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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Okay okay! I’ve enabled the upload thing as well as group messages. This will make the site’s load time about a second longer. If I start getting complaints about speed, I will have to revert back.



    Hello everyone, it’s Judge Gabranth, I’ve been around the podcast, streams, forums for just about over a year now. Love the work these guys continue to do. I can’t wait for them to get through with XI, get to the rest of the XIII trilogy (I’m your guide!), and come back to us on XIV. I know we haven’t chatted in awhile and we share similar sentiments for many tv shows and movies but if you guys have finished The Sopranos, GoT, and Vikings; I highly suggest Marco Polo from Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet!



    And I’m back, the oldest female on the forums I’m betting. Missing you on FFXI. I was so close, but my husband lost his job that week so doing a monthly subscription for an old video game was out of the question. But by the time FFXV comes out, I’ll be playing it too, so there’s that. ^_^



    Welcome to the forum!:3

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    The chica of chocobos checking in.
    Longtime listener, forum poster, and resident sarcastic dragoon.
    Nice to see everyone! 🙂


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Awwww. That’s too bad @FeliciaMomiko. I was excited to see another person catching up to us! Glad you were at least able to experience the game for the time you did. Welcome back to the forums!
    You too, @chocobochica


    Will Flores

    Hello, happy to join. I’m Will and I have a Final Fantasy problem. -__-



    Battman’s back, broken glass and rusty butterknife in hand!



    Krinital here been on in every forum since the first website. avid uff listener and constant player of ff games. this new sight is very clean, i like it for now i wish id had more color schemes. other than that i am playing on the ps4 .
    look for me on psn at : Krinital



    Hello. I’m from Brazil, found the podcast when looking for stuff about ff7 remake.
    My english is not perfect but i’ll try my best to not make too much mistakes.

    And my favourite Final Fantasy is Crisis Core. Yes, i kind of like it more than 7.
    As a second better game i would choose FF8.



    Welcome to the forum!



    Hey guys!, Squinn here from Scotland! been listening for just over a year , just after FFVII remake got announced I started hunting for podcasts and this one popped up and now here we are. FF for life and cant eait for XV. VII is my fav coz its the one i had started with.



    Hello all. Unlike Banedrom, FF8 isn’t my favorite in the series but I think the soundtrack is wonderful and pulled the name bluefields from the world theme. DeGoyler, I know you said you hate the game music but listen to this orchestrated – it may change your mind.


    Giving away age here but my first encounter with Final Fantasy was 4 for SNES back in the day. Watched my brother play it and was surprised when I was able to pick it up and beat it myself. I remember going to a cousins house for Christmas and a bunch of us were playing SNES. He mentioned he was stuck on Mount Nibel. We fired it up, I beat the boss, became Paladin and everyone was very impressed. It was at that moment I knew I was a gamer.

    Fast forward to a year or so ago.. searching for podcasts to fill my ride home. Found a heavy metal podcast about FF. I gave a few others a try but the banter and the depth in each episode kept me coming back. I’d never heard anyone break down development of games on a podcast and I was in.

    Love that the empire is expanding, love the new site, love the shows, and I do consider 11 and 14 to be a part of the main series.



    Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking since the Aniero interview, and am now fully onboard with what is obviously a superior podcast! 🙂

    Anywho, I’ve been on here a couple of times with FFXI related stuff mostly. Listening to the ToAU review has finally brought me back! I’ve reactivated my character and was all set to log in only to be reminded of the god-awful updates this game has. Must it really check every single file???

    …so I probably won’t be on tonight. Still, I’ve beaten everything up through WotG and I think I’m a level 99BLU and 95RDM… I don’t actually remember, let alone how to play! Soon enough tho I’ll drop the $18 for the world transfer to Asura to hang with the best!




    yuss. after weeks of trying to log in i am finally in my account suit. good to have gotten past that barrier. Also Hey guys!

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