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Wait for Stormblood?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    The question is should we wait for Stormblood to finish updating before we review it or not?



    What benefit would there be to doing this?



    Oh wait, I’m dumb. Errr, well you can review the launch questline but otherwise if you want to review it as a whole there’s no choice but to wait.



    What is the gauge for how long you wait?
    Does Square announce how many patches it will release with additional story content?
    Is is all the content released when the next expansion comes out?

    Seems like a tricky situation.
    If you want for Stormblood, I think you all can still play Heavensword.



    I think that’s a difficult thing to answer for an MMO. theoretically they could literally never finish updating stormblood so I think it’d be just as good to review it now as it would be to wait. If nothing else we get the gist of it.



    I think you guys should start on schedule, if it’s the next game, and finish up Heavensward. There’s more than enough content for a proper review and then depending on time maybe dive into some of Storm Blood. I think this playthrough will be as long as your first playthrough but faster because you already have an idea of how to play and how the game works. I just got back to the Brynhildr server after being on Gilgamesh the last 9-10 months. I look forward to killing stuff with you guys.



    Gabranth, please force them to do the Alexander raid, the normal mode version. 🙂



    I don’t play XIV but I like to listen to the review episodes to hear about the story. From a listener’s stand point I think it would be better to wait so you can do the whole story review at the same time.



    Hey Guys. I feel that Storm Blood should wait until its last story patch is released. SE seems to follow a Pretty steady format in patches. Every three months for story patches with quality of life patches in between. Usually they have about a 20 something month story planned out for expacs (unless this one falls flat and they need to scramble to retain players) Since I have been looking forward to running stuff with you guy, I would hope that you at least play through HW at the least and save SB for after the story is complete. This may throw a weird curve ball at your play schedule in the future but for you to really give a thorough review I believe it is necessary. I love the story and would be sad for you two to miss out on any content.



    Yes, you should. I think it makes more sense to review the expansion’s story as a whole, rather than half of it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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