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    I think the majority of gamers and movie goers can agree that video game movies are less then stellar. It has recently been announced that Vampyr will be made into a tv series for SyFy and The Witcher now has Geralt being played by Henry Cavill. I’m aware The Witcher is based on a series of books and I highly recommend them.

    Do you think video games will be better adapted as a tv series then movies and what games do you want to be made into shows?



    Honestly, it depends on the game. Something pretty linear and story-based like Life is Strange could easily make the transition, considering stuff like that is almost all the way there, anyway. I think some games COULD be done as movies just as well as TV shows, and the more gaming has found its way into the mainstream, the better they’ll get. And there are definitely series that lend themselves to longer storylines that TV shows could only pull off. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t some sort of show based on Elder Scrolls, or Fallout, or World of Warcraft. I think it’s the inherent player choice in games that makes transitioning them to a passive medium like film and TV that causes them to not be as good since you’re always thinking of how you’d do things differently in the game itself. And it’s not just exclusive to the west; they make anime based on games all the time in Japan these days, and a lot of those shows are clunkers.



    I don’t think so. A successful video game story make a lot of money already as a video game. I don’t see a reason to make it a movie or a tv show.

    I would love to see an Uncharted television series. I think they could do a treasure hunting story and have it be a treasure hunt each episode. This might work because *Spoilers* I think Nathan Drake is dead in the video game universe. (I haven’t played the 4th one yet) So, if you wanted to tell more Nathan Drake stories you need to do it in another setting or reboot the game.



    As soon as I read player choice I went right to think of micro transactions lol.

    I agree some could be adapted to a movie correctly but perhaps more difficult due to trying to stick a 10 hour plot in a 2 hour movie.

    I think the translation of mediums is spot on. Games are made to be as good as it can be in it’s own Medium. The best example I can give is when people say the book is much better then it’s film adaptation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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