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    Frankie Flash 24/8

    Name video games for each letter of your name. First and/or Middle and/or Last and/or suffix.

    Roman numerals get a pass as most games don’t begin with numbers. Game must contain Roman Numeral.

    Acceptable Example:Final Fantasy II
    Non-qualifying example:Bloodrayne 2

    Optional: Feel free to put a (*) by the ones you beat and an (x) by the ones you haven’t played.

    I’ll go first

    Frank M. Flores V

    F: Final Fantasy
    R: Resonance of Fate
    A: Ape Escape
    N: Naughty Bear
    K: Kuon (very rare and underrated horror game that will scare you more than any other game you’ve ever played. No joke.)

    M: Metroid: Other M (yes, other M. It gets a lit of hate. Only idiots who haven’t played this game bash it. Best of both worlds FPS and 3rd person. How can you not like that?)

    F: Final Fantasy XIII
    L: Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII
    O: Orphen: Scion of Sorcery
    R: Ride Rise of the Tomb Raider
    E: Epic Mickey
    S: Spryo The Dragon

    V: Soul Calibur V

    Hope you enjoy this game.


    Frankie Flash 24/8

    Note: Romal numeral rule only applies to suffix. Not regular name.
    Example: (If your Name has an L, Little Big Planet 2 will be acceptable as long as it’s part of your regular name.)



    D: Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy’s Kong Quest*
    Y: Yoshi’s Island*
    L: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess*
    A: Ape Escape
    N: No More Heroes*

    C: Chrono Trigger*

    R: Red Dead Redemption*
    O: Okami
    M: Metroid Prime*
    I: Infamous*
    N: New Super Mario Bros. Wii*
    G: GoldenEye 007
    E: Eternal Darkness*
    R: Resident Evil 4*


    Frankie Flash 24/8

    Excellent list Dylan. Trying to get people to flock to my updated post but I’m glad you participated. I feel this is a good way for people to discover new games.


    Rob Lennon

    R: Rad Racer
    O: Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV
    B: Battleheart
    E: Exile
    R: Runescape
    T: Tactics Ogre

    C: Castlevania

    L: Legend of Zelda
    E: Epic Mickey
    N: Ninja Gaiden
    N: NHL 95
    O: Ocrina of Time
    N: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Damn, that was hard, LOL!

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