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    Alright so out of the 12 games listed which 3 do you think will make it into the hall of fame.

    Microsoft solitaire
    Final fantasy 7
    Resident evil
    Tomb Raider
    Mortal Kombat
    Pokemon red/ green
    Street fighter 2
    Wii sports
    Donkey Kong

    The winners will be announced may 4th at 1030 am at the strong museum.



    Donkey Kong
    Street Fighter 2
    Microsoft Solitaire



    Jesus, these should all be in the Hall of Fame…

    I’ll go with:
    Street Fighter 2
    Pokemon Red/Green
    Resident Evil

    But you can’t really go wrong with this list.



    Resident Evil I know alone in the Dark was the game to show survival horror that it can be terrifying but Resident Evil spawned after that and is huge today despite some missteps.

    Mortal Kombat for sure i mean isn’t it the reason the ESRB was created? I think for that alone it need to be in there.

    Id like to add my own 3rd on being minesweeper because in high school my school uninstalled solitaire but left minesweeper and its how i passed time in computer classes.

    but seriously probably Final Fantasy 7 while its not my favorite i understand that almost everyone loves it and it was a huge landmark for not only square soft but Sony itself. there is a reason FFs kept coming out only on Sony consoles and it was all thanks to FF7 I mean i’m sure the money from 8 was awesome too but back in the day 7 was a system seller.



    Armored Core 2



    Hmmm…that’s tough for sure.

    Resident Evil
    Final Fantasy 7

    While, it may not seem like it, but Portal was revolutionary in the way that it popularized puzzle games and interweaving story (although faint) into it. People who never played any other games, loved Portal.

    Resident Evil pretty much standardized horror games. It’s the game that people think about when they talk about either their first horror game or the most famous one to stand out.

    Final Fantasy 7 I believe was the first JRPG to go into the full 3D medium. It broke all other mainstream JRPG standards and forged a path of its own. That’s why the game was so significant.




    FFVII: One of the Best JRPG’s ever!
    Halo: Best shooter, the multiplayer was mind blowing at the time. (RIP LAN matches.) Had loads of fun with my mates, putting 2 big screens back to back and having 8 player battles.
    Mortal Kombat: FIGHT!!! ‘Whoopsieee’



    I’m going to say Street Fighter 2 over Mortal Kombat (although I like Mortal Kombat way more), Resident Evil, and Donkey Kong.



    It was announced that Donkey Kong, Halo: Combat Evolved, Pokémon Red and Green, and Street Fighter II have been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.



    Halo, Final Fantasy 7, Mortal Combat

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