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Welcome to UFF forums v. 3!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Sorry for all of the switches guys, but this really is the last time we’ll be moving forums. Any improvements won’t require another install. Say hi and re-introduce yourself everyone! It’s so good to see you!



    Old man banedrom checking in. Amateur podcaster, fail whale gamer, and Final Fantasy fan through and through. I have played and beaten all of the mainline Final Fantasy games and most of the sequels. My favorite is Final Fantasy VIII, which I will defend until my demise. I have been a fan of the first ‘cast (UFF) since just before the Final Fantasy VII review and have been an active member of the community since then, going back multiple forum versions. I played the online games with Kaleb and Joe and I am currently lost within in the soul sucking void that is known as the Final Fantasy XI expansions (even though I secretly actually enjoy it).

    Feel free to add me on PSN: banedrom or on twitter: @banedrom



    Branny here! Happy to join the new forum!

    It took me a year to join v.2 so asap with v.3!



    My name is Stolas. Stumbled upon Ultima Final Fantasy last year when I finally started listening to podcasts. Listening to Joe and Kaleb got me through many a tedious days of work. I try to branch out and play a range of games but my go to has always been FF since the first Final Fantasy, FFVII, back in 1997/1998. If you have PSN my sn: The3rdBardo.



    Hey guys, it’s Skeddie here. I’ve been listening to UFF for about a year now and I thought “now’s the time to be a part of the forum”. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since FFVIII and I’ve loved revisiting my childhood by listening to this podcast.

    Feel free to add me on Steam: aaron24jones or PSN: XskeddieX. Also i’m keen to play FFXIV more, so if anyone is from Australia and playing on the Tonberry server add me on steam.



    Kinda cheating but i still have yet to actually log in. TakuAmazuki here and hoping things go well and everyone will make it through and we can put this all behind us. been listening for about 8 months now??? somewhere near that.




    Long time listener and forum lurker. I am a fan of all the shows on the network and am waiting for the day every host is on one show and morphs into a gibbering mouther.



    LightSage, now LightSage89, reporting in!



    Nice forum but I hate to say it but forum V.1 was the best one in my opinion.
    Oh and already 111 Registered Users? O_O

    Are those real or did Cameron hire some Russian bots accounts like with his Twitter account lol?


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I think *some* users were actually moved over when I tried to import the old forums here haha welcome!



    Hey guys I’m guest host Kaleb Craig. I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to the show.



    DarthJommu here! Gotta get used to the new site now though lol



    hello everyone! I had a slight issue going over to this site, so my username changed from Nox88 to Nox @night88. Big change I know!

    I’ve been a long time listener to UFF and a long time fan of FF in general. Played all the main series (except 11/14). Excited to mixed it up in the new forums.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Yessss…. It is I!



    This new forum is…weird! But very clean which aesthetically pleases my inner graphic designer. I’m Mel, I’m 29, and I live in Ohio. I’m a huge gamer, FF lover, xphile, and cosplayer. I kept my same username from the old forums. Been listening to the podcast for a while now and I’ll tune into UFF’s Twitch streams every now and then.

    You can find me on PSN and Twitter: @nrrd_grrl

    P.S. This Gravatar thing is pissing me off. I just want to upload a profile picture on here! But it won’t let me. I try to log into my WordPress account and I know I’m typing in the correct info because I just reset my password and it won’t work. >_<

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