yet.

    New forums look great by the way!


    Toronto Douglas

    Hey there. I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy but the game that turned me into the monster that I am today is Shining Force II. It was lent to me and my sister when I was but a stupid little child and I disregarded it and repeated an opinion I must’ve heard someone else say, ‘Oh I don’t like those games, RPGs, the graphics suck!’

    Shallow, awful, I know. But I was a stupid child.

    Then one day I walked by as my sister was playing it and I saw one of the short ‘attack’ sequences and was immediately drawn in (the game had freakin’ centaurs!). From then on I basically stopped playing any other genres seriously and stuck only to RPGs. Soon after I discovered FF6 and was blown away.

    I’ve managed to keep my love and heavy habit of video games alive and well for at least 20 years now. I’m 32, married to the best woman on earth even though she has no love for video games (a plus for me actually, they should be a solitary experience, like reading), have three big dogs and a house Toronto. I am a journalist, I manage a team of 25 and am actually writing this at work while others work for me.

    This is the one and only podcast I listen to. Not enough time for any more as I’m also a huge reader and have a very demanding job. I am quite happy that it exists, you’re doing an amazing job Joe and Kaleb. I may not post much here. But I shall be reading.



    Welcome @fruff and @Toronto Douglas

    nice starting with Shining Force 2 I remember playing that game! I also played Shining Force on the Game Gear but it wasn’t as good as the console versions. Fun series. I wish they still made them.



    Aww, man. Shining Force was good. Probably my first rpg back on the Sega Genesis. You all have good tastes my friends.

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